In the Square, Gabi gives Li a suspicious look
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Brady comes to work and notices Nicole wearing the same clothes as yesterday. She admits she stayed there last night because she told Rafe that she wants to be with Eric. But also, Jada’s pregnant. She took off after she found out and hasn’t talked to Eric since. Brady suggests she call him, but Nicole knows he’ll do the right thing and stay with Jada.

At the Pub, Eric looks at Jada’s number in his phone, as Rafe approaches. He drops Nicole’s laptop on Eric’s table. He figured she’d need it for work. Eric tells him Nicole’s not there and apologizes to Rafe. He doesn’t want to hear it, but wonders why Nicole didn’t stay there last night. Eric tells him Jada’s pregnant.

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At Brady's Pub, Jada yells at Eric. In the background, Rafe winces

Rafe demands to know what Eric’s intentions are, as Jada enters. She’s just there to get her stuff. Rafe asks if she needs help because she shouldn’t be lifting heavy boxes. Jada rails at Eric for telling her boss about her body. She shouts that he can have Nicole because she wants nothing to do with him ever again. Eric points out it’s not just her anymore, so they’re in this together. Rafe leaves them to it.

Eric declares he’ll support Jada no matter what she decides to do. Her body, her choice. Jada is surprised to hear him say that. Eric points out he left the priesthood twice, so he can’t make any dogmatic demands. However, he did always want a child. So, if she decides to have the baby, she can count on his support — financially and in any other way she wants. Where does that leave him and Nicole, she asks.

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At Basic Black, Nicole and Eric look up from the conference table with chagrined expressions

Back at Basic Black, Nicole tells Brady she can’t ask Eric to turn his back on the one thing he’s wanted his whole life. Brady notes that Eric has wanted her his whole life. He declares both she and Eric deserve happiness. He hopes they find it together. She thanks him for being the best friend anyone could ask for. Rafe enters as they hug. He dumps Nicole’s laptop on her desk and makes snide remarks about her already moving on from Eric. She explains Brady was just being a friend. Rafe scoffs. Knowing her, she should keep her options open. “Just don’t ever come crawling back to me.”

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At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi spreads out her hands as she faces Chloe and Stefan, who wear wry expressions.

At DiMera, Gabi and Stefan share a charged moment as they declare how much they hate each other. Chloe enters, and a shocked Gabi learns Li gave her a promotion. Stefan suggests if Li didn’t tell her, maybe he’s keeping secrets. Gabi gets her wedding invitation proofs and shows them off. Stefan notices her wedding date is New Year’s Eve. When she asks if that bothers him, he responds that he thought she’d want more time to plan. Also, she just told him she loved him. Also, also, it’s an important day for him because it’s the first day he set foot in Salem. Gabi remembers all too well. As they bicker, Chloe interrupts to point out they’ve both moved on. Gabi gapes and asks if Stefan moved on with   Chloe. After they confirm, Gabi rushes out.

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Stefan assures Chloe he feels nothing but contempt when he looks at Gabi. Chloe asks if he’s sure about that. Stefan proclaims she is the only woman for him and passionately kisses her.

In Jakarta, Wendy admits to Johnny that she is nervous. He removes his hand from her hip and apologizes for making her uncomfortable. She insists it’s not him, it’s about confronting Rolf. He assures her he has her back and feels for the mic under her shirt. He stands close and asks how that feels. She closes her eyes and says it feels good.

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In the motel, Johnny kneels in front of Wendy. She raises her shirt as he fastens a wire to her bare torso.

After learning she’s in Jakarta, Li calls his sister’s phone. He leaves an urgent voicemail for Jing-Wen, a.k.a Wendy, to call him. Next, he leaves a message for Rolf not to tell her anything if she contacts him. Kristen walks up and asks if there’s a problem. He shares his suspicions about Jing-Wen. Kristen suggests he get his sister in line before she finds out what he did to Stefan. Li reminds her she went along with his plan, but she knows no one expects any better from her.

Gabi approaches, and Li lies that Kristen was asking for her job back. However, he can’t help her. Kristen leaves, Gabi asks if Li’s lying to her. He told her he could help her reclaim Gabi Chic, but how can he do that if he can’t even get Kristen her job back? Li explains she and Kristen are two different situations. She abruptly changes the subject and asks if he found his sister. He says Jing-Weng is playing hooky. Gabi wonders why she would blow off a job she was so excited to start.

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Wendy and Johnny approach a lab in an office building. After confirming their code word, Johnny waits in the hallway to listen in and record her. When Rolf opens the door, Wendy lies that Li sent her there to make sure he has everything he needs. She says Li’s grateful to him for brainwashing Stefan. Rolf narrows his eyes as he says he’s happy to help. Wendy moves past a device that creates a loud vibration in Johnny’s earbud. Rolf hears it and checks the device that detects electromagnetic interference. Wendy tries to leave, but Rolf stops her and finds her wire. Wendy uses the code word, and Johnny busts in. He finds Wendy passed out on the floor. As Johnny tends to Wendy, Rolf stabs him with a syringe. Johnny passes out.

In a lab, Johnny crouches to the floor, as Rolf stabs him in the shoulder

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