At the DiMera mansion, an attentive Marlena leans toward an emotional EJ on the couch.
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Stephanie comes to the Kiriakis mansion and finds Alex lighting candles. She thought she was there on a work emergency. He confirms that there is one: she works too hard and needs to take Thanksgiving day off. Also, she promised him a second date, and this is it.

They sit at a table for two in the living room, where he presents “a rare culinary delicacy” from his days growing up with Adrienne. He removes a lid to reveal Grandma Jo’s stuffing muffins. She’s delighted because they had them every year in her family. He’s disappointed she knows about them because he wanted to blow her mind. She assures him he did. She thought she was going to spend the night alone eating a microwave dinner, but now her Thanksgiving is complete.

After dinner, Alex presents an alternative to dessert and kisses her. He promises to up his game on their next date. She tells him it was perfect and offers him a second helping.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie cocks her head with a closed mouth smile, next to two lit candles.

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At home, Rafe dumps the pie Nicole made in the trash. Later, he brings a charcuterie board to Gabi and Li in a sitting room and gets them beers. Gabi relays that Ari’s not coming because she’s with Sonny and plans to watch a movie with Holly. She asks if he’s upset. Rafe says it wouldn’t even be an issue if Nicole were there. Gabi trashes Nicole and vows one day, she’ll regret leaving him for Eric. Rafe tells Gabi he threw away Nicole’s pie. She’s proud of her brother, but Li’s disappointed there’s no pie.

In Rafe's living room, Gabi and Li sit on a couch, holding beer bottles. Gabi purses her lips and tilts her head toward Rafe, who sits in a chair and hangs his head.

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Gabi rants about Nicole breaking Rafe’s heart and living happily ever after with Eric. Rafe notes that might not happen, considering Jada’s pregnant. Gabi loves the karma of it all, but Rafe doesn’t want them to gloat. He wants to focus on happier things. Li chimes in, “Like our upcoming wedding.” Exactly, Rafe says. He makes a toast to them, but his smile falls as he sips his beer.

When it’s time for dinner, Gabi and Li (who’s worried there’ll be no dessert at all) head to the table. Rafe cleans up and puts a picture of himself with Nicole in a drawer.

Outside the Pub, Nicole recalls hearing Eric announce he and Jada will be raising the baby together and leaves.

At Brady's Pub, a serious looking Eric stands behind the bar across from Jada.

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Inside the Pub, Eric tells Jada he’s happy she decided to keep the baby and promises to be there for their child. She believes they’ll make it work but wonders how Nicole will feel. Eric believes Nicole will be supportive. Jada counters that Nicole is insecure and territorial. There’s no way she’ll take the news in stride. Eric tells Jada to trust him on this. Jada wants to go upstairs to pack, but Eric convinces her not to move out.

In the Square, Nicole runs into Abe and Paulina, who are coming back from seeing Chanel. When Nicole shares that her Thanksgiving plans didn’t exactly work out, Paulina suggests they sit down for their leftovers.

As they eat, Nicole tells them Jada is pregnant with Eric’s baby and that they’re going to raise it together. Abe suggests she talk to Eric and give him a chance to explain. Maybe she misunderstood what she heard. Nicole is positive she understood that she’s out and Jada and the baby are in. Abe tells her to talk to Eric, and Paulina advises Nicole to fight for the man she loves.

At a table in the Square, Abe, Paulina, and Nicole eat off paper plates with plastic utensils. Abe and Paulina raise their eyebrows at Nicole.

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A still-disheveled EJ shuffles to the DiMera wet bar as he erases Rafe’s message about making an official statement. He gulps a drink. Marlena enters and offers her condolences to him and Johnny. He relays that Johnny’s out of town and doesn’t know yet. He’s not sure how to tell him especially since it’s all his fault. He confesses how he took away Ava’s DiMera shares and banished her from Salem. Then, he provoked her when she kidnapped Susan. He blames Susan’s, and Abigail’s, death on his arrogance and need for control. He let down the one person who loved him unconditionally his entire life.

In the DiMera mansion, a red-eyed, casually dressed EJ stares at Marlena. His wavy hair is messily brushed back. One curl falls down his forehead.

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EJ cries as Marlena says Susan wouldn’t want him punishing himself. She knows for a fact that he was the love of Susan’s life. He recalls Susan being afraid of her own shadow, but when it came to protecting her family, she was fearless. Marlena says you can never underestimate a mother’s love for her child. He recalls how Susan idolized her. Marlena tells him of the lookalike doll she made of her for her wedding. It was one of the most touching gifts she ever received. She wishes she told her. There’s a lot EJ wishes he had said. He inherited many qualities from Stefano, but if he had any good in him, it came from his mother.

At home, Marlena pulls out the Marlena doll from its box and puts it on her mantle.

At the crash site, EJ sets flowers on the ground. He kneels in front of them, teary-eyed.


Marlena places the Marlena doll on her mantle, next to her and John's wedding photo.

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