In the Square, Gabi dumps a bucket of ice over Li's head.
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Brady checks on John as he prays in the hospital chapel. John can’t believe he’s losing Marlena. Brady blames himself, but John knows he was an impossible situation. Teary-eyed, Brady says he should have told him from the beginning and apologizes. John points out that Brady sacrificing his happiness saved the women’s lives the first time around.

In a chapel, John presses his hand to Brady's chest as he makes a passionate point.

John knows his and Marlena’s story is far from over. Brady says he loves her like his mother. John knows, and Kristen knows, which is why she knew he’d do anything to help Marlena. Tears stream down Brady’s face as he says Marlena would have done the same for him. The men embrace and then pray.

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In the Square, Li demands Stefan apologize to Gabi. Stefan says he’s sorry…. that Gabi is nothing but a cold, bottom-feeding snake who only gives a damn about herself. Li punches him to the ground. Stefan stands and rants at Li for brainwashing him and at Gabi, who he thinks he’d end up hating all on his own. They deserve each other.

In the Square, Gabi stands by as Li punches Stefan.

After Stefan stalks off, Li tells an emotional Gabi that Stefan is wrong about her. But asks why Stefan is so mad. She tells him about wanting Marlena to reverse the brainwashing. Li balks. “Isn’t she very sick,” he gently asks. She passionately defends herself. Li understands and declares she doesn’t deserve Stefan’s rage. Gabi won’t let him be nice to her when he’s the reason for this mess.

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Li reaches for Gabi as she turns to leave. She slaps his hand away, and he flinches. Gabi inspects his hand and says he might need an x-ray after punching Stefan. He says the pain is worth it. She says nobody asked him to defend her honor. No one had to, he responds. He smiles as she goes to get him some ice.

Gabi returns from the Inn with a bucket full of ice. He thanks her. It means a lot to him. She dumps the ice over him and leaves the bucket on his head. She can’t believe he thought she was going to be nice to him after everything he’s done to her. Li takes the bucket off his head and grins. The thing he was most afraid of wasn’t that she was angry with him, but that she didn’t care anymore. That the passion was gone. But if what she just did isn’t passion, he doesn’t know what is. An exasperated Gabi scurries away.

Gabi glares at Li, who wears a clear ice bucket on top of his head. Ice cubes pile on his head.

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At the station, Jada and Rafe bemoan the fact that they can’t find Rolf. Steve strolls in and suggests they arrest his accomplice instead. Rafe reminds Steve they have no direct evidence incriminating Kristen. Steve smirks and plays the recording of her confession. After learning how he obtained it, Rafe says it’s inadmissible, but  Jada knows of a loophole they might be able to use.

Johnny joins a crying Allie in a hospital waiting room. She falls to his arms, wondering what they’ll do without Grandma Marlena. She credits their grandmother with helping her get through what Charlie did to her. Johnny notes she’s done so much for the whole town. She’s a friend, a legend, a hero. He just hopes she can feel all the love of everyone she’s touched. Rafe calls Johnny to come to the station. The siblings embrace and exchange “I love yous” before Johnny leaves.

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At the police department, Steve holds up a recorder to Rafe.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tries to get rid of Chloe, who pushes her way inside. In the living room, she rants at Kristen for having Stefan brainwashed, and for causing Kate and Kayla’s deaths. Kristen deadpans that she has no idea what she’s talking about. Chloe shouts that she won’t let Kristen gaslight her. Kristen tries to usher her out, but Chloe grabs a fire poker. Kristen laughs.

Stefan enters and talks Chloe down as she threatens to kill Kristen. She drops the poker and runs from the room. Kristen thanks her brother for saving her life. He snarls that he should use the poker on her himself. The siblings argue over her actions and the reasons for them. Stefan points out there’s no coming back with Brady if Marlena dies. Kristen scoffs, “So, I am just supposed to let Rachel go?” Stefan doesn’t think she has another option. Brady has custody of Rachel, and any judge worth their salt will see to it she’s not allowed near her. He can’t stand to look at her and orders her out of his sight.

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Later, Stefan brings Chloe a glass of water and tells her how badass and noble she was going up against Kristen. Chloe asks if he was able to get Rolf’s programming reversed. He reports that Rolf is in the wind. Stefan admits that when he found out he was brainwashed, he wanted to get back to normal. Chloe wonders if that means being the guy who’s in love with Gabi. He says Gabi’s recent actions repulsed him, and he can’t be with someone like that.

Stefan asks Chloe if she wants to get back with Brady. She recounts telling Brady that Stefan helped her heal after he dumped her and that she developed real feelings for him. Stefan admits, at first, his feelings were due to the programming, but he’s not a machine. His feelings for her are also very strong and very real. She’s the only one he wants to be with.

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Johnny faces Rafe Steve and Jada at the police station.

At the station, Johnny hears the recording of Kristen confessing to him. Jada notes that Johnny heard her confession directly, which means it’s not hearsay. Rafe explains they need a sworn statement that he had a conversation with Kristen about the orchid and that it’s the one on the recording. That should be enough to get an arrest warrant. Steve asks if he’s willing to do that. Of course, Johnny says.

Later, Steve brings Johnny coffee and thanks him for doing this. He knows Kristen is family. Johnny says Steve’s family, too, and so was Aunt Kayla. Steve knows she’d be proud of him right now. Johnny hopes so and will do whatever he can to get justice for her. Even if it means sending his aunt to prison forever.

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Back at the mansion, Johnny and Chloe lean in to kiss, but Rafe and Jada’s arrival interrupts them. They have a warrant for Kristen’s arrest. Stefan tells them she’s not there.

After picking Rachel up from school, Kristen gets them hot chocolates in the park. Rachel asks why she left the house. Kristen blames it on Chloe. She’s the reason they can’t be together. But if they do want to be together, they can’t stay there anymore. “So, what do you say we blow this hot cocoa stand and leave Salem together?” Kristen asks her smiling daughter.

Allie rushes into the chapel. She urgently tells John and Brady, “You both have to come right now. It’s Grandma Marlena.”

Kristen and Rachel sit on the park bench with hot chocolates.

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