Surrounded by brick walls, Gwen punches Xander
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At Steve and Kayla’s, Chad eats the Pho Stephanie originally made for her date with Alex. He’s sorry she wasted it on him, but it’s delicious. Once they finish, they lament having to write a press release about Paulina stepping down as governor. Stephanie notes it’s the end of the road. Chad says, “For Paulina, and for us too.” Stephanie points out she has plenty of other clients, but Chad only planned to stay on until Paulina moved into the governor’s mansion. Plus, there’s Alex.

When she questions what he means, Chad stammers and says it’d be uncomfortable for Alex, who thought they were sleeping together. Stephanie reminds him she set Alex straight about that. Besides, Chad made it clear nothing could happen between them because he’s still mourning Abby. So, is there another reason he doesn’t want to work with her? He hesitates, but says no. He enjoys their collaboration.

Sitting on a couch, Stephanie wears a low cut dress, and places a hand on Chad's shoulder. He turns to look at her with a creased brow.

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At the motel, Sarah opens her door to Jack, who’s looking for Xander. Sarah tells him he’s out for a run, and that he quit his new job. Jack’s proud of Xander for standing his ground. Sarah brings up Jack not hiring Xander because of Gwen’s feelings for him. She asks if he still thinks she’s in love with him. Jack is hoping Gwen is more interested in her work than Xander. But, no matter how Gwen feels, she knows Xander is committed to Sarah. She knows that too, right? he asks. Sarah half-heartedly confirms.

As Jack gets up to leave, Sarah tells him about how Bonnie had a breakdown at the Pub. He relays that he’s keeping tabs on the police investigation of the kidnapping. So far, there are no leads on Ava’s accomplice. But sooner or later, he’ll be brought to justice. Hopefully, that will bring Bonnie some peace.

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As Leo and Sonny eat in the Square, they discuss Leo’s disappointing job search. Sonny suggests he create his own niche that would make it impossible for a company to say no to him. Leo admits he pitched himself to Gwen as a gossip columnist, but Jack hasn’t weighed in yet. Sonny advises he rein in his Leo-ness if he gets a chance to talk with him. Sonny admits he thinks Leo is funny when he’s not pushing for a laugh. However, his gossip can’t be mean-spirited. Leo knows he’s done terrible things and apologizes again for what he’s done in the past. He grabs Sonny’s hand, wishing there was a way he could make it up to him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Justin and Alex that Bonnie attacked Roman, thinking he was the clown who kidnapped her. She doesn’t know where she is now.

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In the park, Xander wears a sweat suit and an anxious look. Bonnie glares at him while holding her phone.

In the park, Bonnie accuses Xander of being the sicko who kidnapped her. Xander denies it, but Bonnie pulls out her phone to call the cops. However, she gets an incoming call and says she’s going to tell Justin what Xander did. Before she can answer her phone, Gwen bashes her in the head with a rock. Xander checks to make sure a motionless Bonnie is alive, and Gwen explains she was helping him to keep Bonnie quiet. Xander thinks she’s only delayed the inevitable and worries about what they do now.

Justin leaves a message for Bonnie and takes off with Alex to find her. Alex heads to the Square and updates Sonny about Bonnie. Sonny asks if he can help. Alex side-eyes Leo and snarks that he doesn’t want to interrupt his dinner plans. Sonny explains that they just ran into each other.

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At night, Justin holds Bonnie's pink scarf in the park. He looks off with a concerned expression.

Justin heads to the park and finds Bonnie’s pink scarf on the ground. He calls Alex, who rushes off with Sonny to meet him. Later, they return to the mansion. Justin tells Maggie it’s time to call the police.

In a brick-walled corridor, Xander and Gwen come to a metal door. Xander holds rope and asks Gwen to hit him as hard as she can. She hesitates, but he says it’s the only way they can sell this. She can’t because she’s not upset, and that’s the only way she can hit someone. His face hardens, and he says, “I chose Sarah over you.” She clocks him.

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Later, Gwen calls Leo. She might have a job for him if he’s interested — and it has something to do with her and Xander’s secret.

Inside a storage room, Bonnie wakes up tied to a chair. She looks over at Xander slumped over, tied to the chair next to her.

In a warehouse, Bonnie and Xander sit tied to chairs.

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