In the Black Black hallway, Li faces a wide-eyed Chloe, and squinting Brady
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In the hallway at Basic Black, Li interrupts Chloe trying to get the truth out of Brady. Li heaps praise on Chloe regarding her job performance and offers her a position at DiMera. Despite Chloe deserving the promotion, Brady assumes Kristen put him up to it. Li points out Kristen no longer works at DiMera, so this is a legit offer.

In the office, Nicole balks at modeling with Eric, but Alex calls them magic together. He’ll even take the test shots that could lead to a whole campaign. Alex steps out, leaving Nicole to voice her concerns about the shoot, mostly when it comes to Rafe. Eric will happily nix the whole thing if she gives him the word.

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In front of a beige photo shoot back drop, Alex holds up his hands to frame Eric and Nicole

Alex comes to the hallway for Brady’s suit. They head off, leaving Li to sweet-talk Chloe into coming to the mothership. She wonders if Stefan has anything to do with this. Li admits Stefan moving on with Chloe would benefit him, but this is about business, and Stefan knows nothing about it. Before Chloe can give Li an answer, Brady returns in a Basic Black sweater.

Chloe tells Li she’s proud of the work she and Brady have done there. Brady chimes in that they make a good team. Chloe agrees that they did, but now she’s ready for something new. She accepts the job despite not knowing what exactly it is. A thrilled Li leaves, and Brady whispers that he never wanted it to be like this. Chloe chokes up demanding again to know what he’s trying to tell her. He clears his throat and just congratulates her on her new job. She stomps off in tears.

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Against a plain beige backdrop, Nicole throws back her head and wraps her arms around Eric, who leans in to her neck

Alex returns to Nicole and Eric in the office. Based on their expressions, he assumes they don’t want to do the shoot. He gives another sales pitch, and Nicole agrees to it. Eric and Nicole start out posing stiffly, but with Alex’s encouragement and claims of magic, they stare into each other’s eyes and move into each other’s arms.

As Gabi waits for Li outside Sweet Bits to sample wedding cakes, Stefan walks up. They banter about Chloe, Li, and Stefan’s lack of feelings for her. She tells him she tracked down Rolf, who convinced her he didn’t alter Stefan’s feelings. Stefan needles her about the wedding cake samples and rants about how meaningless their own marriage was.

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In the Horton Square, Gabi smirks at Stefan

Gabi recounts wanting revenge for his sending her to prison for Andre’s murder, but she did fall in love with him. She also recalls a wedding cake she hid in the kitchen to celebrate her success — and it was good. They have a charged moment, and he picks up a piece of chocolate cake. He says, “Kind of like this one?” She nods. He takes a bite and then feeds her one. She says it’s even better than she remembers it.

Li finds them together. Stefan advises Li not to go with the piece in his hand. It starts out great, he says, eyeing Gabi, but the aftertaste is bitter. Gabi narrows her eyes as he walks away.

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In the DiMera boardroom, Wendy faces EJ with a nervous expression

Wendy snoops through Li’s papers at DiMera as she fills Johnny in over the phone about what she overheard about Rolf. EJ enters with a raised brow. “Need some help?” he asks. Johnny overhears his dad before Wendy nervously hangs up. She introduces herself to EJ, who wonders if there is something specific she is looking for. She covers that she wants to digitally convert Li’s paper files for security reasons. Unconcerned by a security breach, EJ rejects her request. She pivots and asks to look at the DiMera jet records for expense reports. He gets her into the system.

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While combing through digital records, Wendy discovers Li requested a list of DiMera pilots who left the company in the last five years. She calls the travel department for Li’s documents and leaves Johnny a message. If she can nail down which pilot he used and where they went, she can track down where Li sent Rolf. Then they’ll be one step closer to finding out what EJ and Li did to Stefan. She hangs up, and Stefan enters the office. “Someone say my name?” he asks.

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On the DiMera living room couch, Johnny faces Susan with a raised brow

Susan interrupts Johnny’s conversation with Stefano’s portrait about his reasons for investigating his father. Susan understands him talking to the dead — she does it too — but she warns him against taking Stefano’s advice. Susan leaps back when Johnny reaches out to touch her. She heard from the spirits loud and clear that he really is out to get his daddy.

Johnny relents and fills Susan in on his theory about Stefan’s brainwashing. She assumes he’s going after EJ for kicking out Ava. Johnny points out EJ could have ruined people’s lives. Isn’t that a good thing to expose? He implores her to keep her mouth shut. “Keep your mouth shut about what?” EJ demands to know upon entering.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ava thinks twice about her plans, and Stefan’s there for Chloe.

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