Alex wears a guilty expression while facing Stephanie.
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At the Pub, Roman muses on ideas to spruce up the menu to Kate’s urn. Later, Abe and Paulina come by to offer condolences. They ask if he needs help with anything, but Roman tells them Kate didn’t want a funeral. He shows them the urn that sits on the bar. He always thought Anna was strange carrying around Tony’s ashes, but he gets it now. It comforts him to have her close by, even if it doesn’t feel real. Paulina embraces him and tells Roman how much she admired both Kate and Kayla.

Paulina closes her eyes as she embraces Roman.

When Paulina steps away, Abe tells Roman how much he loved Kayla, as if she was his own sister. As for Kate, they had their issues over the years, but they ended up being very good friends. They chuckle over what a force Kate was.

A purple urn with a silver lid rests on the Brady Pub Bar.

At the prison, Lucas hides the bottle of booze when Rex comes to visit. They hug, but a guard orders them apart. When the guard warns Lucas he’s on thin ice after what happened with Orpheus, Lucas is forced to tell Rex about their scuffle and that he gave him the bottle of booze. Lucas promises to try and stay strong, though. Rex urges him to do it for their mother and asks for the bottle. Lucas hands it over and thanks Rex for saving him from himself.

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At the prison, Lucas hands Rex a bottle of brown liquor.

The brothers sit, and Rex relays he spoke with Austin and Cassie. Billie is on assignment, but Austin is trying to reach her. Lucas says there’s one more sibling he has to get ahold of… Philip. Confused, Rex reminds him that Philip is presumed dead, but Lucas tells him about Kate sending him to a mental institution. He suggests he get the address from Roman and break the news to him. Before Rex leaves, he instructs the guard to stop Orpheus from pushing booze on Lucas, or else he’ll have him fired.

Chad stops by to see a teary-eyed Stephanie. He knows what it’s like to lose someone you love so suddenly and asks what he can do to help. She appreciates him asking, but her dad is taking care of everything. He gives her a card from Charlotte and Thomas. Stephanie cries as she reads their messages about missing their own mommy. Chad holds her. She apologizes, but Chad wants to be there for her and comfort her if he can.

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Sitting on the couch, Chad gazes at an anguished Stephanie with a look of concern.

Chad talks about how wonderful Kayla was and how much both he and Abby loved her. The hardest thing for Stephanie is that she didn’t get to say goodbye. She can’t believe she missed his calls and messages. She doesn’t even remember turning off her phone. She hardly ever does it. She just wishes she could go back in time so she could get his messages and tell Kayla what a great mom she was. Chad holds her as she breaks down. Before he leaves, he tells her to call him day or night. He’ll be there. Once he’s gone, she picks up her phone, considering it.

At the mansion, Alex enters the living room and pours a drink, as he and Sonny talk about Kayla. Sonny relays that Will got a flight on standby and will be home soon. Sonny hopes he’s in time to say goodbye to Marlena if need be. He asks Alex if Stephanie was able to say goodbye to her mother. Alex says she wasn’t, and it’s his fault because he turned off her phone.

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Alex purses his lips and brings his hand to his brow as he talks with Sonny.

Alex rants about what a third-wheel Chad always is. So he thought it was just another harmless call, maybe from the kids. A remorseful Alex knows he can’t fix it, but Sonny says he can tell Stephanie the truth. Alex can’t do that. She will hate him, and it won’t even change anything. Sonny counters it will change how they go forward. Is he comfortable lying to her about this? And what if she figures it out on her own?

A devastated Steve comes to Kayla’s office. He looks at their photo on his desk and holds it to his chest as he sobs. Jada finds him. He shows her all of Kayla’s personal things still at her desk, like her silly, colorful reading glasses and a vase Stephanie made when she was a kid. Jada embraces Steve when he breaks down again.

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Steve cries while holding a photo frame at Kayla's desk.

When Steve collects himself, Jada updates him on their search for the orchid. He hopes they find it for Marlena. Jada recalls her father talking about how amazing Kayla was and how lucky Steve was to have found her. Steve remarks Marcus was right about that. Jada knows Kayla’s love with always stay with him in his heart.

Later, Abe comes to Kayla’s office to check on Steve. Abe tells his friend how much he loved Kayla, and everyone who did wants to do what would make her happy. That means looking after him. Steve cries and falls into Abe’s embrace.

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Jada wraps her arms around Steve as he cries in Kayla's desk chair.

Alone again in Kayla’s office, Steve opens a medical book and finds a pressed flower. He holds it to his mouth and sobs.

Rex comes to the Pub and asks Roman about Philip. Roman encourages Rex to go see him. It’s what Kate would have wanted.

At home alone, a pensive Stephanie thinks about her night with Alex, who comes to the door. She asks him if he turned her phone off when she went to the bathroom to change.

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