Wearing all white, Susan holds a clipboard and puts an arm around Marlena's shoulder. Marlena holds an orange drink with an umbrella in it, and gives Susan a confused look.

After learning from Allie where John is, Abe heads to the hospital rooftop. John knows Marlena is up there looking down on him wanting him to get past this. But he never will. John tears up, wondering how Abe went home to an empty bed without Lexie. Abe reminds John his children and grandchildren need him. That’s what will make him go on. He invites John to stay with him and Paulina tonight, but John needs to feel Doc’s presence at home. After Abe leaves, John reluctantly turns off the slideshow and looks skyward.

Alex drinks a beer at a table in Horton Square and looks at photos of him and Stephanie on his phone. He makes a call, which Stephanie ignores. Alex leaves a message for Stephanie, asking her to let him make it up to her. He stands to leave and sees a despondent Allie. He embraces her and leads her home.

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Standing in Horton Square, Alex leans in close to Allie as if he's whispering in her ear.

At the apartment, Allie grabs her and Alex beers. When Allie guzzles hers, Alex suggests she slow down. The last thing she needs is a hangover. Allie retorts what she needs is her grandma. Alex moves to call Chanel, but Allie stops him. She tells him she saw Chanel and Johnny about to kiss. Alex suggests it was more innocent than she thinks and suggests she trusts them. He’s talking from experience.

Paulina drops by to see Stephanie with a dish of food for her and her dad. She also needs her connections now more than ever. Paulina fills her in on Sloan suing her and asks if Alex can get inside information on her. Stephanie would love to help, but they broke up. Stephanie recounts what happened, and Paulina one hundred percent backs her up.

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Paulina suggests Stephanie use Chad to help her latest battle against Sloan. Alex might even think she’s doing it to get back at him. Stephanie doesn’t care what Alex thinks. Before she leaves, Paulina urges Stephanie not to dwell on not saying goodbye to her mother. She’ll never heal. She should think of the good times and smile when she thinks of Kayla.

Alone, Stephanie struggles to try and come up with strategies to stop Sloan. She picks up her phone and listens to Alex’s voicemail. She looks off, teary-eyed.

Eric slumps over the Brady Pub bar crying over Marlena. He throws back a shot and adds the empty glass to a collection of more empty shot glasses.

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Eric slumps against the Brady Pub bar, considering a shot glass full of brown liquor. Four empty shot glasses are topped over on the bar next to him.

A brooding Eric pounds on Sloan’s door. She scoffs. At least he didn’t bring Rachel with him. He tells her his mom died. She wonders why he’s not with family or with someone he loves. Eric isn’t looking for a shoulder to cry on. She asks what he wants. He kisses her hard.

After sex, Sloan asks if it helped. Eric relays he’s not so tied up in knots. She wasn’t trying to push him away earlier, it just brought up a lot of memories of her own mom. He apologizes if he made her think he was using her. She says he needed her, and that’s different. But she’s not used to people needing her. Talk turns to her quest for vengeance. Eric calls the hunger for revenge an obsession. She asks if there’s anything that makes it go away. He has one idea. He leans in and kisses her.

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Johnny sits with Chanel on the park bench and asks what happened with her and Allie. She deadpans that she was sitting there alone — that should tell him everything he needs to know. Johnny blames himself, but Chanel says they’re both to blame. Johnny apologizes for coming on to her at the hospital and promises not to do it again. He gives her a pep talk before she leaves to see Allie and tightly hugs her. He quips that Allie could come through and see them, but Chanel will risk it. He’s a special person and she’s sorry he’s hurting.

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On her couch, Allie and Alex raise beer bottles.

After hearing why Stephanie is upset with Alex, Allie says he made a stupid mistake and deserves to be forgiven. Alex raises his bottle to Allie, who is the only one who’s had his back. Chanel comes home. Allie pointedly tells her girlfriend that Alex offered a shoulder to cry on as she did for Johnny. She bitingly suggests another threesome since Chanel is getting bored with just her. Chanel insists that’s not true. Allie’s not in the mood anyway. She’s going to bed in Henry’s room.

At the apartment, Chanel faces Alex and Allie, who hold beer bottles. Alex appears to be at unease.

In the white void, Marlena walks through white double doors to a room with billowing sheer drapes and white marble sculptures. The doors close behind her. “Where am I,” she asks while looking around. She calls out for John, but only hears Susan’s voice. Susan twirls, wearing a white knit cap, white-rimmed glasses, and a flowy white dress.

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Marlena is thrilled to see her alive and well. Susan confirms she’s fit as a fiddle, but alive? Not so much. Marlena wonders if that means she’s dead too. Susan confirms. Marlena asks where Kate and Kayla are. Susan laughs over the thought of Kate making it through the pearly gates.

As for Kayla, Susan looks over a list of names. Under Brady, she finds Bo’s name with an asterisk next to it, but she doesn’t know what that means. However, she doesn’t find Kayla’s name there or under Johnson. Susan thinks her paperwork just hasn’t come through yet. She scoffs over how long it took her to see The King. Marlena exclaims, “You had a meeting with God?!” Better, Susan excitedly responds. She got to talk to Elvis Aaron Presley.

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Susan explains she’s there to help Marlena make the transition to the other side. Susan gives her a fruity welcome mocktail and sends her to another room, while she gets Marlena’s paperwork together. After Marlena walks through the doors, Susan’s eyes glow yellow and she cackles.

Wearing all white, Susan lowers white rimmed glasses revealing yellow devil eyes.

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