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As we get into Salem, Nicole thanks EJ once again for last night. They both needed a friend, he says and the two hug as Johnny barges in and yells at his dad for having “sex with Rafe’s wife!” Nicole sets him straight and says she’s just there because she had nowhere else to go.

Johnny apologizes for prying and jumping to conclusions. EJ chastises his son for not knocking, but Johnny just wanted to visit his grandmother’s room. Johnny apologizes again and EJ admits it’s understandable that his son thinks the worst about him after… everything.

He then checks to make sure Johnny and Wendy are going to stay quiet. They will, Johnny says. Neither of them want to destroy their loved-ones’ lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. He leaves and EJ calls Trask to confirm that he’s dropping his charges against Eric. Nicole thanks him again, then admits she doesn’t think moving in is a good idea.

EJ’s confused, but she’s not thrilled Johnny thought they were having an affair. Soon the entire town will start gossiping and she doesn’t have it in her to deal with anymore. And she doesn’t want Holly exposed to it. This is the best thing for Holly, EJ tells her. A stable home.

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Rafe runs into Jada at the Brady Pub, wanting to check to see if she’s OK after another day out. She says she’s fine and can be back to work the next day after the procedure. Yeah, she tells him, she got the abortion. She feels terrible about missing work, but Rafe insists she needs to take care of herself.

They talk a bit about what happened and Jada says she had to do what’s right for her. But Eric was hurt she did it without telling him. When she mentions Nicole made it clear she didn’t want Jada having the baby, Rafe freezes in place, then asks what happened. Rafe is disgusted when Jada tells him. “She was not going to let anything stand in the way of her and Eric. Not me, not her marriage to you and definitely not my pregnancy.”

He goes off on Nicole, but Jada insists it was one-hundred percent her decision. Fine, Rafe agrees, but Nicole’s selfish and she’d do anything to get Eric. But Jada isn’t sure they’re going to work out after Eric learned what happened. Rafe convinces her to eat something and promises to always have her back. They then bond over bashing Nicole and her and Eric’s constant excuses about their “friendship.” Jada stops, though, saying she has to rise above anger and trash talking.

Rafe admits that he knew getting involved with Nicole or Eric is a mistake, but didn’t admit it. You just end up a “speed bump on their road to bliss.” He gets a call about Eric.

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Over in jail, Sloan insists Eric should hire her to help, but he’s doubtful. He tries not to judge people, but Sloan doesn’t have a great reputation. Maybe not, she says, be she’s effective. He does need a lawyer, he admits, but “Paulina Price’s husband is like an uncle to me and her daughter is dating my niece.” Maybe Allie should run away from Chanel, Sloan tells him. She and Paulina are lying, Chanel murdered her mom.

She gets into the whole sad story and breaks down a bit saying how much she loved her parents. “Do you know what it feels like to have what means the most in the world taken away?” That hits a nerve. Yes, he says, he does, and tells her about the abortion. They both got screwed, she says, but she doesn’t just roll over and take it. She’s a fighter and she’ll fight for him too.

Abe visits with Chanel and Paulina to check on them at the precinct. Paulina asks for good news on her arrest, but he doesn’t have any. None of Abe’s — or Shane Donovan’s — contacts can help. Just then, he gets a call from the city council president. The council wants him to resign as mayor, “effective immediately.” The optics of the whole mess aren’t good. Chanel flips out, saying everything is her fault and runs out.

Paulina wonders if Abe regrets marrying her now that she’s costing him his career. Eh, he shrugs, he was going to step down anyway to go with her to the state capital. No, she says, he shouldn’t give up being mayor; her governorship is probably toast at this point. No way. Abe will help her weather this storm, just like they’ve done all the others. She’s going to be governor. He calls the city council, but Paulina snatches the phone and tells them he’ll never step down. Ever.

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When Belle returns to the precinct, Shawn asks if she wants him to clear out Paulina’s family to have a moment together, but Belle says, no, they need to talk about Eric. Belle hates the way he acted, but her heart is still breaking for him and she feels bad about not helping him. She’s already estranged from Sami; she doesn’t want to blow it with Eric. Just then, the man in question shows up, saying he hired someone else instead. Enter a smug-looking Sloan.

Belle’s horrified and tells him to find anyone but that “snake.” Eric says Sloan is the victim here. She exposed a crime and cover-up. But Belle tells him Sloan is just a shark taking advantage of vulnerable people like him. She’ll take his case. “Yeah, well, a little too late for that, isn’t it.” As Eric and Sloan leave, Trask calls and tells Shawn EJ dropped the charges… but she’s still going after Eric for assaulting a cop.

Sloan’s ticked and calls Trask herself saying she owes her for handing the DA two career-making cases. The charges and a grateful Eric asks his new lawyer to breakfast.

In the show’s last few moments, Sloan and Eric chow down in the Square as he thanks her again… and Nicole walks in on them. She’s glad to see him free and she introduces herself to Sloan. But Sloan knows exactly who she is — and her long list of marriages. Back at the Pub, Jada’s surprised to hear about Eric’s behavior, but Rafe tells her she dodged a bullet. He has a feeling this is “just the beginning of Saint Eric’s fall from grace.”

Belle, meanwhile, is worried about Eric, but Shawn says he’ll be OK. She goes to talk to Paulina and Abe, the latter of whom is currently aghast at the phone call. Paulina tells the councilman that there won’t be any problems because she’s decided she won’t be sworn in as governor.

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Johnny goes looking for Wendy and finds a devastated Chanel at the apartment in need of comfort. They go over Sloan’s vendetta, but Johnny assures her his Aunt Belle won’t let that happen. He’s just sorry he wasn’t there to support her as she was arrested, or when Grandma Susan died. Chanel’s shocked but offers her own comfort.

And EJ’s trying to work while struggling with his hangover when the doorbell rings. He answers the door and exclaims, “Oh my God, it’s you!”

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