A somber Brady gazes at Chloe with a creased brow.
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At the station, Johnny texts Rafe the address to Rolf’s lab in Jakarta. Finding him is the only way to save Grandma Marlena’s life. Rafe promises to do everything he can to find the serum.

A frazzled Li comes to Allie’s apartment to ask Wendy for help. He needs her to change Gabi’s mind about dumping him. Wendy calls it a lost cause, but Li is confident he’s better for Gabi than Stefan is. She tries to talk sense into Li, who instructs his sister to make Gabi listen. He opens the door for her to go, but Johnny’s standing there.

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In Allie's living room, Li grabs Wendy's shoulders as he talks to her. Johnny watches from behind Wendy.

Wendy embraces Johnny and offers condolences for his Aunt Kayla. Li interrupts them to urge Wendy to leave. Wendy tells Johnny what Li wants her to do, leading Johnny to admit he told Stefan they knew about the brainwashing. Li pleads with Wendy to go to Gabi — now. She obliges.

Alone with Johnny, Li asks if he told Stefan that EJ knew about his brainwashing. Johnny responds that he didn’t, causing Li to mock the DiMeras for sticking together while throwing him under the bus. Johnny reminds Li he’s the one who had Rolf brainwash Stefan. Also, sending Wendy to plead his case with Gabi is weak. Johnny smirks and says he hopes Gabi tells Wendy she loves Stefan and always will.

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In the Hernandez kitchen, Gabi and Stefan face each other with anguished expressions.

In Gabi’s doorway, Stefan tells Gabi that Johnny and Wendy found Rolf, who confirmed he was brainwashed. He enters the kitchen as Gabi processes the fact that Wendy betrayed her. But more importantly, Stefan knows the truth now, which she excitedly believes changes everything. Stefan gently tells her that it doesn’t.

Stefan feels bad for how Gabi’s been hurt and for how he treated her. He knows she still loves him, but he doesn’t love her. Gabi blames that on Rolf, but Stefan insists his feelings for Chloe are real. He knows that he used to love Gabi, but now, he doesn’t feel any attraction toward her. She wonders if he really wants to be with Chloe, someone he was forced love, or with someone he chose to love — her.

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Gabi opens her kitchen door to a solemn looking Wendy.

Wendy comes to the door before Stefan can answer. She came to apologize and tries to plead Li’s case. Gabi stops her. She hates Li for what he did to her and Stefan. She shuts the door in Wendy’s face.

Gabi returns to Stefan, who reiterates that they aren’t getting back together. She thinks he just needs Rolf to undo what he did. It might not change his feelings, but doesn’t he want to get his free will back?

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With his hands on his hips, Rafe talks to Stefan and Gabi at the police station.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells EJ she needs a place to stay. EJ declines her demand because he knows what she did. Kristen thinks he would have done the same thing to win back the person he loves. Scoffing, EJ maintains his refusal. They argue until Kristen threatens to tell Stefan he knew about the brainwashing, which would mean EJ loses his power at DiMera.

Rafe saunters in and questions them about the whereabouts of the orchid. EJ insists he has no idea where it is, while Kristen plays up her sympathy for Marlena’s plight. Rafe gleefully tells Kristen that Rolf is about to be brought back to Salem. Also, he’s sending forensics in to inspect the not-so-secret room where the orchid was held. In addition, he wants security tapes. EJ will do everything he can to make sure Johnny doesn’t lose his grandmother. Rafe warns Kristen he plans to get Rolf to flip on her, Li, and anyone else involved. He grins and wishes them a great day before leaving.

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In the DiMera mansion, EJ looks over his shoulder at Kristen, who glares at Rafe.

As forensics scour the tunnels, EJ complies with Kristen’s demands to stay in the mansion. But, he warns, she better pray they find the orchid.

Stefan and Gabi come to the station to ask Rafe to find Rolf. Rafe relays he just heard from the Jakarta police. They raided Rolf’s lab, but he wasn’t there. He disappeared without a trace.

Wendy returns to Li, who explodes upon learning Stefan was with Gabi. She tells him it’s over. Gabi hates him. It’s time to face that she never wants to be with him again.

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Li rages at Wendy in Allie's apartment.

In Chloe’s Salem Inn room, Brady tells her how Kristen was withholding the orchid from the women unless he dumped her. He never stopped loving her and knew he’d find his way back to her. Chloe tears up. She wishes she knew this before she slept with Stefan.

Brady admits it hurts, but he knows he put her in this position. At least she knows Stefan’s feelings for her aren’t real. Chloe understands that, but her feelings for him are. Stefan helped her heal after Brady dumped her, and she wouldn’t have slept with him if her feelings weren’t real. She can’t just come back to Brady as if nothing has changed. Brady reiterates that he didn’t have a choice with Kristen, but Chloe does. Chloe knows, but she can’t make it right now. Brady will wait for as long as he has to.

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Outside the Inn, Nicole tells a brooding Eric how sorry she is about Kate and Kayla. Eric tries to bypass her, but she urges him to talk to her. They sit, and he tells her how Kristen blackmailed him over the orchid. He adds that he “kidnapped” Rachel to try and get it back.

Shocked, Nicole grows incensed upon learning he left Rachel with Sloan. Eric accuses her of being jealous. She defends herself and wonders what kind of man he’s become. They argue, leading him to blame her for Jada ending the life of his unborn child. Nicole lashes out and stalks off to pray for his mother… and for him too.

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