In bed, Chloe holds a sheet to her bare chest, and a shirtless Stefan props on his elbow. They look offscreen gaping.
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In Miami, Chloe pulls away from a steamy make-out session with Stefan. She apologizes, but she can’t do this. He’s understanding and hopeful they can remain friends. They eat dessert, and then Stefan suggests they still go out to celebrate. Before they leave for the clubs, they toast the New Year.

Kristen throws back a glass of champagne in a reception hall, as a tux-clad Brady and Gabi, in her wedding dress, glare at her.

At the wedding, Gabi shouts at Li that it was his idea to brainwash Stefan. Li insists Rolf was lying. He could never betray her like that. She remembers more of Rolf’s confession and accuses Li of trying to kill Stefan in his sleep. “You tried to murder the man that I love!” She remembers Rolf injecting her with something to make her forget the truth and lashes out at Li. He begs her to go somewhere private to talk, but a protective Rafe says they’re not going anywhere — and neither is Kristen. Jada handcuffs her, while Rafe does the same to Li. Brady follows as Kristen and Li are led away.

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At their wedding, a guilty-looking Li faces Gabi, who furrows her brow.

A guilt-ridden Wendy assures Gabi she believes her. Gabi asks for Wendy’s phone and calls Stefan, but he doesn’t notice her call because he’s busy planning his night with Chloe. They leave his phone behind as Gabi leaves a voicemail. Gabi asks Nicole if she knows where Chloe and Stefan are staying. Nicole gives her the name of the hotel, and Gabi rushes out. Johnny follows, offering to take her to the airport.

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On John and Marlena's couch, Eric tries to catch a piece of popcorn with his mouth. Rachel sits next to him with a bowl, grinning.

At John and Marlena’s, Eric and Rachel eat popcorn while watching cartoons. She tosses popcorn in the air for him to catch in his mouth, and then expresses confidence that her parents are getting back together. Eric looks off pensively. Next, they play Go Fish, and then Eric asks her to go on an adventure. Eric gets a call from Brady, who tells him their plan has changed because Kristen’s been arrested.

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Rachel and Eric play cards on John and Marlena's couch.

In the interrogation room, Rafe tells Li and Kristen no charges have been brought yet. This is just a preliminary investigation. They both ask for their lawyers, but Rafe declines their request.

In the squad room, Jada tells Rafe they need to let them call their lawyers, or else the whole case could go up in smoke. Rafe agrees. They’ll have to let them go, and when they do, Li and Kristen will assume they couldn’t make a case, which will give them a false sense of security. First thing tomorrow, Rafe will build a case against Li and put him away for a long time. Brady approaches to find out what’s going on. They tell him Kristen is free to go. Brady calls Eric to tell him the plan’s back on.

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At the DiMera mansion, Nicole and EJ sit for dessert and champagne. Taking in his flippant attitude toward Li and his reluctance to fire him, Nicole deduces that Li could take EJ down with him. He confesses that he wasn’t part of the brainwashing, but he did choose to keep quiet about it. Nicole can’t judge him because she’s done terrible things too. EJ counters that Nicole is a good person and none of her exes deserved her.

Wendy and Johnny return to the reception for her wrap. They note Gabi made it to the airport with mere seconds to spare. Johnny sits with an anguished Wendy as she processes what happened. She admits she was going to stop the wedding, but she couldn’t do that to Li. But, it all came out anyway. She tears up, wondering if Li really tried to murder Stefan. Johnny takes her hand.

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Later, a disheveled and distraught Li runs into Johnny and Wendy in the Square. Wendy tells her brother that Gabi went to Miami. From now on, Wendy says, you’re on your own. After Li leaves, Johnny notices that it’s almost midnight.

Now, wearing an orange dress in Miami, Gabi pounds on Stefan’s hotel room door. When he doesn’t answer, she runs off to figure out how to get in. Later, Chloe and Stefan return with noisemakers and confetti. Stefan checks his phone and ignores the message from Gabi. Chloe tells him she had an amazing night and she doesn’t want it to end. She pulls him into a kiss.

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At midnight, Nicole and EJ watch the countdown at the mansion and kiss. Outside the Pub, Rafe tells Jada next year has to be better. There’s no way to go but up. They watch fireworks and wish each other a Happy New Year. Under the glow of fireworks in the Square, Johnny kisses Wendy. Alone at the Salem Inn, Li gravely looks at his wedding band. In bed in Miami, Stefan notes Chloe was more ready to move on from Brady than she thought. “Brady, who?” she responds and passionately kisses him. Gabi walks in. At John and Marlena’s, Kristen checks on Rachel and then returns to Brady in the living room. “Rachel’s gone!” she exclaims.

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Wearing a bright orange top, Gabi enters a door and glares.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Johnny and Wendy discuss the future, and Gabi drops a bomb on Stefan and Chloe.

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