Jada stands in Basic Black's doorway and watches Eric and Nicole kiss.
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander panics about Bonnie going to the garden shed. He pretends to get a work text and rushes out. Maggie wonders why a pharmaceutical start-up would need him at night. Sarah muses it’s a good sign that they do. Right? Victor joins them and hears about Xander’s job with a company he’s never heard of.

In the shed, Bonnie tries to free Susan’s feet from the restraints, as Xander returns in the clown mask. Bonnie grabs a pitchfork to fend him off, but he overpowers her and ties her up. After Xander’s gone, Bonnie frees her mouth from the gag and screams for help, despite knowing no one can hear her. However, she points out Maggie knows she’s there so someone will come for them. Bonnie realizes she brought her phone, but it must have fallen when she encountered the clown.

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In the garden shed, Bonnie fends off Xander in his creepy clown mask with a pitchfork.

Xander returns to the mansion and Victor gets in more digs about him. When Sarah gets paged to work, Maggie says it will just be the four of them and gets up to look for Bonnie. Victor says it’s too dark and suggests Xander go instead. He was just about to, but oh, wait. Maggie did you just get a text? Xander asks. She reads a message from Bonnie that says Mimi had an emergency so she had to go to Chicago. Xander leaves them to enjoy their anniversary alone.

Xander returns to the shed in the clown mask and shows Bonnie the text he sent on her behalf. She realizes if he knows about Mimi, then he must know her. Xander returns Bonnie’s gag.

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In the crypt, a horrified Ava shows Charlie her phone screen.

When Ava can’t get a hold of Tripp, she leaves a message for EJ that she will kill him if he lays one finger on her son. Charlie chuckles over EJ besting her — and she can’t say she didn’t have it coming. EJ texts her to release Susan, and she’ll get her son back. Ava wants to call Xander, but Charlie stops her. He points out EJ is being ruthless, which is how she needs to react.

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At Basic Black, Eric and Nicole wrap their arms around each other and kiss

Jada comes to Basic Black as Nicole and Eric make out. Teary-eyed, she leaves. Eric pulls away thinking they just lost their heads. Nicole confesses her feelings are the same as when they got married. Eric admits he was going to admit his feelings for her, but he showed up on the day she married Rafe — and now he’s with Jada. Nicole says his thing with Jada isn’t what they have, and Jada knows it. Eric reminds her she’s married and that matters.

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At Basic Black, Eric nuzzles Nicole's nose.

Nicole loves Rafe and doesn’t want to hurt him, but she only married him to forget about Eric. He blames himself for leaving her right after they got married. Through tears, she tells Eric that despite all the pain, she loves him and always will. But if he doesn’t want to be with her, she will accept it. Either way, she needs to end it with Rafe. Eric cups her face and kisses her. With tears in both of their eyes, they embrace. Nicole asks if she should go. He says no. She asks about Jada. Eric will do the right thing because his heart belongs to someone else. They promise not to screw it up this time and kiss again.

At the Pub, Steve sits with a glum Rafe and gets filled in on his Nicole drama. Steve suggests Rafe trust his wife and tell her how he really feels. Jada arrives and asks to talk to Rafe alone. Steve leaves, and she tells Rafe she just saw Eric and Nicole together. He relays he was just there and fought with Nicole over the photo shoot. Tired, Jada stands to leave and faints in Rafe’s arms.

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After Ava calls Steve, she meets him at his place. She shows him the photo of Tripp tied up with a gun to his head. Steve calls EJ’s move against her overkill and demands to know what she did. She says nothing. He doesn’t believe her, but doesn’t have time because he has to go confront EJ. She begs him to find Tripp instead. Wary of Ava, Steve declares that of course, he’ll find their son.

At the hospital, Rafe watches as Sarah talks to Eric.

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Rafe calls Eric from the hospital about Jada. Eric arrives and talks with Sarah. She thinks Jada fainted due to low blood sugar, but they drew blood so they should have answers soon. She takes him to see her and Nicole arrives.

Rafe brings Nicole to a waiting room where he apologizes for making a big deal out of nothing earlier. Her eyes well as she tells him he was right — she wants to be with Eric.

In an exam room, Jada’s cold to Eric who asks if something is wrong. Jada starts to respond, but Sarah interrupts. She asks to talk to Jada in private, but Jada wants Eric there. Sarah hands her the results of her blood work. Jada looks at it and says, “Oh my god. I’m pregnant.”

In the hospital lobby, Rafe and Nicole sit facing each other.

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