At the DiMera mansion, someone in a creepy clown mask raises their hands, as EJ points a letter opener at them
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While at work, Alex gets a text from Sloan wondering if he’s up for more tricks and treats. She sends a photo of handcuffs. He starts to reply as Stephanie enters. Alex needs her to whip up a press release, but she needs his help with Paulina first. She’s convinced the file she’s looking for is in a locked cabinet in Sloan’s apartment. While he is pretty sure he knows where the key is, stealing from Sloan is crossing a line.

Stephanie counters that Sloan crossed a line first and lays it on thick about how much good Paulina can do for their state as governor. He playfully needles her about what she’s asking of him, but ultimately says he doesn’t feel comfortable going to Sloan’s with a secret agenda. However, Alex looks off pensively after Stephanie leaves.

At his desk, Alex purses his lips and point his glasses at Stephanie

In her office, Paulina leaves Stephanie a message wondering about Sloan’s blackmail file and to thank her for all she’s done to neutralize the threat. After she hangs up, Sloan shows up to fill her in on Stephanie and Chad’s counterfeit scheme. Sloan says the price has now gone up for her client and hands Paulina an offshore account number. If the money’s not there first thing tomorrow, Paulina’s political career and Chanel’s life as she knows it are over.

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In her office, Paulina frowns at Sloan

Later, Alex drops by Sloan’s place dressed as a cop. She could use some role-play after the day she’s had. She advises he get rid of Stephanie as his PR person because she’s an incompetent lying bitch. Alex isn’t there to talk about business. He’s there to handle it. He whips out handcuffs and secures her to the bed. Next, he blindfolds her and swipes her keys from her bag. He teases her with a surprise as he quietly opens her file cabinet. He finds a file labeled, Price. As he looks through it, the doorbell rings.

In a cop costume, Alex crosses his arms and eyes Sloan

Stephanie comes to see Paulina who fires her with extreme prejudice. Stephanie just needs a chance to make things right, but Paulina doesn’t see any other option for her but to pay the blackmailer. Stephanie apologizes, but Paulina says she’ll be even sorrier after she tells Victor and all her other high-profile clients to cut ties with her.

At the hospital, Tripp finds Steve dressed like a pirate for the kids’ Halloween party. Steve tries to get him to stay in Salem, but Tripp says he has a life in Seattle. In fact, he came there to say goodbye. Steve mentions Ava, and Tripp tells him how EJ ran her out of town. Steve doesn’t think that sounds like Ava, but Tripp muses losing Jake took the fight out of her. As Steve heads off to see Kayla, Tripp hangs back to text Ava goodbye.

In Kayla’s hospital room, she tries to convince Joey to stay in town by listing Salem’s attributes, which include supervillains, paranormal activity, and Wendy Shin. Joey says fighting with Tripp over Wendy would get ugly, so she’s one more reason not to stay. Kayla just wants him to be happy wherever he is. He takes note of a present she received, and she opens the card, which is from Orpheus.

A creepy clown holds a knife while peering into the DiMera windows

As EJ gloats over the phone to Belle about Ava’s banishment, Ava peers through the mansion’s window from outside. She pulls a creepy clown mask over her face and raises a knife as EJ turns and sees her. Startled, he walks toward the door until another clown in the same mask enters behind him. EJ jumps. Chad laughs as he pulls off the mask. EJ tells him someone with the same costume is lurking around. Chad relays he was just at the Town Scare where a vendor was selling them, so it was probably just a kid out outside.

In a clown costume without the mask, Chad turns his back to EJ. He holds a knife to his chin as he considers

Chad asks why he called him over. EJ wants his brother to return to work at DiMera. He can name his own terms and even get his stock shares back. It means a lot to Chad, but he declines. He has a job with Stephanie that’s low-stress, and he likes working with her. EJ questions his interest in Stephanie, but Chad insists he won’t be ready to date for a long time. EJ says the door is always open at DiMera should he change his mind. Chad appreciates that and the brothers hug. Chad asks if he still gets his shares back. Of course, EJ responds. What about Kate, Chad asks. Never, EJ deadpans.

Ava gets off the hospital elevator in her clown costume and reveals herself to Tripp. He brings her to a waiting room and asks her to come to Seattle with him. He wants to help her out for a change. After some debate, she agrees, but she has one thing to take care of first.

At Kayla's hospital bedside, a concerned Steve wears a pirate costume and Joey dresses as a vampire

Steve enters Kayla’s hospital room and reads Orpheus’ card to Kayla. Now that he’s back in Statesville, Orpheus writes that she, Kate, and Marlena will never be far from his thoughts. Steve makes a call and learns Marlena and Kate received the same card. He assures Kayla that Orpheus will never beat them. Kayla agrees, but she doesn’t look convinced. Tripp enters and asks what’s going on. Steve says nothing he needs to worry about. Tripp tells Joey that Ava’s moving in with them, but Kayla wonders if she can talk him into staying in Salem instead.

An intense Susan wears a clown costume as she holds EJ's face

As EJ works alone at the mansion, another creepy clown enters. EJ wields a letter opener, but it’s just Susan. She frantically warns her son he is in terrible danger.

Stephanie comes to the Horton House as Chad hands out candy. She tells him she just got fired.

Ava visits the DiMera crypt to say goodbye to Jake. She says after talking to Tripp, she decided to let her anger toward EJ go. She hears a noise and turns to see Charlie. He says that was her first mistake. “You’ve been listening to the wrong son.”

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In the DiMera crypt, a pale and veiny Charlie smirks. He wears a dark gothic shirt and jacket

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