At the mansion, Nicole and EJ toast with mimosas.
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Allie enters the Kiriakis mansion as a shirtless Alex lifts weights. She ogles him. Upon noticing her, he puts on a shirt. She explains she just dropped off Henry to see his Uncle Will. She also wanted to apologize for what happened at her place. He quips he’ll never be upset about being offered a threesome. More seriously, he asks if she and Chanel made up. She tells him about their fight. Alex reassures her over Chanel’s feelings and suggests she go home to make up with her girlfriend.

At the apartment, Chanel tells Johnny about her fight with Allie. Johnny wants to find Allie to tell her what happened is all on him. Chanel stops him. She can’t let him take all the blame. She didn’t exactly stop him when he leaned to kiss her. At that moment, she didn’t even want to. But since she’s in love with Allie, they agree to be more careful around each other. Johnny says he really cares about her and his sister and doesn’t want to come between them again. Besides, his thing with Wendy could be good. She’s happy for him. He’s happy for her and Allie, too, and knows they’ll figure it out. They hug as Allie walks in the door.

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Chanel grabs Johnny's arm to stop him from leaving.

In the Square, Belle cries on the phone to John about planning Marlena’s service. After hanging up, she sees Paulina at a table. Paulina tells Belle how sorry both she and her sister Tammy are about Marlena. Belle sits with Paulina, who mentions she has to call her attorney about Sloan’s lawsuit. Belle offers to join her legal team. Work would be a big help for her right now. Plus, she likes Paulina almost as much as she hates Sloan. Paulina suggests they strategize over breakfast.

Outside the Pub, Sloan makes a point of letting Nicole know she and Eric slept together. Nicole calls her a slut, and Sloan accuses her of still having a thing for Eric while lusting after EJ. When Sloan calls Nicole desperate, Nicole slaps her. Sloan slaps her back and Eric intervenes. Nicole composes herself and says she knows Eric is grieving, but there’s no excuse for the horrible person he’s become. If he ever breaks whatever spell he’s under, she has no doubt he’ll regret laying eyes, or any other body part, on Sloan. Through tears, she says she’s sorry about his mother and stalks off.

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After Eric asks if Sloan had to provoke Nicole, he offers to buy her breakfast. He owes her for all the beer, takeout, and visits to her place. Inside as they eat, Sloan admits provoking Nicole was a mistake. It’s just too easy to get under her skin. Plus, she might have been a little bit jealous. Eric grins. She asks if he still has feelings for his ex. He tells her there will always be a connection between them. But they never made it work, and they never will. She repeats the question since that wasn’t really an answer.

Paulina approaches their table and trades barbs with Sloan. The lawyer can’t wait to see what joker she got to defend her. Belle walks in to announce she’s the joker who already beat her once. She can do it again with her hands tied behind her back. She questions Eric being with Sloan after their mother just died. He calls Belle an ambulance chaser. He insists Belle is on the wrong side of this case because Sloan is the injured party. Having just lost his mother, he can relate, and so should Belle. Paulina and Belle leave for Julie’s Place. Sloan suggests she leave too. She doesn’t want to come between him and his sister. Eric wants her to stay. He likes having her around.

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Wearing a leopard print coat and short black skirt, Gabi stares out the DiMera French doors. Stefan lies lifeless on the patio.

As Stefan pours liquid from a vial into EJ’s mimosa, Gabi knocks him out with a phoenix statue. He crumples to the floor and the vial falls under a chair. Gabi closes the living room doors and struggles to drag him by the feet toward the French doors. She hears EJ call out to Stefan, wondering if he poured the champagne.

EJ jogs down the staircase and opens the doors to the living room. As Stefan lies on the patio beyond the French doors, EJ rants at Gabi for sneaking into their home. He urges her to give up on her degrading enterprise of convincing Stefan to get deprogrammed. Gabi declares Stefan still loves her and he will be hers again, forever. She turns to leave, but he grabs her arm to see her out the front door himself.

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In the DiMera mansion, a grave-faced EJ grabs Gabi's arm. She glares at him.

After throwing Gabi out, EJ heads upstairs, shouting for Stefan. Gabi circles around and sneaks back into the house. She opens the door to the tunnels and grabs Stefan’s arm.

Later, Nicole charges into the DiMera living room. EJ follows and she recounts what happened with Sloan. EJ spots the poured mimosas and offers Nicole one. He toasts to Sloan for moving in on the holier-than-thou hypocrite Eric Brady, and to Nicole for moving on from said hypocrite. They click glasses and sip.

After they finish their drinks, Nicole continues ranting and pours more champagne. She downs it. She starts to pour more, but drops the glass. Nicole feels woozy and sways. She then moves close to EJ, who backs away from an almost kiss. He ushers her upstairs.

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Nicole leans in to kiss EJ. He grips her shoulder leaning away.

After EJ gets Nicole to her bedroom, she lies back on the bed, wondering what’s wrong with her. She can usually hold her liquor better. He assures her there’s nothing wrong. She’s smart, dynamic, and very beautiful. Eric is a fool. She sits up and EJ lowers to the bed. They lock eyes and Nicole says to hell with Eric. Sloan can have him. She doesn’t need him anymore. “Not when I have you.” They passionately kiss.

Stefan wakes up in the wine cellar, tied to a chair, and calls Gabi a crazy bitch. She responds that desperate action was required. Whether he likes it or not, they’re going to fix his thick skull. Then, they’ll see where his heart lies. He screams at her. She tells him that her urge to fight for what’s hers is what he loved about her. He shouts that he doesn’t want to be with her and he never will. She knows it’s the brainwashing talking. They’ll get through this together and once it’s done, he’ll see that it’s all worth it. Stefan wonders how it’s going to work since Rolf is missing and Marlena is dead. She ducts tapes his mouth and calls Li.

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With racks of wine behind them, Gabi smirks as she pats duct tape over Stefan's mouth. Wearing an exasperated expression, he sits tied to a chair.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gabi manipulates Li, and Roman is none too impressed with Sloan.

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