In the Square, Kristen holds a to-go coffee and grins at Brady, who holds his phone. A banner behind them reads, Happy New Year 2023.
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On his wedding day, a.k.a. New Year’s Eve, Li jolts awake from a nightmare about Stefan telling Gabi the truth about his brainwashing. Kristen knocks on his door, and Li jumps out of bed. He puts on a robe as she wishes him luck for tonight. He glumly says he’ll need it. She assures him Stefan won’t find out the truth from her and assumes Wendy and Johnny didn’t find anything in Jakarta. Li corrects her, but assures her they’ll keep quiet. She breezes out, warning it’ll be worse for him than her if they don’t. Li’s confidence falters.

Gabi finds Rafe in the kitchen making breakfast on her special day. As she basks in marrying the man she loves, Rafe remarks that he hopes Li is that man. She can’t believe he’s questioning her feelings on her wedding day and then changes the subject to his love life. She brings up Jada, who he calls just a co-worker. Plus, HR has a huge book of rules about dating your subordinates. Gabi doesn’t think the rules apply when it comes to true love and suggests he invite her to the wedding. When he balks, she picks up the phone to do it herself. Rafe rips the phone out of her hands and heads for work. But not before telling his sister he just wants her to be happy. She insists Li makes her happy. Rafe hopes so and leaves.

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Stefan puts his arm around Chloe as they sit on a couch.

In New York, Chloe and Stefan snuggle on the couch as they bask in their trip of a lifetime. They look forward to their Miami excursion, but Chloe playfully worries she’s depriving him of the opportunity to object at Gabi and Li’s wedding. He scoffs. He’d be throwing confetti if he were there. Chloe thanks him for treating her and her family like royalty during their visit. They kiss, and he leaves to pick up lox and bagels from Zabar’s.

After Stefan leaves, Nancy sits with her daughter. After noting that Nancy and Mike seem happy together, Chloe asks what her mother thinks of Stefan. Nancy calls him extremely generous, but she wonders if Chloe is over Brady. Chloe insists she is, and they’ve both moved on. Nancy reminds her how terribly Stefan treated her in the past, but Chloe is focused on the present. Chloe points out Brady wasn’t much better by moving Kristen in with a quickness. She used to think they were meant to be, but she doesn’t anymore. Nancy thinks there’s still hope for them and tries to convince her to go home to Brady just before the clock strikes midnight.

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At Nancy's place, she and Chloe exchange sympathetic looks.

Stefan returns and says Zabar’s was a madhouse. It took longer than expected, so they need to leave now for Miami. They pass a stressed-looking Nancy as they head off to pack. Later, they return with their bags, and Stefan heads for the door. As Chloe and Nancy hug goodbye, Chloe whispers to her mother that this is what she truly wants. She’s over Brady. Nancy tears up and sighs as she watches her leave.

Wendy drops by the DiMera mansion wearing the wrap Johnny got her for Christmas. She plans to wear it to the wedding so Johnny can use it as a gag to keep her quiet about Stefan’s brainwashing. Johnny moves in close and tucks her hair behind her ear. He says coming clean is only swapping out one form of guilt for another. Wendy knows if she tells the truth, she’ll ruin Li’s life.

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After Wendy’s left, Li drops by for reassurance that Johnny will keep quiet at the wedding — just like Wendy will. Johnny calls him a terrible brother for what he’s doing to her. He also makes a dig about Li starting his marriage off with a lie. Johnny suggests he level with Gabi now or live to regret it. Johnny shuts the door on a distressed Li.

In the Hernandez kitchen, Gabi chills champagne and gets an alert on her phone. She looks at it as photos of her and Li appear. Her smile falls as she sees a photo of her and Stefan. A guilty-looking Wendy comes to the door, and an excited Gabi pops open champagne. As they drink, Wendy notes how happy Gabi looks. Gabi is happy because, after tonight, she and Li will officially be together. Wendy says she’ll do her best to help make this a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

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At the Pub, Eric tells Brady it’s time to put their plan into motion. It has to be tonight while Kristen is at Gabi and Li’s wedding. Furthermore, to ensure Kristen doesn’t leave early and spoil their plan, Brady should take her as his date.

Jada happens upon their table and remarks she never sees Eric anymore. She wonders if he’s avoiding her. He promises that’s not the case and shares a pointed look with Brady. Jada sits at a nearby table, as the brothers plan for Eric to take over babysitting duties from John and Marlena.

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Brady leaves, and Eric joins Jada. He tells her he hasn’t been avoiding her. He just hasn’t been staying there since he got out of jail. She knows all about his arrest and makes a snarky comment about Sloan. He would like to get past everything and be friends again. He apologizes for not being honest with her about his feelings for Nicole from the beginning. She thanks him for that, but will need time before they can be friends. She leaves for work.

At the station, Jada thanks Rafe for inviting her to his family’s Christmas festivities. He remarks that Gabi really likes her and invites her to the wedding. She wonders if he’s asking her to be his date. He stumbles over his words as he says he’s just inviting her as a guest since she and Gabi hit it off. She accepts.

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Jada leans across her desk grinning and pointing a pen at Rafe.

In the Square, Brady pretends to bump into Kristen. He suggests since they will be leaving for the wedding at the same time, they should go together. She wonders why he’d ask her. He assumed she’d blackmail him into it anyway, so he wanted to do it on his own terms. She accepts and says they should bring Rachel. Brady points out it’ll be a late night, and John and Marlena are already babysitting. Besides, they’ll have more fun alone anyway. Kristen grins and agrees. Meanwhile, Eric calls John and Marlena to take over the babysitting duties from them.

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