Sitting on her bed, Nicole faces EJ with a draped leg over his lap. His hand rests on her thigh and her hand presses against his chest.
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Wendy and Tripp play video games at Steve and Kayla’s place. He thanks her for being there with him today, even if she was checking her phone every few minutes. She admits she thought she’d hear from Johnny. After Roman drops by with chowder for the family, Wendy remarks how generous it was of Tripp not to tell Roman that his grandson punched him. She adds that he should hit her up again while he’s in town.

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Allie returns home to see Johnny and Chanel embracing. She rants at them for cheating on her. They explain they were just wishing each other well in their respective relationships. Allie isn’t assuaged, leading Johnny to accuse her of sounding like their jealous mother. She retorts he’s acting like his self-absorbed father. That leads to an argument about whose father is worse. Chanel interrupts and tells Johnny to go. Allie shouts that she’ll tell Wendy he dropped by and hooked up with her girlfriend. Wendy appears.

Johnny tries to explain, but Wendy takes off. Johnny yells at Allie and leaves. When Chanel tries to reassure Allie there’s nothing to worry about with Johnny, Allie curtly retorts that’s what Alex said. Chanel calls her a hypocrite for going to Alex. She wonders why Allie can’t trust her, especially when she’s not the one who cheated before. Allie reminds her she cheated on Tripp with her. They both apologize. Chanel thinks they should stop before they say more things they’ll regret. Allie agrees they should take time apart. They both tear up as Chanel leaves to stay with her mom.

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In the park, Johnny makes an emphatic point to Wendy. She leans back with a wary look.

Johnny follows Wendy to the park, insisting he’s not hooking up with Chanel. However, he did almost kiss her. She asks if he still has feelings for her. He says he will always care about her, but Chanel is committed to Allie, and he really likes Wendy. If it’s all right with her, he’d like to take her on that date. She’d really like to go out with him, but his life seems really complicated right now. She wants to be sure they’re in it for the right reasons. He suggests when things settle down, he’ll take her on that date. She smiles and says she can live with that. They hug, and Wendy’s face falls.

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Johnny embraces Wendy in the park. She looks off with a faraway expression.

At the Pub, Eric tries to calm down a rattled Sloan after her interaction with Paulina, right on the heels of Nicole. She hopes Nicole realizes now that Eric has moved on and that it’s time for her to do the same. When Sloan laments her pancakes are cold, he gets up to get her some chowder.

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Later, Sloan tries to choke down the chowder, which is not her thing. Eric reacts in mock offense. If Roman heard her disparaging it, it’d be like putting a knife to his heart. She advises Eric not tell him then, because she actually kinda hates it. Roman walks up and says, “You certainly wouldn’t want him to hear that.”

Sloan hopes he won’t hold this against her. Of course not, Roman responds. What he will hold against her is going after Paulina. She and Abe are like family and nothing is more important than that. Sloan agrees, which is why she wants to make Paulina and Chanel pay. As they debate the issue, Sloan steps away to take a call. Eric defends Sloan to Roman, who questions his intentions, as well as his relationship with Nicole. Eric insists they’re over. Sloan returns, and Roman offers to bring her something less offensive to eat.

As Sloan happily eats a salad, Eric says he’s glad she’s satisfied. She says if he really wants to satisfy her, he can come to her place later — if he’s up to the challenge. “Always,” he says and kisses her.

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EJ holds the back of Nicole's head as he kisses her. Her hand wraps around his shoulder.

In Nicole’s bedroom, she repeatedly tries to get a resistant EJ to have sex with her. He tells her she’s not in the right mind to make such decisions. Nicole stands and twirls to prove she’s fine. That makes her sick and she runs to the bathroom.

Later, a chagrined Nicole can’t believe she threw herself at EJ and then threw up like a freshman at a frat party. He chuckles that it was hard to turn her down, but she was too drunk to know what she was doing. She doesn’t think it makes sense since she only had a drink and a half. She wonders if something was wrong with the champagne. EJ points out he had some and he’s fine.

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EJ brings Nicole tea and toast. She thanks him for being a gentleman, but not everything she said and did was because of the alcohol. She’s ready to move on from Eric, and if he’s willing, she’d like to move on with him. He asks what that would entail — sex or a relationship. She asks if they can figure it out as they go along. He agrees, but for the record, he’s game for either. He suggests they go out on a proper date and see where things go. When Nicole falls asleep, EJ covers her with a blanket and caresses her hair.

Wearing an untucked button down shirt, EJ leans over a sleeping Nicole to cover her with a blanket.

On the phone outside the wine cellar, Gabi feigns a somber tone with Li, who just got done working out. She says things got ugly with Stefan, and she wants to talk. He says he’ll be waiting for her.

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Gabi arrives at a still sweaty Li’s hotel room, and tells him he’s right about her wasting time with Stefan. He’s who she should be with. He’s taken aback by her sudden turnabout. She convinces him she wants to give their marriage a try and puts her diamond ring back on her finger. He asks what their next step is. She coyly points out they never consummated their marriage. He’s eager to do that, but she asks him to take a shower first. He races to the bathroom and she wipes off her mouth.

While Li’s in the shower, Gabi searches his room. She finds his burner phone and calls a repeated number. When Rolf picks up, she says she needs his help and won’t take no for an answer. If he does what she asks, he’ll get back into the good graces of the DiMeras and stay out of prison. She orders him back to Salem ASAP. Before she gets to the door, Li exits the bathroom.

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