At the Bistro, Alex grabs Leo's black and white patterned lapels. Sonny looks up at them from a table
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At The Bistro, Sonny has second thoughts about dinner with Leo, who charms him into staying. Alex arrives, and Leo hides behind Sonny. Alex assures him he’s there for Stephanie, but gets in several snarky comments. Leo leads a reluctant Sonny to a table and pouts over Alex treating him like gum on the bottom of his shoe. Sonny can’t blame him considering all Leo’s done to Sonny and Will in the past. Leo admits he’s done things he regrets, but he wants them to get along.

At the Bistro, Sonny leans across the table pointing at Leo, who looks offended

Sonny isn’t here for Leo’s ulterior motives and reminds him he’s married — in case he’s looking for a sugar daddy again. Offended, Leo blurts out he’s just looking for friendship. He doesn’t have a single gay male friend in Salem. Maybe Sonny doesn’t know what it’s like to be lonely, but Leo tells him it sucks. When Sonny questions his sincerity, Leo says he uses humor to keep people at a distance, so he’s not surprised when they don’t believe he’s revealing a piece of his heart. He just didn’t expect Sonny to be like everyone else.

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Chad finds Sloan drinking a martini at the Pub. She declares she’s celebrating, but he doesn’t think she has anything left to blackmail Paulina with since Stephanie gave her the file. Sloan informs Chad she stole it right back thanks to Leo. Chad asks how much to buy it back. Sloan declares Paulina will get what’s coming to her and she will have no one to blame but him and Stephanie. After learning Sloan went to Trask, Chad makes an urgent call.

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Back at the Bistro, Stephanie thanks Alex again for getting the file from Sloan. Alex says if that’s all it took to get a date with her, he’d do it all over again. Off her wary expression, he apologizes for being presumptuous. Stephanie admits it might be time for her to rethink her reasons for refusing him. He is happy to hear it, and she ignores Chad’s call.

Chad rushes to The Bistro. After learning what happened, Stephanie and Alex wonder how Leo got into Paulina’s safe. Chad points at Leo. Alex storms over and grabs him out of his seat, but Chad and Stephanie get him to back off. Stephanie asks a confused Leo if Sloan was at Paulina’s office today. Leo confirms that she was and tells them about opening the safe while she was there. He insists he didn’t help her, but admits he was distracted when he counted the money.

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At the Bistro, Chad stands at Stephanie and Alex's table. He glowers and points across the restaurant.

Alone with Sonny, Leo vows he didn’t help Sloan on purpose. Despite himself, Sonny believes him. Across the room, Stephanie tells Alex she has to get to work and suggests they do this another time. Alex would like that. Chad eyes him as he follows Stephanie out.

After Shawn arrests Chanel in front of reporters, Abe drags Paulina to her office. He knows the reporters will ask her questions she doesn’t have answers for. Paulina pulls a guilty face, and Abe says, “Or maybe you do.” She confesses that Sloan was blackmailing her over Chanel, and discovers the file missing from her safe. Paulina wants to go see Chanel, but Abe suggests they formulate a plan first. He also wants to know what Chanel did.

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Shawn arrests Chanel in the Square. Allie stands next to them and gapes.

Off-screen, Paulina fills in Abe who can’t believe Chanel has been carrying around this burden for so long. Paulina is sorry for keeping it from him. Abe understands why she did this and vows to do anything he can to help them.

Belle finds a chipper Trask at the police station who gleefully tells her Shawn is out arresting Chanel. Shawn brings the murder suspect in, and Belle instructs Chanel not to say anything. After Shawn leads her to booking, Allie arrives and tell Belle that Chanel was charged with murder.

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Chanel stands for a mugshot

After taking Chanel’s mugshot, Shawn returns and tells the women Chanel’s in interrogation with Trask. Allie begs Shawn to help her.

Belle enters the interrogation room, interrupting Trask’s questioning. She asks Chanel if she wants representation. Chanel says yes, and Belle tells Trask the interrogation is over. A glowering Trask leaves, and Chanel tells Belle about the blackmail file. Belle doesn’t want to know everything just yet. She wants to look over the evidence with unbiased eyes. Belle reminds Chanel in a court of law it’s not always about the truth, but what can be proven true.

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Back in the squad room, Allie tells Trask her girlfriend is not a murderer. Trask retorts that she’s been keeping a very big secret from everyone, but it’s all going to come out now. Later, Allie gets a call from Paulina. Allie tells her Belle is taking Chanel’s case, and Paulina instructs her to tell Chanel that “Mama is coming.”

Trask returns to the interrogation room to send Chanel to lockup. Shawn enters and is instructed to take Chanel away in handcuffs.

As Abe and Paulina prepare to leave to see Chanel, Abe opens the door to a gloating Sloan. Paulina calls her a miserable heartless cow and leaves.

Shawn brings Chanel to the squad room, where Allie tells her girlfriend she loves her. Trask orders Shawn to take her away. Allie cries and falls into Belle’s arms.

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