Sitting across from each other at a Brady Pub table, Jada and Eric told intense eye contact.
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Johnny and Wendy return to Allie’s apartment from Jakarta. Johnny revels in learning they were right about Rolf tampering with Stefan’s brain. But Wendy worries about confronting her brother. Johnny wants to go with her in case Li panics, but Wendy thinks they’ll have a better chance of getting information if they divide and conquer.

Li comes by the Hernandez house to bring Gabi pie since they missed out on Thanksgiving. He sits at the table, rambling about his sister and how she better not miss work again. As they eat pie, they discuss Rafe and Nicole. Gabi never thought she’d hurt her brother more than Ava did. Li gets fired up, wondering why Nicole would want to rehash an old relationship when she’s committed to someone else. Gabi deduces he’s really talking about her and Stefan. She assures him that Stefan is her past and he is her future. He relents, and they kiss until Wendy shows up.

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A look of panic washes over Li’s face, but he hardens when Wendy pointedly says she needs to talk to him. Li flashes to ordering Rolf to administer the mind-erasing drug. He encourages Wendy to explain herself about blowing off work to jet set with Johnny. Uncomfortable, Gabi leaves to get Li relaxing tea from the Square. Wendy point-blank asks if Li ordered Rolf to inject her and Johnny with a mind-erasing drug. Li laughs until she tells him she knows he had Rolf brainwash Stefan.

In bed, EJ wakes up in a sweat after a nightmare about Ava shooting him. Later, he shuffles into the living room and pours himself a little hair of the dog. Stefan looks on with concern. EJ tells his brother about hallucinating Ava at the crash site. Stefan feels for EJ and offers to be there for him if he needs anything. EJ appreciates his, and Chloe’s, kindness through all this.

EJ notes Stefan and Chloe are getting closer. Stefan grins as he confirms. However, he wishes Gabi could get it through her head that Chloe is the only woman for him. EJ thinks Chloe’s a huge improvement over the conniving Gabi, who went to great lengths to gain control of the company. Johnny saunters in, wondering how far EJ would go for the same thing.

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Stefan leaves them alone so EJ can tell Johnny about Susan. Johnny reels and asks if he’s told Sydney. EJ relays he called her at school, and she was inconsolable. EJ fills in the details about the kidnapping and shouts that he warned him about Ava. Johnny tears up, recalling how he defended her. EJ calms down and assures him it’s not his fault. The men embrace.

They talk about Susan’s special gift, and Johnny notes she was the first person to realize he was possessed. EJ adds, until the devil erased her memory. Johnny tenses and says, “Kinda like you wanted Dr. Rolf to do to me in Jakarta.” EJ recoils. He can’t believe the timing of Johnny’s accusations. Johnny is sorry, but he and Wendy know what he tried to do to Uncle Stefan.

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Eric leans on the Brady Pub bar while on the phone.

At work, Nicole answers a call from Eric. He just wanted to check in after their talk. She unconvincingly says they won’t let Jada’s pregnancy come between them. She again asks if Jada is really keeping the baby. Confused, Eric says yes. Why wouldn’t she? Nicole gets a call on her other line and hangs up in the middle of Eric saying he loves her.

After Nicole gets off a work call, Chloe brings Nicole coffee. Overseeing Basic Black is part of her new job. Chloe notes she got Kristen’s job, and Kristen got her man. However, she’s moving on just like Brady did. Nicole tells her she’s starting a new chapter as well and fills her in on ending her marriage and reuniting with Eric. Also, Jada’s pregnant, and she advised her not to keep the baby.

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At Basic Black, Chloe and Nicole sit on the same side of the conference table. Chloe cocks her head with a look of concern, and reaches out for Nicole's hands.

Chloe is disdainful of Nicole’s actions, but Nicole won’t lose Eric again. Chloe points out the baby hasn’t changed Eric’s feelings for her, and Jada has no intention of coming between them. Nicole wants to be secure in that, but she knows when the baby is born, they will fall in love with it. It’s best for everyone if there is no baby. Stefan arrives, and Chloe leaves with him for breakfast.

In the Square, Gabi spots Stefan and Chloe holding hands over a table.

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At the Pub, Brady and Eric lean on a table toward each other with serious expressions.

Brady saunters into the Pub with cigars and congratulates Eric on the baby. They sit for coffee and use their family as an example of how successful blended families can be. However, other merging of families don’t make any sense at all. Eric quips, like you and Kristen. Brady reiterates that he only moved Kristen in because it’s what’s best for Rachel. Eric worries about the safety of his mother, but Brady assures him he’s doing everything in his power to make sure Kristen doesn’t hurt Marlena. Brady gets back on track and marvels over Eric being a father. Eric tells Brady how happy he is. He’s confident he and Jada can co-parent and raises a happy, healthy baby.

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A grave-faced Jada walks into the Pub, and Brady leaves them alone. Jada sits with Eric, who goes on and on about the baby. She interrupts him and says, “There is no baby.”

Brady goes to work and tells Nicole how happy Eric is to be back with her. She laments that he’s just as happy about the baby.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eric is dealt a blow, and EJ urges Johnny to keep quiet.

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