At Basic Black, Eric angrily confronts Nicole.
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Gabi interrupts Stefan and Chloe’s intimate breakfast in the Square. Since they haven’t officially RSVP’d to the wedding, she pulls out a card for them to do that right now. Stefan assures her they’ll be there because he can’t wait to watch Li make the biggest mistake of his life. After snarking with Stefan, Gabi hopes Chloe will be okay with seeing Brady at her wedding — with Kristen.

After Gabi saunters away, Stefan tells Chloe they can skip the wedding if she’ll be uncomfortable. Chloe is relieved. He suggests they go to Miami for New Year’s instead. He fills out the RSVP card as a ‘not attend.’

In the Square, Stefan and Chloe sit and hold hands across a table.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny tells EJ he knows what he and Li had Rolf do. Though he denies it at first, EJ eventually admits he knew that Rolf brainwashed Stefan — but only after the fact. He used that knowledge to solidify Stefan’s connection to him and the family. Johnny wonders how EJ would feel if someone erased all the love he had for Sami. EJ would thank that person, but Johnny doesn’t believe him.

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EJ knows this isn’t about love, but Johnny’s need for revenge over how EJ treated Ava. Johnny admits that’s how it started. He is sorry if taking Ava’s side contributed to losing Susan. EJ doesn’t blame him, but Johnny thinks she’d still be alive if he’d done things differently. EJ knows Susan would want them to put it all behind them and move forward. Johnny wants that, but Uncle Stefan has a right to know what was done to him. EJ begs Johnny not to tell anyone. He could not only lose DiMera, but he could go back to prison. “I just lost my mother. Please don’t take anything else away from me,” he pleads, as Stefan walks in.

Misunderstanding the situation, Stefan encourages Johnny not to blame his father for Susan’s death. Johnny agrees that he’s been too hard on him. He knows EJ only wants what’s best for the family.

In the Hernandez kitchen, Wendy tells Li she knows he had Rolf brainwash Stefan into not loving Gabi. Li acts outraged, but Wendy knows when her brother is lying. Li relents and admits it. Wendy worries this is all going to blow up in his face, especially if his relationship with Gabi isn’t real. Li insists it is. Gabi loves him and only him.

Li didn’t set out to have Stefan brainwashed. He thought he could use Stefan to quicken his ascent up the corporate ladder. But then he fell in love with Gabi and knew Stefan’s return would cause him to lose her. Wendy points out it isn’t fair to Gabi. Li doesn’t care if Wendy thinks what he did was wrong. He only cares about what she’s going to do. He’ll lose everything if she tells the truth. He begs her, as his sister, to keep quiet.

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Wendy and Li sit at the Hernandez kitchen table. Gabi stands over them, glaring at Li.

Gabi walks in. Wendy says they were talking about Li’s first love, but assures her she has nothing to worry about. Wendy can confirm Li would do anything to keep Gabi’s heart.

Later, Johnny and Wendy meet back at Allie’s apartment. They agree to keep quiet about what they know. Neither of them feels good about it, though.

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In Allie's apartment, Wendy folds her arms and furrows her brow while facing Johnny.

Back at the mansion, Stefan tells a distraught EJ he’s there for him — whatever he needs. EJ appreciates that. Stefan knows if someone he loved deeply were taken from him, EJ would do the same.

At work, Brady tries to ease Nicole’s fears about Eric co-parenting with Jada. There’s no reason the baby has to come between them. Brady urges her not to do anything to screw it up.

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At Basic Black, Eric peers down at Nicole, who sits at the desk.

At the Pub, Jada tells Eric she’s not pregnant anymore. Eric assumes she had a miscarriage, but she corrects him — she had an abortion. Wincing, Eric wonders why she didn’t tell him. Her body, her choice, she reminds him. Jada knows how excited he was about the baby, and she was afraid he’d talk her out of it. It wasn’t an easy choice for her, but it was the right one. She assures him it had nothing to do with punishing him for how their relationship ended. It had nothing to do with him, period.

Eric asks what changed her mind. She believed they could make it work together, but then she talked to Nicole. Eric’s face falls. Jada explains Nicole helped her realize how much of a struggle being a single mom and a cop would really be. Also, she doesn’t want to be tied for the rest of her life to a man who doesn’t love her. Eric tears up upon hearing everything else Nicole said to her. Jada doesn’t know if it was her intent, but their conversation definitely helped her decide not to have this baby.

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Sitting across from each other at a Brady Pub table, Jada and Eric told intense eye contact.

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Fighting back tears, Eric asks Jada if she needs anything. She tells him he’s off the hook now. There’s no reason to be in each other’s lives. When he balks, she says that was her polite way of telling him to leave her alone. Next time she won’t be so nice.

Back at Basic Black, Nicole admits to Brady that she temporarily went to a dark place, but she trusts Eric and knows they’ll make it work. Eric shows up and sternly asks to speak to Nicole alone.

In the Square, Brady runs into Chloe. She tells him she and Stefan are not going to the wedding and makes a snide remark about Kristen. She then asks about Nicole. Brady gets a sense Eric is upset about something.

In her room, Jada sits on her bed and fights back tears.

At Basic Black, a furious Eric demands to know if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion.

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