At the Brady Pub, Jada faces Eric with a serious expression.
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Eric comes downstairs to the Pub as Roman hangs up with Kayla. He relays to his son that Kayla and Steve are staying in Seattle with Tripp, who is struggling with the news about Ava. That means there will be fewer people at Thanksgiving, so Roman hopes Eric and Jada will be hungry. Eric confides everything about Jada, the baby, and Nicole to Roman. He wants to be with Nicole, but they’ll need to have a long conversation about how it will work if Jada keeps the baby. He, of course, wants to be a father, but he supports Jada’s right to choose. He also understands why she wouldn’t want to have a baby with a guy who left her for his ex-wife.

At Brady's Pub, an angsty Eric faces Roman across a table.

In her room, Jada packs as Kate comes to her door — dinner will be ready in an hour. Jada explains she’s moving out because Eric and Nicole are back together. She adds that she’s pregnant. Kate urges her not to give up on Eric so easily, considering how often he and Nicole break up. Jada points out Eric has made his decision, and now it’s time she makes hers about the baby. If Nicole weren’t a factor, Jada would have been happy to raise a baby with Eric, but she’s not prepared to be a single parent. She thanks Kate for listening. Kate invites her to Thanksgiving dinner, despite the obvious awkwardness. Before she leaves, Kate reminds Jada that it’s her life, her body, and her decision.

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In Jada's room, she sits with Kate at the foot on the bed. An open suitcase and box lie on the bed behind them.

Downstairs, Roman asks if Nicole wasn’t in the picture, would he want to raise a child with Jada? Eric thinks so, but he loves Nicole and always will. That’s why it’s a big mess. Kate joins them and scoffs at Eric’s understatement. Jada follows and privately tells Eric that Kate helped her gain clarity. She’s made a decision about the baby.

Nicole lets herself into Rafe’s house and puts her key on the kitchen island. Rafe enters, wondering why she’s there. She thought he’d be at work, so she came to get her things. After they make stilted small talk about Ava and EJ, Nicole grabs her bags. She returns to find Rafe preparing Thanksgiving dinner for Gabi, Ari, and Li. Nicole offers to make her mom’s pie as she promised, but he declines. She insists, and he relents — for Ari.

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In his kitchen, Rafe stands at the island, holding a tea towel. He looks at Nicole whose back is turned to him. She wears an apron and looks down.

Rafe states he doesn’t want to drag it their divorce out, so they should lawyer up after the holidays. And, despite her being in love with Eric the whole time, he won’t fight her on anything. They’ll just call it irreconcilable differences.

After Nicole makes the pie, she cries and tells Rafe again how sorry she is. He didn’t deserve this. Rafe thinks maybe he did, considering he cheated on Ava with her. She wishes they could resume the friendship they had before things got complicated. Rafe doesn’t see how that’s possible — at least not now. Through tears, she says, “Goodbye, Rafe.” He wistfully watches her leave.

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On the phone in her apartment, Allie tells Tripp how sorry she is about his mom. After hanging up, Abe drops by. As they talk about Chanel, Abe notes what happened was an accident, but the cover-up could be a problem. Allie is sorry Chanel and Paulina have to go through this. Abe takes her hand and says they have to be strong for them. Allie bemoans not being able to celebrate her and Chanel’s first Thanksgiving as a couple together, but Abe thinks, as mayor, he might be able to pull a few strings.

In the interrogation room, Paulina tightly embraces Chanel, who sits in chair. Both their eyes are closed.

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Paulina hugs a restrained Chanel in the interrogation room. She sits across the table from her and holds her hand. Chanel apologizes for her crime coming out on election night. Paulina insists what happened was an accident, no matter what “that spiteful daughter says.” Chanel asks, “What daughter?” Paulina explains that Sloan is Martha and Nathan’s daughter, hellbent on revenge. Chanel, in turn, warns Trask could charge Paulina for covering up the crime. However, she won’t let her mother pay for something she did. Paulina assures Chanel they will be just fine and that she will get them out of this mess.

Abe and Allie enter the interrogation with bags full of take-out Thanksgiving dinner.

Around the interrogation room table, Paulina, Abe, Allie and Chanel eat take out.

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At the Pub, Roman kicks off the saying of thanks. He’s grateful Kate recovered and married him. Kate is grateful for being there, being married to her love, and for her healthy children and grandchildren. Eric is thankful that Jada decided to keep the baby. Nicole peeks out from the back and overhears Eric say they will raise the baby together. Jada enthusiastically hugs him.

At the Pub, Kate, Roman, Eric, and Jada sit around a table. Eric leans in grinning, and Kate gapes. Nicole watches in a doorway behind them.

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