In a brick corridor, Xander talks to Leo in an anxious manner. Leo wears a bulky blue suit, and the creepy clown mask pulled up to his forehead.
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At Sloan’s place, they finish eating Ethiopian food Eric brought over, along with her attorney fee. It leads to him lamenting about Nicole already moving on with her other ex-husband. After a couple of beers, Eric says he should head home, but he’s afraid he’ll take his anger at Nicole out on Jada if he sees her. Sloan suggests he stay there instead. But, they’d have to share the bed. Nothing sexual has to happen, she coyly states, but she certainly wouldn’t mind it.

Later, a boxer brief-clad Eric joins Sloan in bed. Wearing a robe over lingerie, she compares their situations and says they are both entitled to be angry. Eric doesn’t think that’s in his nature. She suggests he give it a try. Forget about everyone else and do what he wants. He kisses her. Things become passionate, but Sloan pulls back, worried she’s taking advantage of his vulnerable state. He says this is what he wants. It’s what he needs. They resume passionately making out.

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At the mansion, EJ closes the inexplicably open living room French doors. Nicole joins him after getting Holly to bed. He pours them nightcaps as a disapproving Sister Mary Moira enters. She senses a whiff of sin and wretchedness. She takes her nephew to task for drinking the devil’s juice with someone who is not his wife — and on the eve of laying his mother to rest, no less. After the Sister calls Nicole a godless tramp, EJ orders her to apologize. That only leads the Sister to double down on her insults. Nicole admits she’s sinful and proudly rattles off her recent wrongdoings to a quivering Sister Mary Moira. EJ smirks and winks at Nicole.

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Later, someone watches from outside as Nicole checks her phone. EJ returns after getting the Sister off to bed. He says it was nice to see Nicole fight back and stand up for herself. It reminded him of the fierce woman he first fell in love with. “Welcome back,” he says with a grin. When Nicole declares she and Eric are done for good, EJ says she’s better off without him because he only stifled her fiery spirit.

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Alex joins Justin in the living room as the elder Kiriakis hangs up with Rafe. Alex reports that Maggie and Sonny are checking the gardening shed, and he talked to Mimi, who hasn’t heard from her mother.

Later, Rafe comes by and gets filled in by Justin. Rafe can’t declare Bonnie a missing person yet, but steps outside to put out an alert. Alex returns to tell Justin that Bonnie and Sonny are now checking Bonnie’s favorite spots. Justin leaves to do the same thing.

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Rafe returns to Alex, who apologizes for putting Eric and Nicole on the Bella cover together. Rafe says as painful as his breakup has been, it’s for the best.

Leo meets Gwen at the Horton House, where he’s asked to pose as the creepy clown. Leo hesitates, recalling childhood clown trauma, but Gwen says she can pay him handsomely now that she has a job. Leo won’t accept anything less than $300. She accepts, noting she was going to pay him double. To help him reflect Xander’s build, she gives him a muscle suit that Doug and Julie used last Halloween, along with platform shoes and a blue suit.

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At Horton House, Gwen holds out a blue suit to Leo. He studies black shoes in his hands, and wears a puffy, cream colored muscle suit.

In the storage room, Bonnie and Xander sit tied to chairs. She wonders what he’s trying to pull. Xander insists he fought with the clown, but he got the best of him. Bonnie admits Xander looks beat up, but her gut still tells her he’s the creepy clown.

The clown bursts in, and Xander acts terrified. Bonnie realizes it’s true that Xander isn’t the clown. As Bonnie cries out, Xander rips off his ropes and grapples with the clown. Xander and the clown stumble to the brick hallway, where Leo raises the mask. He beams over feeling so butch. Xander’s happy to oblige, but shoves him back to the room, where Leo “overpowers” him and runs off. After “chasing” him, Xander returns to Bonnie, who thanks him for saving her life. She apologizes for accusing him of being the kidnapper. Xander grins as he unties her.

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In a storage room, Xander and Bonnie sit tied to chairs. A person loom over them, wearing a creepy clown mask, and a bulky blue suit.

Justin drops by the motel to ask Sarah if she heard from Bonnie. She hasn’t and notes she hasn’t heard from Xander in a while either. She admits she thought Xander was the clown who kidnapped Bonnie. However, she discovered Rednax was legit, so her fears were unfounded. Justin relays he offered to sue Rednax for wrongful termination, but Xander was adamant he shouldn’t do it. Justin begs her to share her theory with Rafe, in hopes of saving Bonnie’s life. She reluctantly agrees.

Justin returns to the mansion with Sarah, who begins to tell Rafe her theory. She’s interrupted as Bonnie runs in, straight to Justin’s arms. Sarah asks if Xander had anything to do with her kidnapping. Breathless, Bonnie declares that Xander saved her life.

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Alone with Bonnie, Justin says he’s not letting her out of his sight. Bonnie says it’s not a problem because she doesn’t plan to set foot out of the house until the clown is caught.

An exhilarated Leo returns to Gwen and reports that their plan worked like a charm. Gwen gives Leo cash — and the muscle suit as a bonus. Leo thinks Xander really owes her and hopes she finds a way to collect.

Back at the motel, Sarah admits she almost told Rafe she thought he was the kidnapping clown. She hopes he can forgive her. Of course, he can. Everyone makes mistakes. Sarah heads to the bathroom to run him a bath, leaving Xander looking all kinds of guilty.

At the Horton House, Gwen stacks cash in Leo's hand. He wears a bulky blue suit.

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