Brady's and Kristen's scowling faces are inches apart.
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Marlena returns to a Salem Inn room after a hot stone massage. From the bed, John relays a message from Brady that they should stay longer. John adds that Kristen was arrested for brainwashing Stefan. After musing over her motives and rehashing Brady’s situation, Marlena wonders why they’ve been asked to stay away. John doesn’t know, but it’s not exactly a hardship being alone on their staycation.

John bounces the bed and says maybe they can make some productive use of this time together. As they make out in bed, John sneezes from her massage oils. They chuckle as she pulls out a serum she got at the spa called Aphrodisian Paradise. Marlena wants to see if lives up to its name. Later, Marlena lies in John’s arms, as he says it’s time to go home and help Brady. Back to the real world, she sighs.

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At the Salem Inn, John and Marlena lie in each other's arms.

At Sloan’s, the shady lawyer reluctantly helps Eric get Rachel breakfast, but the little girl just wants to go home. Eric tells her she can’t because her parents are sick. Rachel takes that as a sign that they kissed at midnight. Sloan sends Rachel to the kitchen and snarks at Eric for making her watch a kidnapped kid. Eric promises to make it up to her. She needs this to be over today, or else he needs to come up with a new plan.

At John and Marlena’s, Brady tries to calm down a frantic Kristen. She wonders why he’s not more upset. He lies that he’s just trying to keep a clear head and that John is on the case. She falls to his arms, sobbing. Kristen wonders if someone took Rachel to get back at her. Her first suspect is Sarah, with Xander’s help, of course. She heads for the door, but Brady stops her, promising to make some calls. He sends her to her room to rest and pulls out his phone.

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Sloan leans into Eric with a flirtatious look.

Rachel returns to Sloan’s living room and asks if she can call her parents. Eric promises she can soon. Sloan sends Rachel to her room to pick out makeup for a makeover. Eric thanks Sloan, who says he’s lucky she’s madly attracted to him. Otherwise, she’d have turned him in by now. Brady calls Eric, who relays Kristen is at her most desperate, so they should make their demand now. Eric is on the same page.

Brady worries to Eric that Kristen will know he’s behind Rachel’s kidnapping once “the kidnapper” asks for the orchid. Kristen walks up behind him as he tells Eric he needs to find the right moment to drop the bomb on her. With a steely expression, she says, “I think you just did.”

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A scowling Kristen stands behind Brady who talks on the phone.

Brady hangs up as a furious Kristen demands to know what he did with her daughter. Brady coldly tells her Rachel is fine, but he won’t tell her where she is until she hands over the orchid. Kristen explodes. No judge will give him custody after this. Brady demands she hand over the orchid or else she will never see Rachel again. She counters that she’ll let the women die unless he brings Rachel back to her. He unflinchingly reissues his threat. She relents.

At Sloan’s place, Rachel shows off her makeover to her Uncle Eric. She tells him Sloan said it’s his turn. Later, with clips in his hair, Sloan takes delight in applying blush, eye shadow, and lipstick to his face. Rachel draws a lipstick heart on his arm and gets excited over her parents getting married soon. Sloan sends her out of the room and admonishes Eric for setting Rachel up for heartbreak. Eric says it’s worth it if it saves his mother’s life and gets Brady out from under Kristen’s thumb.

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Rachel watches as Sloan applies lipstick to Eric. Butterfly clips attach to his hair, and bows clip to his ear.

A hungover Kate (from New Year’s Eve) has breakfast with Roman at the Pub, as Rex walks in. She tells her son she’s going to visit Lucas this afternoon. Rex would love to join her, but he has her test results. Kate looks them over and discovers her levels are off again. He wants to run tests on Marlena and Kayla to see if they get similar results.

Steve and Kayla enter and learn one dose of the serum might not have been enough. Kayla volunteers to have her tests run now. They’ll let Marlena enjoy more time with John so as not to worry her needlessly. After Rex and Kayla have left for the hospital, Kate goes to see Lucas. That leaves Steve and Roman alone to worry about their wives.

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Roman Rex and Kate sit around a Brady's Pub table. Paper's sit in front of Kate.

After Kayla calls Steve to let him know the results will be in soon, he rushes to the hospital. He finds Kayla trying to catch up on work in case she will be out of commission. He wonders if that’s really how she wants to spend her time. She backs away from the nurses’ hub and walks into his arms. Rex returns with Kayla’s results which show the same abnormalities as Kate’s. She says she feels fine, but sneezes, which is how the illness presented itself last time. She knows she’s relapsing.

Kate returns to Roman at the Pub and sneezes. Meanwhile, Marlena sneezes upon returning home with John.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady can’t believe he didn’t figure out her hiding spot when Kristen brings him to the tunnels. She opens a cabinet to reveal the orchid, but it’s gone.

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Kristen looks over her shoulder at an open cupboard. A swing arm lamp shines over a plate with nothing on it.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eric shocks John and Marlena, and Alex is faced with a game-changing decision.

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