Eric grins as he pulls Sloan through her apartment by the hand. Towels wrap around their otherwise naked bodies.
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After dreaming of Eric, Nicole wakes up alone in Susan’s room at the DiMera mansion. A suited Johnny knocks on the door. He’s looking for something of Susan’s to bring to the memorial service. Nicole offers her condolences and Johnny apologizes for how he reacted to learning she was staying there. He was hoping things would work out with her and Rafe. Nicole is sorry they didn’t, but Rafe is a good person, and she is not and never will be.

Johnny finds Susan’s cross which symbolizes everything that was most important to her — faith, family, and The King. She was the truest person he ever knew, even though people called her a loon. Before he leaves, he tells Nicole he has good memories of her being his stepmom and that he loved spending time with her.

Eric wakes up in Sloan’s bed to her wearing a black button-up over her lingerie. She gives him coffee and notices he’s distracted. He says he just has a headache since he doesn’t drink a lot anymore. She offers him a granola bar, but he was thinking of something more substantial and kisses her. They fall back onto the bed.

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Eric lies with his eyes closed in Sloan's bed. Wearing a black button up over her lingerie, Sloan leans over the bed and touches his shoulder. She holds a mug.

Later, Sloan lies in Eric’s arms, tangled in sheets. He tells her Belle was wrong that getting involved with her would be the biggest mistake of his life. She kisses him. Later again, they lie sweaty and panting. She asks about his time in the priesthood. He assures her he’s had pretty clear signs he won’t return for a third time. He leans in for a passionate kiss and rolls on top of her. Later yet again, they lean against the headboard drinking coffee. He wants to make it clear he’s not looking for a relationship. Sloan has no interest in that either. They toast to wild, unbridled, passionate sex.

However, Sloan tells Eric if he ever needs a place to reset, he’s welcome there. No strings, just great friends with benefits. Eric thanks her. It’s been a while since he’s had a real friend. Eric makes them a quiche and then they race to the shower.

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In Jada's room, she dips a tea bag in a mug, as she talks with Kate.

Jada gets ready for work in her room when Kate comes by with hot tea. Kate’s surprised Eric hasn’t come by to check on her, but Jada is glad he hasn’t. They are history.

After taking a red-eye home from Seattle, Steve comes to the Pub. He tells Roman he and Stephanie are flying back to Seattle for Christmas with Joe and Kayla. Roman notes how lucky it was that Steve was there when Tripp got the news about Ava. Steve wouldn’t exactly call it luck. When Jada and Kate come downstairs, Steve asks if he can give Jada a lift to work. He has a police matter he’d like to discuss with her.

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At Brady's Pub, Steve sits at a bar stool while talking to Jada.

At the mansion, EJ talks with Roger on the phone and learns he’s making a pilgrimage to Graceland in Susan’s honor. Therefore, he won’t be at the memorial service. Ava stands outside and glares at EJ through the French doors. After EJ hangs up, Rafe arrives. He really needs EJ’s statement about the night Susan died. EJ says there’s nothing left to say. Rafe should let the dead stay dead — or rot, in Ava’s case.

Ava slinks off as Rafe presses EJ. Nicole pads downstairs in a robe. Rafe gapes and says, “What the hell are you doing here?” EJ glibly says she obviously spent the night. Nicole explains, and Rafe tells EJ to enjoy his consolation prize. Also, he will find the truth about what happened between him and Ava. Rafe sneers at Nicole and leaves.

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Kate sits at a Brady Pub bar stool and smirks at Nicole.

Nicole comes to the Pub for coffee and asks after Jada. Kate snarks that Jada probably doesn’t want to see her. Nicole defends herself, but Kate won’t hear it. Roman adds that they were rooting for her and Eric. Nicole knows she messed everything up. When Roman mentions Sloan acted as Eric’s lawyer and that he didn’t come home last night, Nicole rushes out.

At Sloan’s, Eric playfully leads her out of the shower to the living room. Wearing towels wrapped around their bodies, they kiss, and someone knocks on the door. Sloan answers to Nicole, who eyes a nearly naked Eric behind her.

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Wrapped in a towel, Sloan opens her door to a gaping Nicole. Sloan looks over her shoulder at a bare chested Eric, who wears a towel around his waist.

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At the station, Steve tells Jada and Rafe that EJ kidnapped Tripp in Seattle. Steve doesn’t have proof though. Rafe notes if they can prove EJ planned the crime in Salem, they’ll have jurisdiction. Jada and Rafe are all in on the plan to bust EJ.

Back at the mansion, Johnny returns after taking Susan’s cross to St. Luke’s. EJ thanks him and encourages Johnny to invite Wendy to the memorial — to keep up appearances about their fake relationship. However, they need to be careful they don’t slip up about their secret. Johnny vows he won’t tell anyone about Stefan’s brainwashing. EJ notes they’ll be having peanut butter and banana sandwiches after the service. However, none of the details matters. He just wants to properly honor his mother. He doesn’t want anyone to forget her. Johnny assures him no one will.

In the crypt, Charlie appears to Ava again. He eagerly asks how they’re getting their final revenge. Ava smirks and says, “EJ’s going to die.” She opens a briefcase to a homemade bomb. She smirks and says the memorial will be a spectacle befitting Susan Banks. “It’s gonna be a blast.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Brady smooches someone unexpected, and Ava plans an explosive surprise for Susan’s memorial.

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