A grinning Allie leans in close to Alex. A lemon wedge sticks out of his mouth.
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At the Pub, Joey sits with his brother for a beer and learns Tripp’s been hanging out with Wendy. When Joey jumps to conclusions, Tripp tells him about her plans to date Johnny. Since she’s technically available, he urges Tripp to go for it. Tripp shuts down the conversation and heads to the bar to get them drinks. Joey pulls up Wendy’s number on his phone.

Joey sits across a brady pub table from Tripp. A pilsner glass full of beer sits in front of Tripp.

Johnny stops by the apartment to invite Wendy to a movie at the revival theater. Wendy hedges. It feels too sudden. Johnny wonders if it’s really about Chanel. He calls out for Chanel to clear everything up, but Wendy tells him she moved out. Johnny insists there’s no dating pressure with the movie. She agrees to go and then answers Joey’s call. He tells her Tripp’s having a hard time over Ava. Would she mind keeping him company while he helps his dad with funeral arrangements? She agrees and tells Johnny that Tripp needs a shoulder. Johnny’s snarky at first, but relents and says they can go to the movies another time. Outside the door, he looks disappointed.

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Tripp stands in the Pub talking with Wendy. Behind him, Joey glances over his shoulder with a smirk.

Tripp returns to Joey and says Steve called. He sounded bad so they should go home and be with him. Joey stalls for time until Wendy gets there. When he hugs her, he whispers for her not to tell Tripp he asked her over. As they all sit, the topic of Ava comes up and Wendy says she’s always around to talk. Tripp glares at his brother. After Joey brags about Tripp saving lives as a doctor, Joey announces he’s heading home to help his dad. Tripp follows him to the door and asks if he invited Wendy there. Joey confirms. “You’re welcome,” he says grinning and leaves.

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At home, Abe wears an apron and exchanges a wry expression with Paulina. Chanel approaches in the distance.

At home, Abe sets up a romantic dinner for Paulina. Since Chanel went home to make up with Allie, he decided his wife should be wined and dined like the queen she is. They canoodle, as Chanel walks out from a nap declaring she’s famished. When they express surprise that she’s there, Chanel explains she tried to tell Allie how sorry she was but she found Alex’s underwear. Paulina and Abe suggest he just sleeps naked, but Chanel doesn’t accept that explanation. They invite her to join them for dinner, but she hurries out to give them alone time.

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Paulina and Abe hold hands across a candlelit table in their living room.

As they eat, Paulina’s preoccupied with Chanel’s troubles. Abe urges her to trust Chanel to find the right fix for herself and they can concentrate on themselves for a change. Upon finishing dinner, Paulina thanks Abe for helping her gain perspective. He gets up for dessert, but she stops and kisses him. If he means this kind of dessert, she is definitely ready.

Johnny runs into Chanel in the Square. She confirms that she and Allie decided to take a break — because of Alex and his underwear. Johnny charms a resistant Chanel into going to the movies… until she learns it’s Evil Dead II. She previously got nightmares from The Exorcist so she passes. However, she does offer to buy him a drink to make up for it.

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At Titan, Allie drops Alex’s underwear on his desk. She tells him Chanel found them and assumed the worst. They discuss how they didn’t sleep together but still ended up with an angry ex-girlfriend and nasty hangovers. After he remarks on how terrible things are with Stephanie, he invites Allie to wash down bitter, angry, heartbroken feelings with him.

At the bar, Alex and Allie slam several shots as Alex tells her about Stephanie. After they’re good and drunk, Alex holds out a lemon wedge in his mouth to her. Allie takes a shot and leans over to suck it, as Chanel and Johnny walk in. Chanel scowls.

At the bar, a scowling Chanel and surprised Johnny stand shoulder to shoulder facing forward.

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Upon Chad texting, Stephanie comes to the Horton House. He relays that Alex knows they slept together. She tells him she already knows. She says she got closure with him and that Chad is the one she wants to be with. He grins and kisses her.

The kids, who are supposed to be sleeping, run into Stephanie’s arms and she reads The Velveteen Rabbit to them on the couch. After she’s finished, the kids beg Chad to let them stay up a little longer. He caves to their puppy dog eyes and Thomas asks Stephanie if she’s dating his dad.

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After exchanging awkward looks with Stephanie, Chad tells his kids it makes him happy they like Stephanie so much because he really likes her too. He wants to make sure his dating Stephanie doesn’t confuse them or make them upset. After confirming they’re fine with it, Thomas asks if they’ll get married. Chad stammers and says it’s too big of a step to talk about right now. But regarding the small step, Chad asks if they want to spend more time with Stephanie. Thomas and Charlotte hug Stephanie which she takes as a yes.

After saying goodbye to Stephanie at the door, Chad returns to his kids. He tells them how much it means to him that they’ve been so sweet to Stephanie. He loves them both more than anything. Even though he likes Stephanie a lot, no one will ever replace their mother.

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