Outside Brady's Pub, Belle smirks at Trask, who holds an open file.
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In the interrogation room, Allie tells Chanel how much she misses her. Chanel is grateful they had Thanksgiving together, but it was also the first time she felt like she’d never get out of there. Allie assures her they’re doing everything they can to help her. Shawn interrupts to bring in another visitor — Sloan. She formally introduces herself to Chanel as her worst nightmare.

In the interrogation room, Allie stretches across the table to hold Chanel's hand.

Allie defends Chanel to Sloan, but the lawyer knows there was nothing accidental about her mother’s death. Sloan blames Chanel, starting with her affair with Sloan’s father. The women bicker over who was at fault, and Allie tries to defend her girlfriend. Sloan won’t hear it and rants about how hard it was watching her father drink himself to death.

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Abe sits next Paulina at her conference table, and holds her hands.

In her office, Paulina tells Abe she figured out how to help Chanel — he needs to fire Melinda Trask. Abe can’t do that. The press would be all over it, and he’d be impeached. He vows to fight for Chanel every step of the way, though. Besides, if anyone can outfox Melinda Trask, it’s Belle.

Outside the Pub, Belle confronts Trask for holding her client without an arraignment. She accuses the D.A. of purposefully slowing down the wheels of justice. Melinda scoffs. Even if that’s true, there’s nothing she can do about it. Belle produces a writ of habeas corpus, demanding Trask appear in court to justify her reasons for holding Chanel indefinitely. Belle declares Chanel will get bail today.

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At the Salem PD, Shawn handcuffs Paulina. Abe looks on with a furrowed brow.

Later, Belle comes to the police station and tells Chanel she made bail. Chanel rushes to the squad room, where Abe and Paulina wait for her. As they celebrate, Trask strides in. She orders Shawn to arrest Paulina for covering up Sloan’s mother’s death. Sloan smirks in the background.

Kate comes to Jada’s room with tea to help with her morning sickness. Jada appreciates it, but confides everything that happened. Kate asks if she talked with anyone before she made her decision to have an abortion. Without placing blame, Jada tells Kate about her conversation with Nicole. One day Jada would like to be a mother, just not like this.

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Kate is sorry Jada got hurt and asks what’s next. Jada plans to focus on her job and figure out what she wants in life. She’s used to taking care of herself. Kate can relate, but says it’s nice to have someone in your life too. Jada admits it was nice while it lasted. Kate hopes they can remain friends and jokes about needing an in with the police department. Jada would like that and then gets emotional. Even though what she did was right for her, it doesn’t make it any easier. Kate holds Jada as she cries.

At Basic Black, Eric angrily confronts Nicole.

At Basic Black, Eric demands to know if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion. An outraged Nicole won’t let Jada make her the bad guy. She prepares to confront her, but Eric says it’s too late — the baby’s gone. Nicole insists abortion wasn’t even part of their conversation, but Eric tells her she was the last person Jada talked to before she made her decision. Why did she even speak to her? The pregnancy is none of her damn business.

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Stunned, Nicole points out they are together, so of course, it’s her business. After overhearing them at Thanksgiving, she wanted to know what was going on, so she went to Jada. She defends everything she said to her, but Eric spits out that she got exactly what she wanted. Over and over, she acts impulsively without thinking.

A defensive Nicole asks if he’s talking about her sleeping with Xander. Eric can’t believe she’d even bring him up. But she thinks that deep down, he doesn’t trust her. She’ll never be good enough for him, will she? He shouts for her to stop with the self-pity, but she angrily retorts what she’s feeling is guilt. She admits she felt threatened by Jada’s pregnancy and that she was hoping she wouldn’t keep the baby. “There!” she yells. “Are you satisfied?!”

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At Basic Black, Eric scowls at Nicole.

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Nicole is sorry she went to Jada without him knowing, but she’s not sorry for wishing they could avoid such a huge complication. While he admits it was complicated, Eric was happy knowing he was going to be a father. Nicole assumes he was grateful Jada could give him what she couldn’t. Eric insists he’s satisfied helping to raise Holly. He also insists Nicole was part of his dream to co-parent with Jada. Nicole points out he didn’t think to include her at all in his Thanksgiving announcement.

Eric didn’t mean to exclude her, but this isn’t about them not being able to have a baby together. This is about her breaking his trust by going to Jada — and it can’t be undone. Jada’s baby is gone, and he has to find a way to live with that. Live without being a father, or live with her role in it, she asks. Teary-eyed, he responds, both. Nicole asks where they go from here. Eric’s voice catches as he says he doesn’t know. He leaves, and Nicole dissolves into tears.

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