At Horton House, Will's brow furrows as he hides behind a doorway.
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Over the phone, Leo urges Gwen to turn on Xander, but she refuses. He implores her to always look out for number one as Will enters the Kiriakis mansion. “You sure as hell abide by that, don’t you,” Will says. Leo hangs up with Gwen and trades barbs with Will. Will doesn’t have time for him and heads off to the hospital.

Leo drops in on Gwen at the Horton House, and they argue again about turning on Xander. Gwen won’t turn her back on him, but Leo points out Jack will turn his back on her if he finds out what she did. He asks her to at least meet with a lawyer to go over their options.

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At the Horton House, Gwen leans in to glower to Leo.

After getting Henry to sleep at their apartment, Chanel comforts Allie over Kayla and Kate. Allie falls to her arms, worried about Marlena. She’s grateful to have Chanel by her side. Chanel stays behind with Henry as Allie goes to the hospital.

Sloan comes to the door. Chanel tries to shut it on her, but Sloan pushes her way in. She hands her papers and explains she’s suing her for wrongful death, with Paulina named as a co-defendant. Sloan might not see her day in criminal court, but she can still make them pay in civil court. Then, the only fortune Paulina will have left is the crumbs from Chanel’s pathetic bakery.

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In her apartment, Chanel opens a manila envelope as Sloan glares at her.

After Sloan leaves, Chanel calls her mother over and tells her about Sloan suing them. Paulina’s furious with Sloan for coming after her daughter, but declares her lawyers will make mincemeat of her.

Sloan reluctantly meets Leo and Gwen at the Horton House. After the threesome bicker over past dealings, Leo tells her they need legal advice. First, Gwen wants assurances they have attorney/client privilege. Sloan tells her that requires a retainer. Leo prompts Gwen to pay her.

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At the Horton House, Gwen and Leo face Sloan who stares at them with crossed arms.

Sloan chuckles upon getting caught up on their situation with Xander. They’re pretty much screwed, but she offers to try and cut them a deal to testify against Xander before a grand jury. Gwen won’t do it and stalks off. Sloan starts to leave as well, but Leo has another proposition for her.

Will and Allie meet at the hospital. Allie relays that Sami is doing everything she can to get there. As for Grandma Marlena, it’s not looking good. Her visitors are restricted, and Uncle Eric and Grandpa John are with her right now, so they have to wait in the lobby.

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Allie asks where Sonny is. Will doesn’t know because he wasn’t home, but Leo was. They get vending machine snacks as Will bemoans the situation. He declares there is no good in Leo, who doesn’t deserve forgiveness or Sonny’s friendship.

Julie comes to the hospital and cries over Marlena’s dire situation. She offers her condolences to Will and Allie over Kate and Kayla. She has sandwiches Julie’s Place made for the prayer vigil Eric is leading in the chapel. She digs in her purse and grows upset over forgetting her rosary. Will leaves to get it for her.

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Back at the Horton House, Leo proposes to Sloan that he testify alone and say Xander, not Gwen, convinced him to wear the clown suit. The only thing is he’d have to testify anonymously, so Sonny doesn’t find out. Sonny is his friend and believed in him when no one else would. Will sneaks in behind them and overhears Leo say that Sonny thinks he’s changed. He can’t have him knowing he was involved in something like this.

In the Square, Chad tells Sonny that Stephanie is beating herself up for turning off her phone. Sonny reluctantly reveals that Alex is the one who did it so that Chad wouldn’t interrupt their alone time. Sonny defends his brother to a furious Chad, pointing out Alex didn’t know he was calling about Kayla. Chad doesn’t care. It wasn’t his place to turn off her phone.

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Sonny insists Alex has a good heart and will do whatever it takes to make it up to Stephanie. Chad shouts that Alex can’t and accuses Sonny of spending too much time seeing the best in people. Sonny thinks it’s a great attribute, but Chad counters some people are irredeemable. Like, Leo who will let Sonny down because that’s who he is. Sonny thinks they can all use a little redemption from time to time. Chad concedes the point, but in this case, he doubts Stephanie will be as forgiving as Sonny is.

At home, Stephanie asks Alex if he’s the reason she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. He admits it. He apologizes and tries to explain, but Stephanie is outraged that he would police her phone calls. Plus, his audacity robbed her of the chance to say goodbye to her mother. She will never forgive him for it. He would do anything to go back in time and change what he did. She tears up and says he can’t. Her mother is gone, and so are her feelings for him.

Wearing a sweatshirt and a messy ponytail in her living room, Stephanie glares at Alex.

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She doesn’t even think he was going to tell her if she hadn’t figured it out. Alex vows he was going to because he’s riddled with guilt. He tears up and begs her not to throw away what they have. She counters that he threw it away by disrespecting and lying to her. Every time she looks at him, all she sees is her cold dead mother lying in that hospital room.

Alex is sorry for robbing Stephanie of her last moments with her mom. But if she lets him, he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for it. She retorts that he can spend eternity trying, but nothing he does will make up for what he took from her. She orders him out. Once he’s gone, she leans back on the closed door and sobs.

Stephanie holds her hands to her chest and sobs. Her back leans against the front door.

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