In the motel, Sarah puts her hand on her hip, and purses her lips as she faces Xander.
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During the day, EJ sets flowers on the ground at the crash site. Red-eyed, he paces and pulls out a flask. He sits down drinking and looks out over the cliff until night falls. Rafe tracks him down to get his statement. A sullen EJ fills in the blanks about that night. Rafe has a hunch there’s more to the story. He could arrest him for obstructing justice, but he won’t after everything he’s been through. EJ appreciates that and hands him the flask. Rafe takes a sip.

EJ chuckles over “Commissioner Dudley Do-Right” drinking on the job. While it doesn’t compare to EJ’s pain, Rafe tells him he and Nicole are getting divorced. EJ assumes it has something to do with Samantha’s twin brother. Rafe confirms, but smirks while noting there’s already trouble in paradise. Rafe gets called back to work and tells EJ to come to the station tomorrow. EJ agrees, but he’s going to stay there and wallow first.

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In front of a line of trees, EJ holds a flash to his lips and tips back his head.

Eric visits Marlena at home and notices her Marlena doll on the mantle. He relays how sorry he is about Susan, and then tells her he’s going to be a dad. Marlena calls it wonderful news, but Eric detects hesitation in her voice. He admits it’s complicated and tells her about Nicole. Marlena asks if he wants the baby. Of course, he does. He and Jada just have to figure out how to co-parent while he and Nicole move forward. He just hopes Nicole doesn’t feel threatened. Marlena urges him to address it with her, but she’s confident they’ll work it out.

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In her room, Jada packs as Nicole drops by. Nicole admits she overheard Eric say they are going to raise the baby together. She didn’t want to interrupt and spoil the heartwarming moment by reminding everyone that Eric broke up with Jada to be with her. Angry, Jada assures her she has enough self-respect not to want to be with someone who wants someone else. Nicole tries to apologize for her and Eric’s actions, but Jada tells her to shut the hell up. She knows Nicole got exactly what she wanted, and her fake sympathy makes it worse.

Jada grows emotional as she recaps the situation. She rants about being tied for the rest of her life to the man who dumped her for his ex. Nicole wonders why would want to go through with the pregnancy if Eric makes her this angry. Jada grows more infuriated, but Nicole just wishes someone had painted a realistic picture of motherhood for her. Babies change your life forever, and Jada needs to decide if it’s something she really wants. Has she considered how it will affect her career? Even with support, being an ambitious working mother is the hardest thing Nicole’s ever done. Nicole insists she’s just trying to help, but Jada throws her out.

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At the station, Jada notices Rafe’s not wearing his wedding ring. He tells her they’re getting divorced even if Nicole doesn’t go back to Eric because of Jada’s pregnancy. Jada declares her pregnancy will not be an issue. She was going to go through with it before she really thought about what her life would be like. Now, she realizes she can’t do it.

In the Square, Eric runs up to Nicole and hugs her. He tells her Jada is having the baby, but it won’t change anything between them. He loves Nicole and only her. He promises it will be okay, but Nicole doesn’t look convinced.

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Since Xander didn’t “feel well,” Maggie brings Sarah and Xander Thanksgiving leftovers at the motel. Sarah welcomes her mother, but Xander’s out. Maggie relays their dinner didn’t go well after Bonnie became too upset over the clown holding her hostage. When Sarah asks if there are any leads, Maggie replies all Bonnie described was a muscle-bound man in a creepy clown mask and a blue business suit. Sarah’s eyes drift to Xander’s blue suit. She picks it up and says, “Kinda like this one?” She confides that things are starting to add up and worries Xander was working for Ava. Maggie thinks she’s letting her imagination run wild. Xander loves her more than anything, and he wouldn’t risk losing her again.

At the Horton House, Xander expresses to Gwen his distress over Susan’s death. After hearing the story, Gwen assures him it isn’t his fault. He let Susan go. Xander counters that if he hadn’t snatched her in the first place, she’d still be alive. Xander calls himself the same worthless piece of garbage he’s always been. Gwen counters he had honorable intentions. It was about him being a supportive husband and provider. He thinks he should just tell the truth, but Gwen notes she’s the only one alive who knows what he did — and she won’t give him up. He trusted her with his secret, and she promises it’s safe with her.

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In the motel, Xander stares at Sarah with a furrowed brow.

Xander returns to Sarah at the motel. She suggests that over Maggie’s leftovers, he tells her if he was the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

At home, Marlena hears a noise. She looks up from her book and notices her Marlena doll has fallen. She picks it up, wondering how that happened.

At the crash site, EJ starts to wander away but hears a rustling noise. He turns and says, “Mother?”

On the side of a wooded road, EJ sits next to a busted railing. A bouquet of roses lies on the ground in front of him.

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