At John and Marlena's, Eric starts taking off his coat as he and Brady exchange wry looks.
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On Christmas Eve, John brings Marlena strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast in bed. He notes she tossed and turned all night and asks how she’s doing. With scratches on her face, she recalls thinking about Kristen before the explosion happened. She grows upset over her living with them and explains how Brady kissed Sister Mary Moira when he thought she was Kristen.

Marlena fears the clock is ticking on their plan to expose Kristen and suggests John tells her they had another fight. John isn’t sure he can pull that off. Besides, it’s the holidays and he almost lost her twice this year. The last thing he wants to do is tell people he’s fighting with her. She makes him happy and he feels like the luckiest man on earth. As much as she loves their strawberry and cream tradition, she’d give it up in a heartbeat to hear him say that to her again. “I love you, baby,” he says and kisses her. He removes the tray of strawberries and lays Marlena back, kissing her.

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In the living room, Kristen brings mistletoe to Brady, who again refuses. As they rehash their circumstances, Kristen warns him Marlena will need another dose of the lifesaving orchid, so he should be nicer to her. Rachel walks in wondering what life-saving orchids are. Kristen tells her orchids can be made into life-saving medicine. Brady says he thought they could get one for Christmas. Rachel tells him what she wants for Christmas is for them to get back together forever.

Brady tells Rachel there’s nothing he wants more than to make her happy, but they’re doing what they think is best for her. Kristen suggests she and Rachel go to the Square to look at the pretty decorations. Rachel invites Brady, but he has to work. Rachel runs off to get ready, and Kristen rails at Brady for pouring water all over Rachel’s hopes. She suggests he stop hating her so much and love his daughter a little more. Brady angrily tells her he loves his daughter with his whole heart, but he loves Marlena too and that’s the only reason she is in this house.

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With her arm in a sling, Nicole screams herself awake in bed at the DiMera mansion. EJ brings her breakfast and relays that Holly is helping to make Christmas cookies in the kitchen. He heard her cry out and asks if she’d like to talk about it. Nicole says she doesn’t remember her nightmare. EJ assumes it was about Eric. She was surprised to see him last night, but EJ warns her not to read too much into it. His jumping into bed with Sloan should tell her that he’s moved on — and she should let him. Nicole half-heartedly agrees.

EJ has just the thing to get her mind off things and pulls out his phone. He plays a voicemail Sister Mary Moira left him before she left town. In it, she blames EJ for the explosion because he brought a fornicating harlot to his mother’s funeral. The explosion was a warning and if does not heed it, she fears for his immortal soul. They crack up laughing.

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EJ grows serious and expresses his guilt for putting Nicole in harm’s way. Nicole assures him only Ava is at fault. She caresses his face and urges him not to beat himself up over it. When Nicole tries to eat her breakfast with her left hand, he takes the fork and gets silly trying to feed her. Nicole stops him and they share a lingering look.

After eating, Nicole says she needs to take a shower. EJ cheekily offers to give her a hand, but Nicole thinks he’s helped enough for today. He knows the circumstances aren’t ideal, but he’s happy she and Holly are there for Christmas. They’ve brightened the place up spectacularly.

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Eric sleeps in Sloan's bed, as Sloan works on her laptop.

At Sloan’s place, her typing wakes Eric up in bed. She shares the news about Marlena and Nicole being in an explosion. Eric knows. She can’t believe he just showed up last night without saying anything. He nuzzles her and remarks they had other things on their minds. However, he admits he ran to the hospital to see how Nicole was doing as soon as he heard. He’s not sure what he was thinking. Sloan doesn’t think his compassion is a bad thing. He declares getting Nicole out of his head is something he needs. Sloan calls herself an expert at satisfying his needs, but she can always use more practice. They kiss passionately.

As they later lie in bed together, Eric learns Sloan doesn’t have Christmas plans and invites her to his family festivities. She sits up and says that’s not really them. Besides, she got her Christmas wish this year — Paulina Price is behind bars.

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In Sloan's bed, she and Eric lean back on the headboard. Eric rests his hand on her knee and they stare into each other's eyes.

Abe visits Paulina in the interrogation room and relays there will be no bail hearing today. The court adjourned until after the holidays. Paulina wants to put out the press release that she’s stepping down as governor. That way he can stay on as mayor. Abe pushes back, but Paulina knows there’s no other way out.

At the apartment, Chanel frets to Allie about her mother spending the holidays behind bars. Allie suggests they make her dinner and bring it to her, just like they did for Chanel at Thanksgiving. Chanel loves the idea and kisses her. As they look through cookbooks, Chanel gets a text message from Abe. Chanel scowls that Sloan Petersen has done it again.

Allie and Chanel wrap their arms around each other and kiss at the apartment.

After Paulina releases her statement, Abe gets a call from Belle. Abe hands the phone to Paulina, who looks shocked.

Back at the apartment, Abe comes to the door — with Paulina. Paulina explains that Belle went to London and challenged her and Chanel’s extradition. She won, so the charges are dismissed. Since they’re not facing extradition, Trask can’t hold either one of them. Their nightmare is officially over. They toast to having a very merry Christmas.

At the apartment, a grinning Allie, Chanel, Abe and Paulina share a group hug.

As Sloan brings up New Year’s Eve plans to Eric, she gets a call. She bristles and tells Eric she has to deal with something – right now.

In the Square, Rachel admires the Christmas tree and says she wishes her daddy came with them. Kristen tells her never to give up on her wishes and dreams.

In Allie's apartment, Sloan faces Chanel and Paulina, as Allie and Abe look on.

Sloan comes to Allie and Chanel’s apartment. She assures Paulina she will make her pay for what she did to her family if it’s the last thing she does.

Eric stops by John and Marlena’s. He tells Brady they need to formulate a plan to stop Kristen. They need to hit her where she lives. “We need to kidnap your daughter.”

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