A glaring Chanel holds up camouflage boxer briefs in front of Allie.
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Xander jolts up panting in bed from a dream about Sarah coming back to him. Next to him and half-naked under the covers, Gwen asks if he’s okay. He tries to brush it off, but Gwen assumes he was dreaming about Sarah. He admits it. Gwen asks if sleeping with her was a drunken mistake. He says last night was a mistake, but on her part. She slept with a drunken messed-up loser, but he slept with someone who gave up everything for him. She stood by him when no one else would. He’s not sure what he can offer in return. He admits he’s not over Sarah and doesn’t know when he will be, if ever.

Gwen scoffs that she didn’t expect anything to come of this. They can pretend nothing happened. He doesn’t want to do that. He cares about her, so if she needs a place to stay… She assures him she’s fine. He offers to take her out to eat, but realizes he spent the last of his money on scotch. He’ll get her next time. However, he wants to talk and figure things out. He goes to the bathroom to change. Gwen somberly says, “I don’t think there’ll be a next time.”

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At Paulina’s, Chanel comes to the living room in her pajamas. After grilling her about why she’s staying there, Paulina sides with Allie. A defensive Chanel insists she loves Allie, leading Paulina to wonder why she won’t face how much she hurt her. Paulina knows the way Allie treated her was unfair, but grief is a powerful thing. So, Chanel is the one who has to get over it. An emotional Chanel worries that Allie has no one to face Marlena’s funeral with. Paulina corrects her. “She has you.”

At the apartment, Allie and Alex pass a sleeping Wendy. Noting how hungover they are, Allie apologizes for his underwear going missing. She’ll text him if she finds them. Alex says he’s glad they got to hang out and leaves. Allie turns to find Wendy awake.

Wearing a robe, Allie covers her face as she passes Wendy sleeping on the couch. A dressed Alex follows, with a furrowed brow and closed eyes.

As Wendy gets them coffee, Allie explains that she and Alex drank too much so he crashed in the office. Nothing happened. Wendy wonders how Alex lost his underwear then. Allie doesn’t know and insists they slept in separate rooms. She also tells her Chanel moved out. All Allie wants is for Chanel to own up to what happened with Johnny so it doesn’t happen again. Wendy wouldn’t mind that herself. Allie warns Wendy that her brother has always been impulsive with women and advises her to see who else is out there.

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Later, Chanel comes home to Allie. She knows she hurt her, and she misses her. Nothing Allie’s demeanor, she asks if she’s all right. Allie explains she and Alex tied one on last night. Allie says she’s sorry too, and they hug. However, Chanel picks up camouflage boxers from the couch and angrily asks if they belong to Alex. Allie confirms it. Allie insists nothing happened, but Chanel storms out.

A hungover Alex shuffles into the Kiriakis mansion to find Sarah angrily filling her plate with pastries and fruit. They sit to commiserate. As she leaves for work, he tells her he’s sorry about her and Xander. She shrugs and says, “Makes one of us.” He follows her out to get some fresh air.

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In front of a tray of pastries, Alex and Sarah eye each other with their hands on their hips.

At home, Steve joins Tripp for coffee in the kitchen. Tripp relays that Joe’s out for a run and Stephanie is sleeping in. Steve is happy to hear that since she’s having such a hard time. He spots the flowers Tripp found at the door. Steve discovers they’re from Alex. The men badmouth the Kiriakis and hope Stephanie does better next time around. Tripp gets a call from Bayview and learns he can visit Ava again.

Stephanie wakes up in bed to Chad who stares at the ceiling. She asks if he has regrets. He says last night was amazing, but it’s strange to wake up to someone who’s not Abby. She notes it’s been a long time since he did. He admits it’s not as long as she thinks and tells her about cheating with Gwen. That was a mistake, but the two of them are not. At least not for him. He worries his timing was off considering everything with Alex and her mom. She kisses him and tells him to put Alex out of his mind because she has.

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After Tripp has left, Stephanie comes out to the living room, followed by Chad. “Morning, Mr. Johnson,” Chad sheepishly says. “Morning, Mr. DiMera,” Steve deadpans. Chad uneasily shifts and says he’s taking off, but Steve invites him to stay for coffee and eggs. Chad’s eyes bulge at Stephanie and he stifles a giggle.

After eating, Chad tells Steve how sorry he is about Kayla and leaves. Stephanie apologizes to Steve, but he notes it’s her house too. He then points out the flowers from Alex. She fixates on the envelope, but doesn’t open it. She trashes it along with the flowers. Later, as she’s about to leave, she pulls the envelope out of the trash can and reads it.

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Wendy and Tripp hug on the park bench.

In the park, Wendy finds a solemn Tripp on the bench. He tells her Ava wasn’t manic, but it was almost worse. She just stared off like there was nothing inside. Wendy hugs him. Tripp informs her he’s not going back to Seattle right away because of his mom. Despite the reason, Wendy says it’ll be nice to have him around.

Alex and Chad cross paths outside Brady’s Pub. Alex notes Chad’s wearing the same clothes he saw him in at Stephanie’s. Chad confirms he spent the night. Alex snidely says he’s a lucky man and walks off.

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Outside Brady's Pub, Chad and Alex glower at each other.

In Horton Square, Xander counts money he found in the couch. Before he dashes off to Sweet Bits, they instinctively move into to kiss, but stop themselves. While waiting for Xander, Gwen runs into Sarah. Gwen says she’s sorry about the divorce, but Sarah knows she’s just waiting to worm her way back into Xander’s bed. Smirking, Gwen tells her she didn’t have to worm her way back, “Xander invited me.” Sarah doesn’t believe they slept together. Xander returns and says, “Believe it. Except there wasn’t much sleeping going on.”

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In the Square, Sarah crosses her arms as she scowls at Gwen. In the background, Xander approaches holding a pastry box.

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