In the crypt, a grave faced Ava looks off
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At the Horton House, Stephanie apologizes to Chad for hiring him onto a sinking ship. He tells her EJ offered him a job, but, sinking ship or not, he enjoys working with her. They joke about how badly things went with Paulina, and Stephanie digs into Halloween candy. Specifically, red licorice bites she used to love as a kid. They grin at each other, as Charlotte and Thomas run downstairs after Charlotte had a scary dream.

At the Horton House, a grinning Chad holds up a candy packet to Stephanie

Chad introduces his kids to Mommy’s cousin. Thomas wonders why she’s there and why they haven’t seen her before. Stephanie explains she grew up in California and their mother used to visit all the time. She tells them a story about the two of them watching Chucky and how Abby stayed up all night with her when she was scared. Charlotte asks if Stephanie can take her back to bed. Stephanie leaves with the kids and Chad looks off, emotional.

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On the Horton couch, Chad puts and arm around Charlotte and looks to Thomas. Abigail looks on with a smile

When Stephanie returns, Chad thanks her for telling Charlotte a story about her mother. Stephanie is happy to stop by anytime she wants to hear one. That means a lot to him. Stephanie laments having to go to tell her mother at the hospital that she was fired. Chad knows she’ll find something else. Anyone would be lucky to have her. After Stephanie leaves, Chad pops a couple of licorice bites into his mouth and smiles.

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At the Horton House, Chad looks off intently. A photo of Abigail and fall flowers display on the mantle behind him

At her place, Sloan remains handcuffed and blindfolded to the bed. Alex, in a cop costume, pages through the file he found. The doorbell rings, and he opens it to Maggie and Holly, who is dressed as a shark. Holly wonders who the blindfolded lady on the bed is. Maggie gapes and says they should get going, but Holly wants candy. Alex empties a candy bowl into her bag and slips the file to Maggie. He asks her to hold on to it for him. Alex returns to Sloan and takes off her blindfold. She wants him to get naked, but he can’t stay. He makes up a lie about needing to work and uncuffs her before he leaves.

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Alex opens a door to Maggie. He turns over his shoulder with a shocked expression

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah slaps Xander away from eating all the Halloween candy. Sitting nearby, Victor hands him a stack of bills from collection agencies. He taunts that Xander can’t pay a single one because he doesn’t have a job. Sarah fiercely defends Xander, who got a job with Jack. Xander interrupts her rant to explain that it didn’t happen.

When Victor wonders how Xander will pay off his bills, Sarah announces that she’ll do it. Victor taunts his nephew about letting his wife clean up his mistakes, adding that Xander’s not even man enough to put a roof over his wife’s head. Xander lashes out over Victor’s disrespect, as Maggie returns wondering what’s going on. Xander announces they’re moving out and leads Sarah away.

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Standing with Sarah, Xander holds bills, and glares at a sitting Victor at the Kiriakis mansion

Maggie demands to know what Victor said to his nephew. Victor plays dumb, and Alex shows up looking for the file from Maggie. After Alex leaves, Xander and Sarah return with their bags. Maggie tries to change Xander’s mind, but Victor’s disparaging remarks fuel Xander’s desire to leave. Sarah wonders where they’ll go. Xander assures her he’ll figure something out. An uneasy Sarah meekly says, “Okay.”

Alex finds Stephanie at the hospital and hands her Sloan’s file.

In regular clothes, Alex faces Stephanie at the hospital, holding a file

Dressed as a clown, Susan frantically warns a skeptical EJ she got a premonition that someone is out to get him. It happened when she put on her costume. He admits he saw someone with a knife in the same costume earlier and wonders if Johnny’s the one after him. Susan holds a photo of EJ and Johnny and asks the spirits if Johnny’s the evil clown they’re searching for. She detects the spirits are restless tonight because there’s something wicked in the air. Whoever is out to get him wants to make him suffer.

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In the DiMera crypt, a pale and veiny Charlie smirks. He wears a dark gothic shirt and jacket

In the crypt, Ava wonders how Charlie is there. He doesn’t know. Maybe he’s in her head, or maybe not. Either way, he got there just in time. He taunts her about going to Seattle with her golden boy Tripp to pack his lunches. He knows the grunge lifestyle serving lattes at the Space Needle isn’t for her because she’s a cold-hearted bitch who wouldn’t save her own son.

Charlie lists Ava’s various crimes and claims he is the only person who has ever truly loved her for who she is. That’s why he came back — to help her destroy EJ. He encourages her to enlist a desperate goon like Xander to do her dirty work. Ava wonders what she’d have him do. Charlie declares everyone has a weakness. He’s confident Ava will find EJ’s and slice it open with a scalpel. He vanishes.

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An intense Susan wears a clown costume as she holds EJ's face

In the DiMera mansion, EJ has Cook whip up peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches for a tickled Susan. As they enjoy them, Ava lurks outside the French doors. She recalls Charlie telling her there is no love like the one between a mother and son. She pulls out her phone and texts Tripp that she changed her mind about Seattle.

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