Holding mistletoe, Brady kisses Sister Mary Moira
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At Sloan’s, Nicole pushes past the towel-clad attorney to confront a bare-chested Eric. Sloan heads off to get dressed as Nicole tearfully confronts Eric about starting a drunken brawl and hooking up with a “trashy lawyer.” After rehashing recent events, Eric says he finally understands Nicole’s and Sami’s impulsive behavior, because it’s so much more fun being the bad twin.

Sloan returns in a green dress and Nicole leaves. Sloan asks if Eric’s okay. He assures her he’s good. Well then, she purrs, there’s still time for love in the afternoon before she has to be in court. She loosens the towel around his waist and they kiss.

After sex, Sloan asks Eric to re-shower with her, but he has to meet Brady. She invites him to pick up where they left off later tonight. He just might take her up on that.

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In the DiMera crypt, Charlie and Ava admire the bomb that Ava plans to set off at Susan’s service. She thinks it’d be great if all her other enemies could get what was coming to them too. Starting with Nicole, who will likely be at the funeral.

John and Marlena meet up in the Square. She rattles off the gifts she found for the grandchildren. They note they can’t give Rachel what she really wants, which is her parents together. John declares they have to get Kristen out of Brady’s life for good. Marlena suggests John get close to Kristen again, as a friend. Maybe she’ll confide what she’s holding over Brady’s head. John loves when his wife schemes, but Marlena calls it good parenting. She even has a way to persuade Kristen to let down her guard. She fills him in offscreen. John tells Marlena to pay respects to Susan at her funeral for him so he can get started on Kristen.

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At home, Kristen interrupts Brady’s phone call with Tate by dangling paper mistletoe over his head. Annoyed, he hangs up. She tells him Rachel made it and wanted them to hang it together. Brady urges her not to encourage Rachel’s fantasies of them reuniting. He then marvels over her wanting to go to Susan’s memorial. She tells him not to worry. She has a plan to get around EJ not wanting her there. Brady isn’t comforted by that. Kristen leaves.

Later, Brady finds Sister Mary Moira with the Marlena doll which she calls evil. Brady scoffs, “Nice try, Kristen.” The Sister is aghast at the suggestion and asks to see Marlena. Brady doesn’t buy it and holds up the mistletoe. He kisses her. Mary Moira squirms and squeals over Brady putting his unclean lips against one of Christ’s sacred brides. Brady gapes in horror. He tries to explain, but she smacks him with a ruler.

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Kristen arrives at the DiMera mansion. She wants to be there for EJ at the funeral. He scowls and says, “Over my dead body.” Considering how poorly Kristen treated his mother, she is the last person Susan would want there. “So, get the hell out and let me grieve in peace,” he shouts.

Kristen returns to Brady icing his hand. He tells her about Mary Moira’s visit. “You made out with a nun?” she asks, dissolving into laughter. She composes herself and asks, if it had been her, what would have happened next? She seductively recounts times when their passion overtook them and leans in close. He grabs her arm and orders her to stop. John walks in and Brady rushes out.

John gets beers for himself and Kristen. She asks why he’s not at the funeral. He says he and Marlena got into a fight about her.

In the Square, Brady confronts Eric about his arrest, which caused him to miss work. Brady lost money rescheduling a photo shoot because of it. Eric apologizes and quits.

Nicole stomps into the mansion, ranting to EJ about Eric and Sloan. He in turn tells her about Kristen’s visit. He remarks she would have been his only sibling at the funeral since Tony is with Anna visiting Carrie, Stefan is dealing with a work emergency, and Chad is still grieving Abby. As his friend, Nicole offers to go with him. EJ sincerely thanks her.

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At the church, Ava wears a blond wig and hat as she secures the bomb under a display of Susan’s things. She picks up a photo of Johnny with his grandmother. Charlie appears and taunts her about cradle robbing. She tells her dead son to go away. She’s got it from here. Before he vanishes, he tells her he’s always with her.

Johnny arrives at the church. With her back to him, Ava stays quiet as he tries to talk to her. A wailing Mary Moira enters. Johnny turns away from “the woman” to comfort his great-aunt over the loss of Susan. She corrects him. She’s upset about Brady kissing her. Johnny reels at the thought and turns back to “the woman” but she’s gone.

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After passing Johnny outside the church, Marlena finds Mary Moira sitting alone in a pew. The Sister fills Marlena in on Brady ravishing her, thinking she was Kristen. The Sister thinks Marlena and John should have done a better job of keeping their son away from that she-devil. Marlena assures her they’re working on it.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. Marlena offers EJ her condolences and he hugs her. When he steps away to talk with his aunt, Marlena tells Nicole she’s sorry about what’s happening between her and Eric. Nicole thanks her, but suggests Marlena check on her son, who is going through some things. EJ notices a flower arrangement and reads the card that says, Love, Samantha. The priest arrives, but EJ says they can’t start without Johnny.

Outside, Johnny finds “the woman” lurking around the church. He twirls her around and gapes. “Ava?” She takes off her sunglasses and says, “In the flesh.”

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