On the side of a wooded road at night, Rafe grabs EJ's arms. They both look out with bulging eyes.
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Stefan and Chloe rush to Sweet Bits, but it’s already closed. Stefan’s disappointed because he wanted their second first date to be perfect. She assures him it was. They kiss as Gabi walks up and hands them wedding invitations. Stefan’s confused, and Chloe says they’ll probably be out of town for New Year’s Eve. Gabi thinks with Li as Chloe’s new boss, she’ll be expected to come. Stefan declares Chloe will be his plus one.

In the Square, Stefan and Chloe face each other, smiling. Stefan puts one hand on her shoulder and the other dangles while clasping her hand.

When they get back to the mansion, Chloe asks Stefan why he told Gabi they’d come to her wedding. He recalls that when he married her, Gabi played him. So, he can’t wait to find out what she has in store for Li. Stefan also looks forward to parading their relationship in front of the bride. Chloe wonders why he wants to hurt Gabi. Stefan just wants to get through to her. He doesn’t care enough about Gabi to want to hurt her, and he doesn’t care who she marries. He only cares about Chloe. They kiss.

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Wendy lies passed out on a gurney in Rolf's lab. Johnny sits awake, restrained to a gurney next to her.

At his lab, Rolf calls Li from Wendy’s phone. He fills him in on what went down and that now, both Wendy and Johnny are restrained. Rolf suggests he take their vocal cords for a new experiment he’s working on, but Li has a better idea. They confirm details off-screen.

Gabi comes to the hotel room and overhears Li demand Wendy return empty-handed. Suspicious, Gabi questions him. He lies that he doesn’t want his frivolous sister to return with shopping bags. He just wants her back in Salem. In fact, when she gets back, he’ll fire her. Gabi defends Wendy and remarks how cute she and Johnny are together. Li shouts that Johnny is a spoiled little brat. She thinks Li should let them enjoy their over-the-top getaway. He softens, but vows there will be consequences. But, since there was no harm done, he won’t be too hard on her. She shows him the wedding invitations. By December 31, they will be husband and wife.

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In Rolf's lab, the mad scientist stands between Wendy and Johnny, who sit up on gurneys. Rolf has a syringe in one hand and Wendy's arm in the other. He glares at Johnny, who grabs his arm.

In the lab, Johnny and Wendy wake up tied to gurneys. As they try to break free of their restraints, Rolf returns to them. He destroys the recording Johnny made and then prepares a syringe. He reveals he’s giving them the same injection he gave Gabi. When they return to Salem, they’ll believe they came there for nothing. Is that so horrible? Johnny and Wendy share a meaningful look.

Rolf prepares Wendy first for the injection, but Johnny grabs him. “Get your hands off her,” he demands. Freed from his restraints, Johnny tussles with Rolf, and Wendy knocks him out from behind. They restrain him to a gurney and taunt him about exposing what he did to Stefan. They leave him there.

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In their wood paneled motel room, a shirtless and intense Xander holds Sarah's hand.

In their motel room, Xander tells Sarah he did something terrible. He flashes to almost killing Susan, but just states that he quit his job. He was asked to do something he thought was wrong. He thought of her and couldn’t go through with it. He feels like he let her down again. Sarah admires that he wants to make an honest living. They kiss and fall back onto the bed.

Later, Xander and Sarah lie half-naked in bed together. Xander declares he needs more than just money at his next job. He wants to be proud of how he makes his living. Sarah knows he’ll find something. He gets up to take a shower and Sarah turns on the TV.

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At night on the side of the road, EJ kneels and screams.

At the airfield, Rafe calls in an APB on Ava, as she drives Susan on a slick, dark road. EJ follows in the car behind them, as Charlie taunts Ava into driving the car over a cliff. EJ runs to the edge yelling for his mother.

Rafe calls the FBI since a member of the DiMera family has been kidnapped by a Vitali. As he fills them in on the details, he gets a call about the crash. When Rafe arrives at the crash site, he holds EJ back from climbing down the cliff. The car explodes. EJ sets out to get to his mother. Rafe reluctantly follows him.

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Later, Rafe sits with a devastated EJ as first responders put out the fire. A firefighter regretfully tells EJ no one could have survived that blast. Rafe offers to drive EJ to headquarters to get his statement about Susan’s kidnapping. EJ cries and says it won’t bring her back. Rafe wants to put it into public record, but EJ won’t relive his nightmare for that. He leaves.

As Stefan and Chloe grow more passionate at the mansion, a disheveled and dazed EJ shuffles in. He chokes out that his mother is dead. He screams, throws crystal, and crumples to the floor. “My mother’s gone, and it’s all my fault,” he cries.

At the motel, Xander returns to bed as Sarah watches news about Susan’s kidnapping. She tells him Susan is dead.

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A devastated EJ sits against the wall. His hand rests on his head and his face contorts into an anguished expression.

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