Nick smirks in the afterlife.
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Stephanie comes to Sonny’s office to talk work, but finds Alex in his chair instead. She thanks him for the card and apology, but she can’t go back to what they had before. Too much has happened. He asks if that’s because he turned off her phone or because she slept with Chad. She insists it wasn’t planned, but despite understanding Alex didn’t turn her phone off on purpose, she wants to see where things go with Chad.

A somber Stephanie stands before Alex in the Titan office.

Alex quips that he won’t try to change her mind by serenading her at her window or anything. Stephanie thinks once things settle down then can… She trails off, and Alex says, “What? Still be friends?” She just doesn’t want him to think she hates him, because she doesn’t. He notes they had a good time together and apologizes for everything. She thanks him and leaves him sitting pensively at the desk.

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At the Horton House, Chad finds Julie and Doug looking through old photo albums. Julie tears up seeing all the beautiful people they’ve lost. She misses them all, even those whose lives were spinning out of control, like her poor tortured cousin, Nick. Though she wishes she could have helped him reconcile with what he did, if there’s any justice at all, he will suffer for his sins in the afterlife. Chad hopes Kayla, Kate, and Marlena’s killer will suffer the same fate.

When Julie shows Chad his and Abigail’s wedding photo, he calls it the happiest day of his life. He thought they’d have enough memories to fill ten of those books. Julie and Doug know he’s still in pain, but they hope someday he’ll find love again. Chad shares he started seeing Stephanie. They think it’s wonderful.

Julie and Doug look on as Chad gazes at a photo album.

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Later, Chad gazes at his wedding photo alone. He tells Abby he wishes there was some way he could know she was okay with him moving on. He hears Julie and Doug laughing in the kitchen and smiles. He recalls how they’d imagine being like Doug and Julie looking back at a life shared together. He knows how much Abby loved Stephanie, who makes him and the kids happy. For the first time since he lost her, he’s able to look forward to the future. But as wonderful as his future may be, there will always be a part that’s missing. No matter who comes into his life, no one will ever replace her.

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Roman John and Steve sit around a Brady Pub table with coffee cups. John pours over a legal pad.

At the Pub, Roman, John, and Steve load up on coffee and strategize how to take out Orpheus. Steve proposes he get arrested and sent to Statesville. John suggests they simply visit Orpheus and get him alone. But Roman thinks they bring Lucas in on their plan. Have him provide some intel. The first step is for him to pay his stepson a friendly visit.

In Statesville, Orpheus brings Lucas a bottle of Kentucky whiskey. When Lucas passes, Orpheus takes a swig and taunts his fellow inmate. Lucas rants at him for killing his mother, but Orpheus insists the person who stole the orchid is the real culprit. After more taunting, Orpheus leaves the bottle of whiskey and heads off for kitchen mop duty.

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In Statesville, Lucas glares across a table at a nonchalant Orpheus. A bottle of whisky sits between them.

Lucas is surprised to see Roman when he comes to visit, considering what he did to Sami. Roman says he’s still Kate’s son and she would hate the thought of him in there alone. It means a lot to Lucas, who admits he’s falling apart. He’s lonely and he just had a run-in with Orpheus. He gives Roman the bottle of booze, vowing not to fall off the wagon. Roman says, “Actually, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if you did.”

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In prison, Lucas leans toward Roman with a creased brow. He wears his floppy hair to the side and a disconnected goatee.

In the afterlife, “Susan” reveals themself to be Nick Fallon in a black suit. Kate, Marlena, and Kayla reel upon learning he posed as Jordan, Susan, and Adrienne to get them to sell their souls. Kate asks if he’s the devil. Nick cackles. The devil’s a different guy. Right, Marlena? he winks. Nick just works for the devil. Since Nick has their signatures, all he has to do is collect. Kate looks for a loophole in the contracts, but can’t understand the gibberish it’s written in. Nick points out that Satan’s been around since before English was invented.

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Kate asks what they get in return for the sale of their souls. When Nick plays dumb, Marlena refers to the stories of the devil offering a reward in return for souls. A glib Nick agrees he owes them and hands them two dollar bills. Kate calls it a crap deal, and Kayla insists it can’t be binding since they didn’t know what they were signing. Nick points out they aren’t in a courtroom in Salem. In the great beyond, he has the final word. Kate reminds him he only works for the devil. “We demand to talk to your boss,” she says. The women band together to declare they will go nowhere until they speak to the prince of darkness. Nick rolls his eyes and agrees to make a call. He produces a charcuterie spread and tells them to enjoy, because things are about to get a lot more unpleasant.

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Against white billowy curtains and sky blue lighting, a black clad Nick holds a contract. Wearing all white, Kate Marlena and Kayla glare at him.

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