On a rooftop at night, John and Marlena sit on a couch. A blanket covers her lap and John holds out a strawberry.
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At John and Marlena’s, Rafe and Jada arrest Kristen, who maintains her innocence. Rafe tells her they have her confession on tape, and Brady snarls she’s getting what she deserves. Jada leads her out.

After Brady talks with Belle on the phone, Rachel comes out looking for her mommy. Brady gently says she may have to go back to prison. Brady tries to comfort Rachel, but she yells that she doesn’t want him; she wants her mommy. She runs out of the room.

In the interrogation room, Jada and Rafe play Kristen the tape of her confessing to Johnny. She suggests it’s someone who sounds like her, or a deep fake. Rafe scoffs, and Jada tells her Johnny will testify they had that conversation. Kristen wants a lawyer.

On the couch, an earnest Brady explains to Rachel, who wears a look of confusion.

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Chloe and Stefan find EJ setting up the chess board in the DiMera living room. They discuss Kristen as Stefan gets an alert that she was taken into custody. Stefan still doesn’t understand why EJ let her move back in. EJ shrugs. She’s family. He asks Stefan to play chess, and Chloe leaves.

As the men play, Kristen calls EJ and orders him to make this all go away. Otherwise, her next call is to rat him out to Stefan. EJ refuses her and puts her on speakerphone. Kristen demands EJ take her off speaker, but EJ is done with her games. He tells Stefan himself that he knew Li had Rolf brainwash him.

EJ hangs up on Kristen and tells Stefan everything. A calm and collected Stefan thought he finally had an ally in this pit of vipers. But apparently, EJ is the king of vipers. EJ explains he couldn’t allow Gabi to take the company from him. However, he’s sincerely sorry for what he did. Stefan is sure their father would have approved.

EJ asks if this means they can work it out. Stefan is willing to move on from this if EJ makes him co-CEO. EJ agrees to terminate Li in the morning so they can run DiMera together. Stefan knows they don’t trust each other, but he imagines the old man would be proud of what they’re doing. EJ agrees and leaves to get something to eat. Alone, Stefan pours himself a drink. “I’m going to get you EJ,” he says to himself. “You’re not going to see me coming.”

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Brady scrunches his face and leans over to make a point to Rachel. Chloe gazes at the girl with an empathetic expression.

Chloe drops in on Brady to see how he’s doing. He grows emotional over Rachel and for not doing more to save Marlena. Chloe embraces him, as Rachel returns. She orders Chloe away from her daddy and yells that she hates her. Brady sends his daughter to her bedroom on a time-out. Chloe tells Brady this might be the universe telling them they shouldn’t be together.

At the station, Rafe brings Jada food to thank her for a job well done. Jada downplays her role, but also worries that DiMeras know how to evade justice. After Jada calls Steve to relay that Kristen is in custody, she wonders how one woman could cause so much pain for so many people. How does she live with herself?

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Rafe and Jada return to Kristen in the interrogation room. She relays her lawyer didn’t work out and refuses a public defender. They tell her they want to know everything about what Li did to Stefan. In exchange, she wants murder charges off the table and total immunity. Rafe says they’ll talk after she tells them about Li. She wants a lawyer first.

At the hospital, Chanel approaches Johnny and asks after Marlena. Johnny confirms it’s really bad. He tells her about helping the police with Kristen. She’s the reason his Aunt Kayla and Kate are dead. He’s scared Grandma Marlena could be next.

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Johnny and Chanel face each other near the hospital elevators.

In Marlena’s hospital room, John tells his wife he can’t take her home in her condition, but she doesn’t want to die there. John assures her the doctors are buying her time until the orchid is found. Marlena says there’s no time now. With tears streaming down her face, Marlena implores him to get her out of there.

Marlena reminds John he’s been through this before with Isabella. John points out Isabella had enough time to go back to Venice. Marlena doesn’t want Venice, she just wants to go across town. “Please, please, please,” she begs. John proposes a compromise and says he’ll be right back.

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With a furrowed brow, John talks with Chanel and Johnny near the nurses station.

In the lobby, Chanel tells Johnny she should find Allie, but she gets a text that Allie went home to put Henry to bed. John comes out and says he could really use their help.

John returns to Marlena, who wonders what he’s up to. He gives her a hint: “You’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.”

On a rooftop, Johnny and Chanel string lights and set up a Bluetooth projector. Johnny thanks his ex for her help. Chanel is glad to get her mind off Sloan suing her and Paulina. Johnny wishes he had known. Just because they’re not married anymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t still care about her. She wonders if Wendy is okay with them being friends. He says they’re technically not dating and explains their situation. Chanel stands on a chair stringing lights over a couch and falls. Johnny catches her, and they stand inches apart.

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John interrupts Johnny and Chanel’s close moment as he brings Marlena to the rooftop in a wheelchair. Johnny gives John a remote for the projector, and Chanel gives Marlena a box of strawberries. Johnny kisses Marlena’s cheek and tells her he loves her. She loves him too. Johnny hugs John and leaves with Chanel.

Back in the hospital, Johnny remarks to Chanel how his grandparents’ whole life has been an epic romance. They couldn’t live without each other, but now they might have to. He fights tears as he says he’s not ready to lose his grandma. Chanel gets him a glass of water, and he says talking to her has really helped. She assures him she will always be his friend. He could use one right now. Chanel hugs him.

Chanel embraces a teary-eyed Johnny in the hospital waiting area.

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On the roof, John tells Marlena he knows this isn’t the same as taking her home, but if something happens, he can get her downstairs in a hurry. Overcome, Marlena kisses him. They sit on the bench, and John feeds her a strawberry with cream. He tears up and tells her he had Johnny download photos from his cloud so they could reminisce.

John turns on the projector that displays photos from their life on a brick wall. Marlena wonders how it went so fast. They cry as they say they want to do it all over again. John holds her against his shoulder as they watch more photos, spanning decades. With closed eyes and pale skin, Marlena goes limp against him. John holds her face and cries.

On a rooftop, Marlena lies slumped in John's arms.

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