At a table in the Square, Xander leans back to listen to Ava, who wears a blonde wig
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In a motel room, Sarah frantically searches while assuring Maggie over the phone that she and Xander will be fine there. Maggie counters that it’s a dive, but Sarah doesn’t think they’ll be there that long. She hangs up and kneels at the bed, sniffing. She looks underneath it and screams. Xander rushes in and finds her standing on the bed. He looks underneath and shrugs. It’s just a cockroach. Ava lurks outside their door in a blonde wig and sunglasses, as Xander rids them of the insect.

Sarah stands on the motel room bed and points down. Xander looks up at her

Xander moves to close the door, but Sarah tells him to leave it open because there’s also a smell. Xander apologizes for their situation and bemoans his bleak prospects. Sarah knows something will come along for him. If not, he quips, he can always return to a life of crime. In the hallway, Ava smirks. Xander assures Sarah he’s not serious, well not really, but a few smuggled diamonds could afford them a lavish vacation. She rejects that plan, so he leaves to find a respectable high paying job. A disguised Ava follows him.

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Ava wears a blonde wig and holds sunglasses to her face

From the Kiriakis living room, Johnny talks to Wendy over the phone about their plot. EJ walks in, and Johnny abruptly hangs up. EJ challenges Johnny to admit he’s seeking revenge on Ava’s behalf. Susan runs in ordering her son to leave Johnny alone. EJ recounts to Johnny what happened with the knife-wielding clown. An incredulous Johnny goes on record that the does not want to murder him. Nor is he plotting against him. EJ hopes it’s true because he’d hate to think his own son would betray him.

In her office, Paulina tells Sloan over the phone that the money is ready to go. After hanging up, Stephanie breezes in. Paulina rants at her, until Stephanie shows her the blackmail file. Paulina agrees to keep her on staff especially with the election just a week away. Stephanie worries Sloan could plant a rumor which could snowball. But Paulina thinks without proof, they’re in the clear.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie asks Alex about the mysterious file. All he’ll say is that file could have destroyed many lives, but thanks to them, that’s not going to happen. Alone, he pulls out his phone to text Stephanie, but Chad walks in. He asks Alex to convince Victor not to fire Stephanie. Alex assures him that won’t happen because he got her the file. But why all the concern? Does he have feelings for her? A defensive Chad states it’s none of his business and then realizes Alex is still hung up on her. He deadpans that she’s just not that into him.

Stephanie arrives and eavesdrops as Alex accuses Chad of marking his territory. Chad’s voice catches as he states the love of his life just died. He doesn’t want to move on with anybody right now, let alone Stephanie. Alex muses, but eventually… Chad shouts for him to leave it alone. There will never be anything between him and Stephanie, who looks off pensively. She makes her presence known and tells them she got her job back with Paulina. She asks for a moment alone with Alex. Chad leaves, and Stephanie tells Alex she wants to repay him by taking him out to dinner. He muses that’s crossing a line, but she says she’s decided to make an exception.

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In a wood paneled motel room, Sarah's eyes bulge as she puts out her and Xander's wedding photo. Maggie sits in a chair nearby

Maggie stops by the motel with lemon bars, which a starving Sarah gobbles up. Sarah tries to pretend the motel isn’t that bad, but Maggie insists she come home with her. Sarah declines because Xander wants to provide for them. In fact, he’s looking for a job right now. Sarah just hopes it’s an honest one. Maggie pulls out her checkbook to help tide them over. Sarah refuses until Maggie squashes another roach. Sarah looks for a pen.

In the Square, Xander searches the want ads, as a blonde Ava sits at a table behind him. Without turning around, she tells Xander if he kidnaps EJ’s mother, she’ll make it worth his while. Xander respectfully tells her to go to hell as EJ approaches. Ava’s back remains turned as the men exchange barbs. Xander asks EJ for a job in exchange for information on one of his enemies. EJ assumes he’s talking about Victor and sneers at his lack of loyalty. EJ calls him a loser and a bum who was outwitted by Philip Kiriakis. How stupid can he be? But if he really needs a job, his hedges could use a trim. Xander snarls as a chuckling EJ departs.

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Back at the mansion, Johnny thanks his grandmother for sticking up for him. Anytime, she sing songs. Especially since he’s telling the truth. Right? Johnny assures her he wouldn’t dress up in a costume to scare his father. She asks about his relationship with Ava and then Chanel, before encouraging him to never give up on finding love. She touches his chest and senses that love is right around the corner for him.

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In front of the refridgerator, Chanel raises her brow to Wendy, who wears a v-neck t-shirt

Chanel comes home with coffee and baked goods for Wendy. She asks her new roomie what’s going on with her and Johnny. Wendy insists they’re just friends, but Chanel wants to make sure Wendy isn’t using him. Wendy explains they are working toward a common goal, besides, he’s not even interested in her. Chanel says she and Allie are protective of Johnny and don’t want to see him get hurt again. Wendy assures her no hearts will be broken.

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At her apartment door, Chanel shares a laugh with Johnny, and places her hand on his chest

As the women chuckle over an arrogant Johnny’s true puppy dog nature, he appears in the doorway. After Chanel leaves, Wendy changes for work and Johnny asks if they can strategize. She has things handled on her end, but she could use his opinion on whether her sweater and pants are a good-first-day-at-DiMera outfit. He moves in to fix her collar. They stare awkwardly at each other as he tells her she looks perfect.

In the kitchen, Johnny stares into Wendy's eyes. Wendy's lips are slightly parted

In Paulina’s office, she assures Chanel what happened in the past will stay there. The truth will never come out.

EJ brings Susan chocolate croissants at the mansion, while in the Square, Ava asks if Xander is ready to reconsider her offer. All he has to do is babysit Susan until EJ pays a hefty ransom. Xander likes the sound of that, as well as freaking out EJ. “Alright. Let’s do it,” he says. “Let’s bleed that bastard dry.”

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