In the DiMera mansion, Xander sneaks up behind Susan. He wears latex gloves and carries a blue cloth.

In the crypt, Ava packs a bag with rope, chloroform, and other kidnapping tools. She ignores several texts from Tripp who’s worried she’ll do something she’ll regret. When she starts to text back, Charlie appears to her. He wants her to stop thinking about wimping out, but Ava’s not sure she can do this to Susan. Charlie insists nothing bad will happen to her. Besides, she already hired Xander, so there’s no turning back now.

In the crypt, Charlie lurks behind Ava, who looks down with a frown.

Xander returns to the motel room as Sarah tries to kill another bug. When she asks about his job search, he confirms he has a promising prospect. Sarah screams upon seeing another roach and Xander slams down her planner to kill it. The planner opens, revealing Maggie’s check. Xander assumes Sarah has no faith in him. She insists she does and offers to refuse it right now. Xander stops her. He knows his insecurities are his problem. He gets a text from Ava to meet her at the crypt. He tells Sarah he’s been asked for a second interview. To prove her faith in him, she rips up Maggie’s check.

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In their motel room, Sarah pulls a tense face behind Xander, who gapes at a check in his hand

At home, Brady confronts Kristen over Chloe’s promotion. She denies involvement, but does think it’s a positive change for all of them. He states that Kristen can fix it so Chloe changes jobs, but it won’t change his love for her. They argue until Rachel enters the living room. She doesn’t like them fighting because it makes her tummy hurt, which has been happening all day.

Kristen feels her daughter’s warm forehead and worries it’s her appendix. Brady thinks she just ate too much Halloween candy and settles her onto the couch. Considering she had a bone marrow transplant, Kristen thinks they should go to the hospital anyway. Brady points out she gets motion sickness, and she’s already nauseous. Kristen wishes doctors still did house calls. Brady knows one they can call — Sarah.

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Sitting across from Rachel at John and Marlena's, Kristen reaches out to Rachel. In between them, Brady leans his face on his hand.

After Sarah checks out Rachel, she prescribes more fruit and vegetables and less candy. She gives Rachel sunglasses that light up, recalling that she always liked them — even when she was a baby. Kristen walks Sarah out to thank her. She knows that couldn’t have been easy. Sarah liked taking care of Rachel again. Kristen asks her to send her a bill. It’s the least she can do. Sarah retorts, “After kidnapping me and ruining my life?” She doesn’t want her money. Kristen points out that Xander doesn’t have a job, but Sarah mentions he has an interview right now, so they’re fine.

Back inside, Brady sits with Rachel, and Kristen brings her water. Rachel’s glad they aren’t fighting anymore. Kristen says the one thing they agree on is that they love her. Kristen joins them on the couch and puts her hand over Brady’s. Brady side-eyes her.

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Stefan smirks at Wendy in the DiMera boardroom

In the DiMera boardroom, Stefan demands to know who Wendy was talking to about him. She lies that she was talking to herself while updating his file. She asks about his resurrection and brings up Gabi. She’d hate to see her brother get hurt and asks if he’s sure he’ll never love her again. Guarded, he admits he doesn’t remember what made him change his feelings for Gabi. However, Rolf swore he didn’t tamper with him, and that’s good enough for him. Gabi is his past, and he’s very much looking forward to his future. Wendy asks if there’s someone else as Chloe arrives.

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In the DiMera boardroom, Stefan kisses Chloe

After Wendy leaves, Chloe tells Stefan about her promotion. She admits she took it to get away from Brady and she’s miserable about it. Stefan holds her as she tears up. She wishes she could forget about Brady for just a few minutes. Stefan thinks he can help with that and kisses her. She responds.

In the DiMera mansion, EJ demands to know what Johnny and Susan were talking about. Susan says Johnny’s missing Ava something fierce. Johnny plays along and bemoans being played by her. EJ steps out to take a call and Johnny thanks his grandma for covering for him. Johnny gets a text from Wendy, who wants to meet at the apartment. Susan senses danger and urges her grandson to be careful. He thanks his “witch grandma” and leaves.

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At the DiMera mansion, Johnny glowers behind an animated Susan who talks to EJ

EJ returns to Susan, who senses someone just walked over someone else’s grave. He’s sorry her gifts are worrying her, but wonders if Johnny asked her to choose sides between them. Susan assures him she’d never do that. She loves them both.

At the apartment, Wendy shows Johnny the list of former DiMera pilots Li requested. Johnny recognizes Ned Granger’s name as the man Kristen used to kidnap two women. Li and EJ surely knew he was bribable. So, if they track him down, they could find Rolf.

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In the crypt, Xander meets Ava, who tells orders him to grab Susan right now. Xander doesn’t even have a plan yet. Ava made one and gives him the kidnapping bag. Once he’s left, Charlie reappears to tell Ava how proud he is of her.

Xander lurks outside the DiMera French doors, as Susan informs a disgusted EJ they’re having fried catfish for dinner. He leaves to talk with Cook, and Xander sneaks in. He grabs Susan from behind and puts a rag over her mouth. He drags her away, and she drops a glass heart that shatters on the floor.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chloe and Stefan discuss their relationship, and Johnny and Wendy turn to Anna for help.

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