An anguished Steve holds Kayla's face. She lies in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen tube in her nose. Her eyes are closed.
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As Alex waits in bed for Stephanie, he ignores a second incoming call from Chad. Chad leaves an urgent message for Stephanie to get to the hospital immediately. Later, an annoyed Alex ignores a third call from Chad. Stephanie comes out of the bathroom in lacy black lingerie and joins a gaping Alex in bed. Alex pulls away from their kiss and looks toward the phone. She asks what’s wrong. He says he just wants to make sure she’s ready. She says she is and they resume making out.

A shirtless Alex frowns at a phone in bed. A graphic in the right corner reads, Incoming call, Chad DiMera, with answer and ignore options.

Steve brings Kayla water as she weakly lies in her hospital bed. She worries they won’t get the orchid in time. He says they need to keep the faith. The power of their love gets them through everything. She asks him to take that love and check on Roman and Kate. He reluctantly leaves.

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At home, John presses a cloth to Marlena’s face in bed. She wonders if Kristen is lying about the orchid being stolen. John thinks she’s on the level this time. He holds Marlena as he theorizes that Orpheus took the orchid. Marlena encourages him to go to Statesville. She promises to hang on until he gets back because he gives her strength. He tells her how much he loves her, and they kiss.

After John leaves, Eric brings Marlena soup in bed. She asks him about his life. They rehash the Nicole/Jada situation, and how he got into a barroom brawl and planned a kidnapping in the aftermath. She doesn’t want what’s happened to harden his beautiful, golden heart. Eric tells her he loves her.

Roman sits at Kate's bedside with a furrowed brow. An anguished Rex stands behind him with crossed arms.

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In Kate’s hospital room, Rex tells his father how much Kate loved him. He leaves as Roman cries over Kate’s body. Roman tells his Katie that he wishes he hadn’t wasted so much time apart from her. He’s sorry he couldn’t protect her from Orpheus and Kristen. He breaks down as he says he will love her forever. She’ll be in his heart and soul every minute, every day. He crumples against her body, sobbing.

A devastated Rex comes to the hospital lobby and tells Steve and Chad that Kate is gone. Steve embraces him, and then Chad. Rex leaves to call his siblings, and Steve tells Chad he needs Stephanie there. Chad promises to find her.

In the prison community room, a smug Orpheus watches as John holds Lucas away from him. A guard peers over John's shoulder.

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In the prison community room, a shaggy-haired, goateed Lucas finds Orpheus reading the Art of War. He accuses the villain of trying to kill his mother, Marlena, and Kayla. Orpheus taunts him until John arrives demanding the orchid. Orpheus plays dumb, and John explains to a worried Lucas that the women need another dose of the plant’s healing properties. Lucas races to check on his mother, as Orpheus revels in the grim news.

At the payphone, Lucas calls Rex, who breaks the news of Kate’s death. Lucas returns to Orpheus and lunges for his throat. The guard and John pull him off. John hates to leave Lucas like this, but he has to get to Doc.

Wearing a hospital gown and oxygen tube, Kayla weakly smiles at Roman from her bed. He holds her arm as she cups his face.

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After Steve consoles Roman in Kate’s room, he returns to Kayla. She cries upon learning of Kate’s death and asks to see her kids. Roman enters, and Steve leaves to call Joe and Tripp. Kate tells her brother how sorry she is about Kate. She knows how much he loved her. Roman knows Kayla will beat this. He just lost his wife. He’ll be damned if he loses his baby sister too.

Chad runs to the Square and looks for Stephanie outside The Bistro. Since he can’t find her, he leaves her a message that Kate’s dead and her mom’s really sick. She needs to get to the hospital right away.

In Alex's bed, Stephanie sits up holding a sheet to her bare chest. She wears a confounded expression. Alex sits next to her with a creased brow. His eyes dart to the side.

After sex, Stephanie lies in Alex’s arms. Chad bursts through the door, and the lovers bolt upright. Chad averts his eyes and apologizes, but Kayla relapsed, and Kate didn’t make it. Stephanie rushes to the bathroom to get changed. After Chad leaves, Alex looks at Stephanie’s phone with a guilty expression.

John returns to Marlena and Eric. He tells them Kate didn’t make it. Marlena cries, and Eric leaves to check on his dad and Kayla.

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Later, Kayla tells Joe and Tripp over the phone how much she loves them and how proud of them she is. She tells them to be good to themselves and to each other. After hanging up, she tells Steve she needs to sleep — to go to her mom, dad and Bo. Steve tears up and begs her not to leave them. She needs to see Stephanie. Steve urges her to hold on, but Kayla’s so tired. She tells Steve she loves him forever. He responds, “I love you forever, Sweetness.” He cries as his head falls to her chest. Stephanie rushes into Kayla’s room as she flatlines. Steve stands, and father and daughter cling to each other.

In Kate’s room, Chad tears up as he tells her how much he loves her and how much he’ll miss her. He kisses her hand and presses his cheek against it.

In the prison community room, Orpheus apologizes to Lucas for his earlier behavior. He pulls out a bottle of liquor, calling it a bereavement gift. Lucas studies it as Orpheus leaves.

A solemn Eric returns to Marlena and John after talking to Roman. He tears up and shakes his head. Marlena cries out, “No, no, no!” She falls against John’s chest.

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Steve twists a lock of Stephanie's wavy brown hair, while standing behind her at Kayla's bedside. Kayla lies with closed eyes and her head tilted to the side.

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In Kayla’s room, Steve tells Stephanie how hard her mother tried to hold on for her. Stephanie can’t believe she didn’t get to say goodbye or tell her how much she loved her. He hugs her, and says Kayla knew. Alex watches from the doorway. He turns back to Chad and tells him Stephanie was too late. Chad can’t believe her phone got turned off, and she didn’t get to say goodbye. He walks away from a gutted-looking Alex.

At the hospital, Alex looks off with a creased brow, and parted downturned lips.

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