Gabi opens her kitchen door to Stefan.
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Wearing a robe, Nicole checks her hair in the mirror before opening her bedroom door to EJ. He brings in a tray with her breakfast and shares the news about Kate and Kayla. A reeling Nicole asks about Marlena. He explains she’s ill, but holding on. EJ rubs her shoulder as Nicole worries about Eric. She’s sure she’s the last person he wants to see, but she wants to be there for him. EJ assures Nicole she’s a good person, even if Eric doesn’t want to see her.

In her DiMera bedroom, Nicole wears a robe, as she sits with a fully dressed EJ. A tray with juice and tea sits in front of them. They lock eyes and his hand touches her chin.

Nicole returns a button from the shirt she ripped off EJ the other night. She knows it’s crazy she’s not ready to move from Eric, but he assures her he won’t press her. She was going to give up caffeine for New Year’s, but, no offense to him, she’s thinking she should give up men instead.

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Standing in front of her bed, and wearing an open robe, Nicole places something in EJ's hand. He looks down, grinning.

Downstairs at the mansion, Johnny offers his condolences for Kate to Allie over the phone. After the twins make plans to meet at the hospital, Stefan breezes in from Miami. Johnny can’t believe he’s not more upset upon learning he was brainwashed, but Stefan doesn’t believe the story.

Johnny confirms it happened because he heard it straight from the source. He further admits he and Wendy were almost drugged with the same drug Rolf used on Gabi. Stefan wonders why he didn’t tell him sooner. EJ enters the living room and glares at Johnny, who says he kept quiet for Wendy.

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A glowering Stefan exits, and EJ thanks his son for covering for him. Allie calls Johnny, who relays to EJ that Kristen’s been hiding the orchid in the mansion — but now it’s missing. Johnny thinks there must be a way to make more of the serum for Grandma Marlena. EJ thinks Dr. Rolf would know. Johnny leaves to see Rafe.

Kristen enters John and Marlena’s place as Eric drops by. He scowls and pulls a gun on her. His eyes brim with tears, and his hand trembles, but he assures her she should fear him. He’s got the gun now, so she will take him to the orchid. Brady enters as Eric moves the gun inches from Kristen’s forehead. Brady talks Eric down and takes the gun. Eric leaves, and Kristen thanks Brady, who says he didn’t do it for her. He did it for his brother. He shouts at her to pack her bags and get out of the house.

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Later, as Brady hangs up with Theresa, Kristen comes out with a suitcase. She pleads with Brady to let her stay there for Rachel, but Brady won’t hear of it. Perhaps, if he had been harder on her, he’d have gotten the orchid to Kayla and Kate in time. Kristen doesn’t want him to blame himself. Oh, he doesn’t, he retorts. In fact, he’s made it abundantly clear that he blames her.

In their kitchen, Gabi and Rafe embrace.

When Gabi returns to the Hernandez house from Miami, she runs to Rafe’s arms, crying. He gets her tissues, and they sit with coffee mugs as she relays what happened with Stefan. He tells Gabi he had to release Li and Kristen from custody, but vows to make them pay. Gabi bemoans the fact that she married Li, and Rafe quips they can be divorce buddies. He then encourages her not to give up on Stefan. She vows she would never, but her confidence falters as Rafe leaves for work.

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Rafe grins as he points his finger at Gabi. She tilts her head with a smirk.

In the Square, Li struggles to compose a text message to Gabi, as Chloe strolls up with her luggage. As she yells at him, she wonders why he made Stefan fixate on her. Li smugly responds that she should ask herself who would benefit from driving a wedge between her and Brady. When he won’t confirm that it was Kristen’s doing, she quits her job at DiMera and stalks off to the Inn.

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Li goes to the Hernandez house. Gabi tries to slam the door on his face, but he wants her to hear him out. He explains his initial reasoning for resurrecting Stefan was business related, but then he was desperate and deeply in love with her. He didn’t want to lose her. Well, now, he’s lost her forever, she spits back. Li thinks they’re alike and that deep down she would have done the same thing — proving they belong together. He holds out his hand to her. She looks as if she’s about to reach out for him, but then yells at him for trying to kill the man she loves. She throws food at him until he leaves.

Wearing a puffy orange top, Gabi leans forward in her open kitchen doorway. She glares at Lee, who wears a contrite expression.

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Eric stomps into the police station, demanding that Rafe arrest Kristen. When Rafe says he doesn’t have any evidence against her, Eric accuses him of letting his mother suffer because he’s angry with him. Rafe assures him he’ll follow up on every lead, but right now, Eric is wasting his time. So, he needs to leave.

Nicole comes to see Chloe at the Salem Inn. She apologizes for sending Gabi to her hotel in Miami, but Chloe only wishes it happened before she slept with Stefan. She feels so stupid because Stefan was only interested due to Rolf. After rehashing the situation, Nicole starts to tell her about Kayla, Kate, and Marlena, but Brady knocks on the door.

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Nicole leaves, and Brady tells Chloe the real reason he broke up with her — Kristen forced him to do it.

Johnny rushes into the station. He tells Rafe that Rolf might be able to help them cure Marlena. Rafe knows, but he can’t find him. Johnny knows where he is.

As Gabi cleans up her kitchen, Stefan knocks on her door.

Kristen saunters into the DiMera mansion with her roller bag and lounges on the couch. EJ frowns and says, “What the hell are you doing here?” She responds, “I’m coming home.”

Nicole leaves the Salem Inn and runs into a glowering Eric in the Square.

Wearing a sheer floral dress and black knee high boots, Kristen lounges on the DiMera living room couch.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole confronts Eric, and Kristen uses her leverage against EJ.

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