In the interrogation room, Chanel looks across the table at Allie with tear stained cheeks.
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After Stephanie fields a call from the press on Paulina’s behalf about Chanel, a grave-faced Chad comes to her door. He shows her an Intruder article slandering the Price women. To spin it, Stephanie suggests accusing Trask of having an axe to grind, considering she previously went after Lani. Chad thinks he can get The Spectator on their side, but Jack’s out of town. The only other person he can ask a favor of is their new reporter, Gwen.

In the Square, Gwen holds her phone in both hands in front of a defiant looking Sonny, who juts his chin.

Gwen comes to Sweet Bits looking for a comment on her Chanel story, but it’s closed. She wonders what to do when she spots Sonny in the Square. As Allie’s brother-in-law, she asks what his family knew and when. Unwilling to answer her questions, Sonny stalks off. Sloan takes his place, happy to talk. Gwen has no interest, considering Sloan’s defense of Leo got her arrested. Sloan informs her she was the one who turned the file on Chanel over to Trask and will email her a copy. She wants everyone to know the new governor is the mother of two murderers.

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In the Square, Gwen faces Sloan

At home, Gwen gawks while reading Sloan’s email. Chad enters with a big story for her, but she already has a copy of the evidence against Chanel and Paulina — and she’s taking it to the presses. A panicked Chad points out the allegations aren’t proven yet. Gwen shrugs. The documents seem legitimate to her. Chad urges her to use the chance Jack gave her for good, and not to do Sloan’s dirty work. Gwen agrees not to publish the story until she can prove it’s true. Off the record, she hopes it’s not so that she can write the story she wants to, which is trashing Sloan and Trask.

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At the Horton House, Gwen leans over the desk in the living room. She turns her head with wide eyes.

Allie leaves a voicemail for Rafe, hoping he can get her in to see Chanel. Alex comes by the apartment when she hangs up. He thought she could use a friend. She laments not being able to see her girlfriend and wonders where the cops even got the evidence against her. Alex sheepishly tells her about Sloan and the file he tried to steal away from her. Allie gets a message from Rafe that she can see Chanel. Alex offers to babysit while she’s gone.

Alex and Henry play with blocks, as a surprised Stephanie comes by. She wanted to give Allie tips on handling the press. Alex picks up Henry when he cries, and Stephanie sticks around to help put on a puppet show for the tot. Things turn flirty as Alex and Stephanie’s puppets kiss. After Alex puts Henry down for a nap, Stephanie tells Alex their date didn’t end the way it was supposed to and suggests they kiss.

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In the interrogation room, Belle sits with Chanel across the table from Trask. Belle gapes at Trask, while Chanel keeps her eyes downcast.

Trask comes to the interrogation room to see if Chanel is ready to confess to murder. Belle enters and points out the incident Chanel is accused of happened in the United Kingdom, so this is out of Trask’s jurisdiction. Trask produces permission from Scotland Yard to question Chanel on their behalf. Belle scoffs and says Chanel won’t answer any questions until the arraignment.

Trask muses that if Chanel won’t talk, maybe Paulina would like to answer for her illegal coverup of her daughter’s crime. Chanel won’t let her mother pay for something she did, so she agrees to answer her questions. Trask shows her a photo of a woman named Martha Bedford, who Chanel recognizes. Trask then produces a copy of an incident report and Chanel’s signed statement. Trask asks if that’s an admission that she murdered Martha. Belle declares the interview over.

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In the squad room, Trask faces Allie and Belle. Allie glares, while holding a folded piece of paper.

Belle follows Trask to the squad room, as Allie breezes in. She declares no one will stop her from seeing Chanel. She hands Trask Rafe’s written authorization and runs to the interrogation room. Allie and Chanel hold hands across the table. Allie knows Chanel could never kill someone. Through tears, Chanel says, “I’m sorry, Horton, but you’re wrong. I did kill someone.”

An eager Leo arrives at work, but Paulina fires him. She shouts that he’s the reason Chanel was arrested. Leo insists Sloan getting the file was an accident, as Sloan walks in. Leo rails at his former lawyer and vows to testify that she stole from Paulina. The new governor yells at Leo that he’s making things worse and kicks him out.

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Sonny finds a glum Leo sitting on the bench outside Brady’s Pub. Leo asks him to sit. He promises not to keep him long because, unlike him, Sonny has a job, child, family, and friends. Sonny reluctantly obliges, and Leo confides everything that happened with Paulina. Sonny says it looks like he could use a friend and invites him to the Pub for breakfast. Leo asks if that’s what they are now — friends? Sonny suggests they start with breakfast.

Alone with Paulina, Sloan warns it’s only a matter of time before she’s locked up herself for covering up her daughters’ crimes. Paulina doesn’t understand why Sloan’s even doing this. She gave away her leverage, so there’s no money for her client. Sloan smirks and says this was never about the money, but payback. Paulina demands to know who wants to hurt her family. Sloan says, “The person who wants payback, is me.”

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