In a hotel room, Steve and Kayla flank Tripp who sits with a dazed expression. Steve wears all black and a medallion on a gold chain. Kayla wears a long brown wig and leopard spotted fur coat.
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Justin comes home from Phoenix, as Alex goofily grins at a photo of Stephanie on his phone. Alex tells his father he shared his first kiss with the woman of his dreams. Justin wants to hear all about it, but first, he needs to track down his own dream girl. Alex tells him Bonnie went to Chicago to see Mimi. Justin thinks it’s odd that she didn’t tell him and leaves her a message. Still worried, he calls Mimi, who relays she’s not there. After talking to Maggie, Justin learns Bonnie was headed to the garden shed, so he and Alex head out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin furrows his brow while on the phone. Alex takes a deep inhale behind him.

In the garden shed, Xander, in the creepy clown mask, brings Susan and Bonnie food. Bonnie screams and yells at her captor, who shares they’ll stay there until EJ pays his mother’s ransom. After Xander leaves, a gagged Bonnie vents in her head about EJ not paying the ransom. Susan psychically orders her not to talk about her son that way. Bonnie freaks out over Susan being in her brain. Susan assures her that just like “The King,” nothing means more to Elvis than his mama, so he’ll come through for her. Bonnie psychically says while Susan hangs her hopes on her boy, she’ll wait for her prince charming to come to the rescue.

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In the garden shed, Susan and Bonnie sit side by side with gags in their mouths. Susan leans toward Bonnie with raised eye brows.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ wonders why Ava hasn’t called yet. Tony points out it all could be over if he just paid the ransom. But now, he’s as bad as Ava since he kidnapped her son. As the brothers bicker, Anna enters, and Tony fills her in on the whole mess. Anna wonders why EJ would want to hurt a wonderful, sexy man like Tripp. Tony wonders what sexy has to do with anything, and EJ declares he only went after him to even the stakes. Tony and Anna team up and urge EJ to let Tripp go.

In the crypt, Ava worries about why Steve hasn’t called. Charlie appears and taunts her about Steve failing his mission to save Tripp. As Ava yells at Charlie to leave her alone, Xander walks in, wondering who she’s talking to. She says she saw a rat. Xander wonders what’s taking so long with the ransom, and Ava tells him EJ has her kid.

Xander wants to let Susan go. He doesn’t want Susan’s or Tripp’s blood on his hands. Ava declares no one will die. Besides, she’s got a plan to rescue Tripp, so he needs to go back to Susan. He tells her it’s not just Susan anymore. Ava explodes at him, but then thinks they can ransom Bonnie too. Xander can’t do that to Justin. He’s the only Kiriakis who has been good to him.

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Steve and Kayla enter a dive bar under a red glow. In al black, he wears sunglasses, and a medallion on a gold chain. She wears a long brown wig,leopard print dress, and fur coat.

Outside the shed, Xander listens to Justin’s message on Bonnie’s phone. He says aloud that he never meant for Justin or Bonnie to get caught up in this mess. He puts on the mask and enters the shed.

Wearing sunglasses, a gold medallion, and slicked-back hair, Steve enters a dive bar and orders a shot of bourbon. He shows the bartender Tripp’s photo, but the burly, bearded man doesn’t recognize him. When Steve says whoever took him frequents the establishment, the bartender wonders why he’s so interested. Steve says it’s not him who’s interested, but his boss.

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Kayla walks in wearing a long brown wig, leopard print dress, and fur coat. Chomping on gum and using an exaggerated East Coast accent, she claims to be Ava Vitali. She tells the bartender the guy in the photo is her son, and if she doesn’t get him back safe and sound, someone’s headed for a slumber party with the fish in Lake Washington. When the bartender still won’t help them, Steve slams him against the bar. “Ava” demands to know where her son is.

In the crypt, Ava smirks while on the phone. Charlie watches her from behind.

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In a hotel room, Tripp sits bound and gagged, as his captor flips channels. Steve and Kayla burst in. Steve subdues the goon and then helps Kayla untie Tripp, who wonders what they’re wearing. Steve hands Tripp his phone to talk to a relieved Ava, and later, the cops pick up EJ’s goon.

Ava calls EJ to tell him Tripp is safe and his goon is in custody. Now, Susan’s release will cost him an extra ten million dollars. EJ agrees, but first, he wants to see his mother in person. She’ll send him a location to meet. After hanging up, Ava gloats to Charlie about getting 30 million dollars. Charlie points out that kind of money is nothing to a guy like EJ. So, if she really wants to make him pay, they should kill Susan.

Justin and Alex enter the shed. Their eyes bulge, and Alex exclaims, “What the…”

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Justin and Alex enter the garden shed with shocked expressions.

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