Wearing all white at double white doors, Kayla turns over her shoulder and gapes. A female figure stands in the distance behind her wearing a billowy dress.
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Holding a Sweet Bits box in his hands in the Square, Xander unabashedly confirms to Sarah that he slept with Gwen. Aghast, Sarah knows she shouldn’t be surprised that he slept with someone else the night their marriage ended, but did it have to be her? If he was looking for a way to get back at her for divorcing him, “Congratulations. You did it.”

Gwen interrupts Sarah’s rant to point out that Xander’s rap sheet is way worse than hers (“Sorry, darling”), but Sarah had no trouble ripping off his kilt and blowing on his bagpipes every chance she got. Sarah thought Xander wanted to change. Gwen retorts that Xander only worked for Ava to support Sarah in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Sarah thinks it’s fitting that Gwen would find kidnapping for hire acceptable, even when one of the victims dies. Sarah spits that Xander and Gwen are free to spend their lives doing what they do best — bringing misery. “God help this town,” she snarks and slaps Xander’s Sweet Bit box out of his hands.

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With a devilish grin, Xander feeds Gwen a piece of croissant in the Square.

After Sarah leaves, Xander declares to Gwen he’s sick of apologizing for who he is. He knows people like Jack and Sarah always assume the worst of them no matter what they do. He wants to prove them right, and take the good people of Salem for everything they can get. He feeds Gwen a pasty and she grins.

Crying, Sarah sits on the park bench and looks at a photo of her and Xander.

At the Pub, John watches a woman at a nearby table tease her date over his order. He flashes back to a similar moment between him and Marlena. Steve arrives at the Pub and tells the couple to leave. There’s a private event. He’ll take care of their meal, and breakfast tomorrow will be on Roman. He sends them off with their glasses of orange juice and toast.

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With a creased brow, John eyes dart to Roman, while sitting in the Pub.

Steve tells John and Roman the three of them are going to kill Orpheus. Roman pushes back, but Steve declares they failed their wives. They’re the ones Orpheus is after so they need to end him. John agrees with Steve. “Let’s get that bastard.” When Roman continues to protest, John states if he hadn’t previously talked Steve out of killing Orpheus, they’d be having breakfast with their beautiful wives right now. So, he’s siding with his partner. They need to rid this earth of Milo Harp, now. Roman’s in.

In the afterlife, “Susan” brings Marlena breakfast, but all she wants is information. Namely, Kayla’s location. “Susan” sighs and checks her list again. She finds Kayla’s name under the Ks, confirming she’s in the good place too. Relieved, Marlena eagerly eats her breakfast.

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Wearing a white blazer and turtle neck, Marlena shoots a wary look to  Susan, also dressed in white. A purple haze casts over white billowy drapes in the background.

In a white room with light blue and purple tones, Kayla wears all white and bangs on a door. She begs someone to get her the hell out of there. A voice says, “We don’t usually cuss up here.” Kayla turns to Adrienne. Kayla embraces her. She wishes Steve and Justin could see her.

Kayla remarks how worried she is about her husband and the pain he must be in. Adrienne knows Steve will be okay with a little help from his friends. Kayla counters that when he’s in this kind of pain, he can really go to a dark place. Adrienne doesn’t want her to stress about Steve. Her life is in paradise now. She hands her a document to sign, pledging her immortal soul to God. Trust me, Adrienne says. Kayla signs and walks through double doors. With a devil voice, Adrienne says, “Kayla Brady Johnson. You are so gullible.” She cackles and her eyes glow.

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Adrienne grins with glowing orange eyes. White orange and yellow lights swirls behind her.

Wearing all white, Kate descends a staircase bathed in dark blue and purple light. A candelabra surrounded by boulders emits a fiery glow. She encounters Jordan, who smirks and says, “Welcome to Purgatory, honey.” Kate remarks if she’s stuck there with her, that means she died and went straight to hell. Jordan reiterates that she’s in the in-between place where souls are judged. Kate asks who is judging her case. Jordan spins and says, “That’d be me.”

Kate doesn’t think that’s fair considering Jordan hates her. Which leads them to rehash Kate bringing Clyde back into her life. Kate sincerely apologizes and points to her devotion as a mother and that a good man like Roman Brady fell in love with her. Can that mean she has a soul that can be saved? Jordan notes she makes a compelling argument, but she needs her to sign a document confirming her genuine contrition. If she’s lying, the document will burst into flames and she’ll be doomed for all of eternity. Kate signs it. When there are no flames, Jordan believes she’s on a path to being a better person. While she can’t send her to heaven, she advances her to the next rung. As Kate ascends the stairs, Jordan’s eyes glow.

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Bathed in dark purple and pink light, Jordan scowls with crossed arms. Behind her, Kate casts a cautious look. They both wear all white.

After assuring Marlena that Kayla is in very good hands, Marlena asks “Susan” about Kate. Did she make it there as well? “Susan” explains the spiritual journey Kate is on, but wants Marlena to think about how she wants to spend eternity. Marlena wants to see the people she’s lost — her baby DJ and her twin sister Samantha, Tom and Alice, and Shawn and Caroline. “Susan” instructs her to sign a release paper which advances her to the next level of heaven. Marlena warily signs.

After Kayla and Kate find Marlena. “Susan” returns for Kate and Kayla’s papers. She tells them they weren’t visited by Jordan or Adrienne or even Susan. While Susan’s off camera, her wig, dress, and teeth drop to the ground. The women gasp. Marlena narrows her eyes and says, “It’s you.”

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Wearing all white, Kayla Marlena and Kate cast glares ahead. White curtains billow behind them.

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