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As we get into Salem, Stefan’s sipping coffee at the office when Li enters, asking why he was summoned. Stefan knows what Wendy’s been up to swiping the company jet. Li plays dumb and Stefan tells him he knows that Wendy hacked the jets logs and took it to Jakarta, but no one knew about it… but Li. Stefan wants to know what Li knows and why Wendy flew off to Indonesia.

“OK, OK, here’s the truth.” So Li spins a web of lies, blaming it on Johnny and a romantic fling. Stefan’s not happy, even though he had planned to do the same with Chloe. Li said he signed off on the expenses after the fact, but Johnny’s the boss’ son, so what else could he have done? He apologizes and says he was just trying to protect everyone.

Well, now Stefan can go to Miami with Chloe — on New Year’s. Li’s surprised he won’t be around for the wedding (and that he was invited at all), but hey, Stefan and Gabi can’t stand each other, so it’s all for the best!

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Wendy, meanwhile, shows up at Rafe’s, having been summoned by Gabi. She has an urgent request of Wendy: Will she be Gabi’s maid of honor? Wendy’s taken aback and asks if there’s anyone else, but Gabi admits she doesn’t have a lot of friends. But this could be their chance to start a real relationship. Gabi tells Wendy about Arianna and how much she’s missed that bond that sisters have. Maybe she and Wendy could find that same bond someday. She’s felt like she could trust Wendy from day one. Ouch.

Wendy flashes back to promising Johnny that they’ll keep the secret, then covers and says she doesn’t know if she’s up for being the maid of honor. She’s on thin ice at DiMera and has a ton of work to catch up on. Gabi assures her that she couldn’t possibly let her down. Ever. So Wendy agrees, even though she looks like she’ll throw up.

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At Chanel’s, Johnny fills her in on Ava and Susan. She’s heartbroken for him and Tripp, then pulls Johnny into a hug — just as Allie walks in. She’s known what happened to Susan since Thanksgiving and Chanel’s annoyed she wasn’t told before now. Allie apologizes and Johnny says it wasn’t her fault for not telling her. Chanel then says she’s just feeling overwhelmed, what with what’s going on with Abe and all. She does some more filling in, but Allie and Johnny insist he’ll be fine. They then all promise to be there for each other and Johnny makes Chanel wonder what’s going on when he says he has to leave to find Wendy.

EJ opens the door to “Aunt Sister Mary Moira Banks” at his house. She wants to know what happened to her sister, chastises EJ on his manners and wonders why she heard about Susan’s death from “anyone but my own nephew.” He says he did everything he could to save his mom and Aunt Sister tells him to stop making excuses. “My  mother’s dead, dammit!” He calms down and says he just wants to ask for forgiveness, even if he doesn’t deserve it. She suggests that maybe in his grief, he’s forgotten that God’s the only one who can forgive, not her.

EJ doesn’t want God’s forgiveness, he wants his aunts. Instead, she gets more annoyed when he admits he hasn’t started arranging Susan’s funeral yet. She shames him some more for failing his mom in life and death. EJ starts working on the funeral and tells her she was right. And he wants his Aunt Sister to stay at the mansion.

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Over in the square, Nicole’s disgusted that Eric hired Sloan. The morally challenged lawyer snipes at Nicole that “From what I gather, you’re the reason his girlfriend aborted the baby.” Nicole denies it and yells at Eric. The two go at it for a bit, then Sloan decides it’s time to leave them to their fighting and gives Eric her card… with her home address written on it. Nicole insists again that she’s not sleeping with EJ, he just gave her and Holly a place to stay. That still annoys Eric, so Nicole calls him out for his petty jealousy over EJ. And then he dares sit there with the sleazy lawyer and accuse her of killing his baby?

She hates seeing Eric as anything other than the special man she thought he was — especially since right now, EJ’s coming off as a saint compared to him. Fine, Eric tells her “I’m not a saint, but then, neither are you.” They go back and forth some more and she tells him she’s sick of being blamed for things. “You know what,” he tells her, “your opinion doesn’t matter to me anymore.” Are we breaking up, Nicole fearfully asks. We were never together, he tells her.

“So this is how we’re doing this? Bitter and spiteful?” It’s for the best, he insists, so they don’t keep making the same mistakes. Maybe their mistake, Nicole tearfully admits, was forgetting why they never worked before. This was inevitable. They say tearful goodbyes and Eric leaves Nicole to break down in the middle of town.

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At DiMera, Johnny and Wendy discuss their “cover” of people thinking they’re into each other. He wants to be sure she’s still onboard with keeping the secret. She was… until Gabi called. She may have made a scene in front of her. Johnny assures her it’ll be fine, then Stefan comes upon the two of them wanting to “talk about what you did.” He lays into them about their romantic getaway — but why the heck did they go to Jakarta? Either way, they will not be doing that again.

Over at Rafe’s Gabi and Li get Stefan’s RSVP no to the wedding and the groom-to-be wants to know why he didn’t know Stefan was invited to begin with. Oops. She just figured he’d want high-ranking execs there. Li thinks maybe a part of her wanted Stefan to see her moving on. She just wants everyone to know how lucky she is and tells him she asked Wendy to be her maid of honor. Li gets nervous and Gabi admits that his sister did seem oddly weirded out by it.

Why ever would that be, he wonders innocently. Probably nerves, but Gabi feels like there’s something Wendy’s not telling her. Ridiculous, Li tells her. She just doesn’t know his sister well enough yet.

In the show’s last few minutes, Chanel vows to Allie that they need to find a way to keep Sloan from ruining their lives. Eric, meanwhile, shows up at the lawyer’s door and says he wants to settle his bill. She didn’t expect to see him so soon. She invites him and shuts the door. Over in the square, Nicole cries by the Christmas tree and thinks back on that brief moment of happiness she and Eric had before it all fell apart — despite promising each other they wouldn’t screw it up this time.

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Back at the mansion, EJ finds Aunt Sister in Susan’s room and she yells at him some more when she realizes a “friend” was using it. “I pray to God you were not fornicating in your mother’s room.” He barely checks his anger and insists again that Nicole’s just a friend. She prays that’s true, because his soul’s in enough problems already.

And downstairs, Ava sneaks into the mansion and looks through EJ’s memorial plans. “Tasteful affair for a tacky lady.” She then vows that Susan won’t be the only one laid to rest there.

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