At the pub, Roman hovers over Chad, who cradles Kate's head in his arms.
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At the Horton House, Chad brings Stephanie a sampling of teas after skating with the kids. They grin at each other as they talk about how great the day was — or “lit” as Thomas called it. Stephanie laughs over Chad falling on the ice and stands to get the video she took of him. Since she’s not used to skating, her ankle is sore, and she limps for her phone. When she sits, Chad massages her ankle.

Stephanie answers a call from Alex, who apologizes for being a jerk at the ice rink. He just feels like Chad keeps trying to find ways to spend time with her. But, he apologizes and hopes they can move forward. Stephanie assures him they’re fine, and they plan to meet at the Bistro later. Chad’s face falls as she hangs up. She thanks him for today and limps to the door.

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At the hospital, Kayla reads her test results, which show a remarkable rate of decline. She fears she and Kate are in real trouble — Marlena too. Steve embraces her. When Rex declares they need the orchid for their next dose, Kayla vows to find another viable treatment.

Kayla calls Roman as he eats with Kate at the Pub. He relays Kayla’s concerns, but Kate is only concerned that her food is bland and asks him to pass the pepper. Roman wants to take her to the hospital, but Kate refuses to go through that again. Chad walks in, and Roman asks him to talk sense into Kate. Kate tears up, declaring she’s not going to the hospital. She stands and passes out in Chad’s arms. Chad lays her down, and Roman orders him to call Kayla.

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At the hospital, Kayla falls back into Rex and Steve.

Back at the hospital, Kayla starts to call Marlena, but her knees buckle. Rex and Steve catch her and get her to a chair. Rex brings her water and discovers she’s burning up. Kayla’s moved to a bed and gets a call from Chad that Kate’s on her way there. Kayla relays the news to Rex, who rushes off to meet them. Kayla tells Steve to call Marlena.

At home, Marlena and John shout at each other over Kristen. When John defends her, Marlena declares, “I feel so betrayed,” and throws a glass of water on him. John doesn’t react, except to raise an eyebrow. He calmly says, “Really?” Marlena gapes and apologizes. She just got caught up in the moment. That’s why they are rehearsing, he says, so Kristen trusts him enough to confide what she’s holding over Brady.

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In their living room, water cascades from Marlena's raised glass over John's head.

Eric stops by looking for Brady. John and Marlena thank him for watching Rachel so they could enjoy a night alone at the Inn. He admits he did it to kidnap Rachel. They gape, but he explains everything, including that the women might need another dose of the serum. Marlena sneezes.

After Kristen discovers the orchid is missing in the DiMera cellar, Brady accuses her of playing games with him and vows she’ll never see Rachel again. Kristen tears up as she swears someone stole it, but she’s sure it’s in the house.

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In the DiMera wine cellar, a sneering Brady points a finger at Kristen.

Upstairs, Kristen returns from talking to Harold, who hasn’t seen the orchid. And no one’s been in the tunnel since EJ started construction down there. The foreman ran a tight ship whose men would never steal from the DiMeras. Brady says it points back at her then. Kristen vows she didn’t do anything to the orchid. She’d never give up her leverage against him, and she really doesn’t want the women to die. Brady shouts, “Well, now they might!”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex and Stephanie sit for grilled cheese, and tomato soup after learning The Bistro is closed for renovations. He apologizes for being so jealous and territorial. He’s not that guy. At least not until he met her. She reiterates he has no reason to feel threatened by Chad. They lie on the couch together in front of a fire. Since it’s so cold outside, she’s dreading going home. He suggests she stay the night instead. She’d really like that. They kiss.

Upstairs in his room, Alex notices Stephanie is limping and offers her to massage her ankle. She lets slip that Chad already did, which momentarily sets Alex on edge. He lets it go, and they resume making out.

Brady and Kristen return to John and Marlena’s and relay that the orchid is gone. Everyone rails at Kristen, until Steve calls with bad news. After he hangs up, John encourages Marlena to lie down. Before she does, Marlena lashes out at Kristen for endangering their lives. After John leads Marlena away, Kristen demands her daughter back from Eric. Later, Eric returns with Rachel, who runs to Kristen’s arms.

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Eric holds an irate John back from a glaring Kristen.

In the hospital lobby, Steve fills Chad and Roman in about Kristen blackmailing Brady with the orchid. He then asks Chad to call Stephanie. Meanwhile, Stephanie unlocks her lips from Alex’s to go freshen up. While she’s in the bathroom, Chad’s call comes in. Alex sees it, and presses ignore.

Steve returns to Kayla and tells her about Kristen and the orchid. She tells him she’s been researching the disease, but she can’t find another cure. She’s scared, but he assures her the fight isn’t over.

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Kate looks up at Rex from her hospital bed. He writes in her chart.

In another room at the hospital, Kate wakes up and tells Rex how weak she feels. She implores him not to let her die there. Rex insists this is the best place for her. He blames himself for not realizing they’d need another dose. Kate assures him it’s not his fault and then starts to feel strange. Roman rushes in. She tells both men she loves them before flatlining. Rex uses the paddles on her, but it’s no use. Over Roman’s protests, he calls time of death. Rex cries as he embraces his father.

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