Balloons surround Paulina at a lectern in the Square. She proudly juts her chin as Chanel and Abe clap on either side of her.
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After voting and shopping, Julie and Doug sit for lunch in the Square. Shawn approaches to tell his grandmother she’s been accused of shoplifting. He checks her bag and asks if she has a receipt for the faux mink stole. She asks Doug for it because he’s the one who paid for it. Doug thought she paid for it. Julie’s face falls. She returns to the store with Shawn to clear up the misunderstanding.

When Julie and Shawn return, Doug points out it wasn’t the first time she shoplifted. Julie flashes back to getting busted as a teenager and Tom and Mickey coming to her rescue. In fact, it was 57 years ago to this very day.

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Shawn sits at a table in the Square with Doug and Julie

Chad catches Stephanie covering the opposing candidate’s poster with Paulina’s. She admits it was a bad impulse, but she just wants to make sure Paulina wins. Has no doubt she will, and then he’ll take Stephanie out for dinner to celebrate. Stephanie thanks him, but she already has plans with Alex. Chad wonders why the change of heart. She explains she wanted to thank him for taking the file, thus saving her job. Chad thinks going to dinner with him will make Alex think she’s interested.

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Stephanie admits her opinion of Alex has changed and she’s going into dinner with an open mind. She credits meeting Chad with making her want to open up to someone again. Since he’s not interested… Chad blurts, “Who said I wasn’t interested?” She admits she overheard him with Alex. He explains he didn’t know how to respond to Alex’s questions about his feelings for her, so he just blurted that out. He’d like to see where his and Stephanie’s attraction goes, but he’s still grieving Abigail. He’s not ready to start seeing anyone in a serious way, and he doesn’t know if he will be. He’s glad she wants to date again even if Alex isn’t his first choice.

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Abe meets a nervous Paulina in her office. They check the polls and discover they are both leading in their respective races. Leo comes in with messages from Tammy, the current governor, and… Sloan. Abe wonders why the lawyer keeps pestering her. Paulina lies that she wants a job as an in-house counsel and can’t take no for an answer.

After Abe leaves, Leo admits Sloan is still harassing him for the money he owes and asks for an advance in salary. Paulina agrees to give him cash from her safe, which also contains papers she needs to shred. She gets an alert about an interview and vows to get Leo money later.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Alex and Sonny face each other in upward dog pose on their yoga mats

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex leads Sonny in yoga poses, which Sonny hates. Sloan stomps in and accuses Alex of taking her blackmail file. Alex denies it, but Sloan knows better and storms out. Sonny questions Alex about the file. He confesses he stole it for Stephanie, who asked him out to dinner. He admits Sonny was right about taking it slow and vows not to blow it.

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Sloan comes to Paulina’s office, but only finds Leo. He promises to get her money tomorrow, but she threatens to send in her “associates.” He panics and gets into Paulina’s safe. He’s sure she won’t mind since she was going to give him the money anyway. Sloan notices the blackmail file in the safe.

Allie comes home to Chanel who was playing with a now-napping Henry. Allie finds questions a media outlet wants to ask Chanel that pertain to her future family plans. They both agree they’re in no rush to get married, but are open to it, and would like to add more kids someday. They joke about partying all over London a few short years ago, and now they’re planning their futures like real adults.

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At the apartment, Chanel pulls a wry face as she and Allie look at a piece of paper

Leo enters the Kiriakis mansion as Sonny practices his downward dog pose. He wants to take Sonny out to dinner to celebrate his new job. Later, Sonny returns to the living room dressed for dinner and admits to Alex he’s going out with Leo. Alex wonders why. Sonny is tired of being cooped up in the house, but assures his brother he’s not betraying Will.

At home, Doug presents Julie with a cake, with the number 57 in candles, to celebrate the anniversary of her life of crime.

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In her office, a jubilant Paulina reaches out for Abe. A grinning Chad, Allie and Stephanie surround them.

After talking to Lani on the phone, Abe and Paulina learn they both won their races. In the Square, Abe makes a speech to declare that while he is grateful to have been elected again, he is stepping down as mayor to support his governor wife. Paulina speaks next. She thanks her campaign staff, her husband, and two daughters. Chanel and Abe join her at the lectern as Paulina declares there is nothing more important than family.

Sonny shows up and congratulates Leo, who leads Sonny off for dinner. Stephanie thanks Chad for his help and walks off arm-in-arm with Alex. Chad wistfully watches. At the Pub, Sloan sips a martini. She says, “Enjoy your victory while you can, Ms. Price.” Back in the Square, Allie, Chanel, Paulina, and Abe revel in their victory. Shawn walks up and arrests Chanel on suspicion of murder.

In the Square, Chad grins at Stephanie who links her arm through Alex's.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Paulina confesses to Abe, and Leo opens up to Sonny.

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