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As we get into Salem, Nicole’s waking up in bed… with EJ! “Good morning, sunshine,” he greets her to her horror. She doesn’t remember what happened as EJ canoodles with her — and tells her they “fornicated like rabbits.” Then she wakes up, alone and dressed in bed, grateful that she’s not a “slut” like Eric accused her of being. The real EJ walks in with breakfast and a hangover cure from his Meemaw Banks.

As they gag down the cure, EJ reminisces about Susan and how she always looked out for him. She thanks him for the shake and the roof over her head the night before. Nicole then wonders about Eric, and EJ says it’s exactly as he deserves. Nicole still feels bad for him and regrets backing up EJ pressing charges when she was drunk. EJ agrees to drop the charges for her, but warns her that Shawn might not be so forgiving.

He phones Trask, but thinks maybe Eric still needs to learn that he can’t treat Nicole “like rubbish.”

Arianne Zuker, Dan Feuerriegel nicole ej in bed jpi days

Over at Sweet Bits, Chanel is horrified to see “MURDERER” painted across the front window. Sloan walks over as Chanel tries washing it off, feigning sadness over the graffiti. But she didn’t do it, she says. When Sloan gloats about Paulina being in prison, Chanel says that she’s the one Sloan wants.

In prison, Paulina wakes Eric up with a smile from the next cell over. Neither of them expected to see each other there. Paulina’s dying to know why he’s in there and when he tells her, she’s surprised. “Ooooh, ex priest has a temper?” But she agrees that EJ rubs everyone the wrong way and reminisces about Chanel’s time with Johnny. Eric doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, so they turn to Sloan. Paulina wants to “knock the smirk off that face of hers” just as Sloan walks over and tells her to do it.

She then gloats some more and tells Paulina that Chanel says hello and they’ll be able to spend lots of time in prison together. Paulina insists what happened was an accident, but Sloan refuses to believe her. Nailing Paulina and Chanel doesn’t make Sloan happy, though. Nothing will make losing her mom better. But maybe Paulina can pull some strings and she, Chanel and Lani can all serve in the same prison.

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As Paulina’s led off to see Belle, Sloan snaps at Eric to stop gawking. He didn’t want to watch that scene, he says, but it’s not like he could go anywhere. Sloan calls Belle a two-bit lawyer and a bimbo and Eric informs her that’s his sister.

Johnny, meanwhile, calls Wendy to see if she still thinks they’re doing the right thing. Wendy isn’t sure, but Johnny tells her Gabi will be out for blood if she finds out the truth. Wendy reluctantly agrees as Allie walks in. She wants to know who Wendy was talking to. Johnny? “What happened between the two of you?” Wendy pretends they have a secret relationship, and then Allie fills her in on what’s happening with Chanel — just as the woman-in-question walks in.

She’s back because her day fell apart, then tells them what happened at Sweet Bits and gets into what happened with Sloan’s mom. Chanel’s worried Sloan won’t stop until going after everyone she loves. Wendy serves them homemade pancakes to thank them for letting her stay and hopes eating will help them feel better. Chanel asks about the trip and Wendy says it was just work stuff. Allie then mentions having to go work on Li and Gabi’s wedding cake and Wendy gets awkward when asked about how excited she is for the wedding.

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At Rafe’s, Li walks in wearing Gabi’s robe after staying overnight. The two get cute, then talk about how they’d like to find their own place after getting married. Gabi makes a comment about them being the perfect couple and runs out. After saying he loves her, she leaves and Li tells himself, “That’s why I did what I did.”

Johnny and Gabi run into each other at the Horton Town Square and she gives her condolences about Susan. She then questions him on his “romantic getaway” to Indonesia with Wendy. They didn’t get to spend much time there before they got dragged back, Johnny says, but maybe it would be a good honeymoon destination. Gabi admits that, though this is her third marriage, she’s never actually gotten a honeymoon.

Johnny calls her back as she walks away to tell her something. Li walks in, though, before he can say anything. Gabi walks off and Li lays into Johnny to keep his mouth shut. Li talked to Wendy and Rolf and knows what happened and Johnny promises not to say anything after Susan died. But he’s not OK with what Li did. “I think it sucks. I think you suck.” Gabi walks back over into the tension and Johnny makes an excuse and leaves.

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In the show’s last few moments, Johnny goes to talk to Wendy, who tells him she threw Allie off the scent by saying they were hooking up. Johnny, meanwhile, mentions running into Li. He almost broke down and told Gabi, but Li made clear that there would be a price for telling. In the square, Gabi and Li decide to pick their honeymoon that night and Gabi couldn’t be happier to have found him. Paulina finds Chanel waiting for her. Belle had to take a call. They then discuss their encounters with Sloan.

Sloan, meanwhile, apologizes to Eric for insulting his sister and offending him. She asks why Belle is defending Paulina and not him and he tells her he kind of ticked her off the night before. Sloan lets her defenses down. “Sometimes life, it gets so hard to take.” She then offers to be his lawyer.

Victoria Grace, Carson Boatman wendy johnny jpi days

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And at the DiMera mansion, Nicole mentions leaving to find a place to stay, but EJ insists she and Holly stay there until they find something. They’re both grieving, he tells her. “Misery really does love company.” So she agrees. They toast the hangover cure to new beginnings.

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