In the park, Chad stands with Thomas and Charlotte. They face a grinning Alex, who turns toward Stephanie.
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Alex wakes up from a dream about Stephanie to a fully clothed Leo in his bed holding a tube of toothpaste. An irate Alex jumps out of bed to put pants on as Leo asks if he has a better flavor of toothpaste. Alex tells him to talk to Sonny about it, but Leo relays that he is trying to fix things with Will. Alex defends Will for being upset and veers off into ranting about issues that mirror his with Stephanie and Chad’s friendship. Leo calls him on it, but Alex denies he’s talking about himself and throws him out.

Maggie bounces into the Kiriakis living room as Justin and Bonnie sit down for breakfast. She thinks she found a reasonably priced apartment for Xander and Sarah. The marrieds share a look and break it to her that Xander made up Red Nax. Sarah enters and announces Xander made up Red Nax to cover for the fact that he was working for Ava and kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. Bonnie points out Xander was kidnapped by the clown too. Sarah knows it was an act and knows exactly who helped him. Leo enters.

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Bonnie and Justin face Sarah and Maggie in the Kiriakis living room.

Leo tenses as he gets caught up to speed. Sarah says only one person makes sense as Xander’s accomplice — Gwen. Bonnie knows the clown was a man though. Justin thinks Gwen could have been in the body suit. Justin asks Leo what he thinks. An uncomfortable Leo shifts. He responds that he honestly knows nothing about Gwen dressing up as a clown and makes a fast retreat.

At Allie’s apartment, Will talks to someone about work on the phone and says he’ll be back in L.A. as soon as possible. After he hangs up, Sonny comes to the door. Will yells about Sonny letting a gold-digging grifter into their lives, while Sonny defends Leo. Sonny just wants Will to understand the choices he’s made, and if Will still wants Leo gone, then he’s gone. He’ll remain friends with him, but Will is his husband, and he comes first. He loves him even when they’re fighting and remarks that he hasn’t gotten a kiss from him yet. They hold each other’s faces as they lock lips.

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In Allie's apartment, Will looks intently at Sonny, who covers his face with his hands.

Will apologizes for stranding him there while he’s off working and making new friends. So, he’s okay with Sonny having a new friend too. He just wishes it was someone else. Sonny wonders where that leaves them. Will can see Sonny has a certain loyalty to Leo and all he can do is respect it. Will hates fighting with him, but Sonny loves making up. He pulls Will into a hard kiss, and they tumble to the couch.

Sonny holds Will's face, and Will puts an arm around Sonny's neck as they share a hard kiss.

Stephanie comes by the Horton House with gifts for Thomas and Charlotte. Before he gets the kids, Chad asks if he ruined her Christmas with Alex by sticking around to play video games. The kids run in before she can answer. Stephanie gives them gift bags, and they invite her to come ice skating with them and their dad.

At the rink, Stephanie takes a break on a bench. Alex finds her and reminds her about the meeting they had set up. She tells him she had her assistant reschedule. He didn’t know and asks who she’s there with as Chad and the kids walk up. Stephanie takes the kids back to the rink, leaving Alex to make it clear to Chad that he and Stephanie are together. Alex knows Christmas was hard for him, but before Chad showed up, he ran out to buy condoms. Chad apologizes for being the third wheel, but he was lonely, and Stephanie is a friend.

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Outdoors, Alex gives Chad a pointed look.

Alex says the holidays are over, and it’s a work day, but instead of being at their meeting, Stephanie is having family time with him. Alex knows Chad has feelings for Stephanie and asks if there’s something brewing here. Stephanie eavesdrops from behind a tree as Chad assures Alex there’s nothing romantic going on. Stephanie makes herself known and tells Chad the kids are with their friends, but they want him to skate with them. Chad heads off, and a cheery Alex suggests he and Stephanie take a lap around the rink themselves. She angrily responds, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

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In his motel room, Xander faces Gwen with a deeply creased forehead and forlorn expression.

Gwen knocks on Xander’s motel room door. When he doesn’t answer, she enters and finds a fully dressed Xander sleeping on the floor, and liquor bottles strewn about. He sits up, bemoaning what a wretched human being he is. He’s a worthless loser, and Sarah wants nothing to do with him. Gwen points to the fact that he’s not in jail as a good sign that Sarah won’t rat him out. Since he’s in this mess because he loves Sarah, he should have faith in her love for him.

Xander knows she won’t give him the benefit of the doubt about this, but promises to protect Gwen if Jack finds out. When Xander continues to wallow, Gwen orders him to imagine himself happy with Sarah and to hold on to that image until she is back in his arms. Xander exclaims she’s right and thanks her for bringing him back from the brink. She half-heartedly says she’s his mate. It’s the least she could do.

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With a wry expression, Bonnie puts a hand on Xander's shoulder in his motel room. A glaring Justin stands behind her.

At the mansion, Maggie sits with a crying Sarah on the couch. Sarah can’t believe she let her love blind her to who Xander will always be. Her phone rings. She sees Xander calling and throws the phone. Xander leaves a message about how much he loves her and urges her to call him back. Maggie asks what Sarah will do next. The only thing she can do, she says — divorce him.

Leo races to the Horton House as Gwen returns home. Out of breath, he tells her Sarah is telling everyone what Xander did.

Bonnie and Justin come to Xander’s door. Bonnie punches him in the gut.

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