In a robe, Li stands behind Gabi with his hand on her shoulder. She express a wry look, while wearing a black catsuit and cat ears
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Holly runs into Eric’s arms at Basic Black. He twirls her around and proclaims she looks terrific. He looks at Nicole and says, “So do you.” Eric takes photos of the little girl, who invites him to the Square for Halloween. Eric says he has to work, and then Nicole gets a message. She has to work as well. Holly wonders who will take her Trick or Treating.

At Basic Black, Nicole lovingly watches Eric talk with Holly

Chloe stops by the DiMera mansion to return her and Stefan’s tropical outfits. He sees his divorce papers and pauses, but then focuses on Chloe. He had hoped she stopped by to see him. Chloe doesn’t want him to think she wants more from him than accompanying him to pretend beaches. He knows she won’t get over Brady quickly, and invites her to stay for breakfast. As they eat, Chloe gets a call from Nicole who asks her to take Holly to the Horton Town Scare. Chloe agrees, and Stefan offers to go with her. She points out they don’t have any costumes, but Stefan raises the bag containing their tropical outfits.

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Wearing red lingerie at Basic Black, Nicole gives Eric an easy look. He holds a camera

At Basic Black, Nicole tells Eric the client loves the proofs and wants more photos of her. He promises to zip through it so she can catch up with Holly. She doesn’t want him to rush it since this could catapult his career. Eric says with her as his model, it’s a breeze. After the shoot, which includes Nicole wearing red lingerie, she leaves to change so she can meet Holly. Eric watches her walk away.

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Dressed as a Queen and princess, Kristen and Rachel smile at Marlena

Dressed as a princess, Rachel makes Marlena pumpkin pancakes at home. Kristen joins them, dressed as a queen. Rachel says her daddy is going to be a king, leading Kristen to proclaim them The Royal Family. Marlena forces a smile. Rachel asks if Grandma can be part of The Royal Family too. Kristen says that’s up to her. Kristen sends Rachel out of the room, and the women snark at each other.

In a bedroom, John comes upon Brady digging through Kristen’s bag. Brady covers and says he was just looking for Rachel’s stuffed animal. John rails at his son over Kristen, but Brady declares he’s doing what he thinks is best for the people he loves. John never doubted that, but he implores Brady to tell him the truth. Brady asks his dad to trust him.

In his bedroom, Brady holds a stuffed toy as he faces a skeptical looking John

Kristen finds them and trades barbs with John before he leaves. Kristen reiterates their deal to Brady, noting the serum is somewhere he’ll never find. Therefore, he is under her thumb. She asks him to accept what he cannot change and embrace them being a family. Brady declares they aren’t a family since she had to blackmail him into complying.

Kristen wonders if he wants the power to bring her to her knees. She sits on the bed and seductively declares this could be the place to do just that. Brady says not there, not now, not ever. The Kristen he loved would never humiliate herself by blackmailing someone into sleeping with her. She might have all the power, but she can’t change how he feels. And what he feels for her is contempt. After he leaves, Kristen smirks and says, “You are not going to win this one Brady.”

In the living room, Kristen invites John and Marlena to the Scare. They can go as the devil and a priest. The Blacks are unamused. Brady comes out dressed like a king and “The Royal Family” leaves. John tells Doc about Brady “doing what’s best for the people he loves”. He muses Brady was looking for the serum in Kristen’s things. But Marlena points out Brady would have left her once the serum worked. So, what’s he doing?

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Wearing a catsuit and cat ears, Gabi looks off screen, gaping

In a robe at the Salem Inn, Li calls Rolf in Jakarta. He learns Rolf told Gabi the truth about Stefan and then erased her memory. He rants at the mad scientist as Gabi joins him in a black catsuit and cat ears. He hangs up and admires her provocative costume. She wants to know who he was talking to. He says it was about laying the groundwork to take over DiMera.

Li gets back to admiring her outfit, but Gabi explains she’s taking Ari to the Town Scare. She’s trying to make up for all the Halloweens she’s missed, noting Ari is almost a teenager. Soon, she’ll want nothing to do with her. Li can’t imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with her. Gabi retorts, “What about Stefan?” Li thinks Stefan’s attitude toward her makes it easier to move on with him. And the way he feels about her will never change. Gabi vows to concentrate on Li and forget about Stefan. They kiss, which leads to sex.

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In bed, Gabi and Li lie naked and wrapped in sheets. Li wears a cat ear headband and they grin

In the afterglow, Gabi apologizes for constantly bringing up Stefan. Li understands, considering her husband came back from the dead. She’s grateful she has him, but she has to go pick up Ari at Sonny’s. He volunteers to go with them, but he doesn’t have a costume. She puts cat ears on his head.

In the Square, Stefan points out how perfect it is that he and Chloe are dressed for the beach, while Holly is a shark. The girl runs off to Sweet Bits for a brownie, leaving Stefan and Chloe to engage in playful banter. Li, Gabi, and Ari (played by Lane Rosa) walk up. Holly returns, and the girls run off together. Li steps away to take a call from his dad and Chloe runs off to help Holly with her fin. Stefan and Gabi awkwardly look around.

In the Square decorated for Halloween, Stefan and Chloe wear tropical shirts. Stefan raises his arms at Holly, who wears a shark costume

When Brady and Kristen show up, Rachel runs off. Kristen watches a kid cut in front of Rachel in line and heads off to make him regret it. Brady mutters about regretting the day he laid eyes on her. He turns to see Chloe, and they make small talk about Rachel. Kristen returns to cozy up to Brady. This sends Chloe back to Stefan and Gabi, who gets in digs about Stefan not wasting any time going after Chloe. Upset, Gabi hurries off to check on Ari, and Li mutters to himself that there’s still a connection between her and Stefan. Kristen breezes by Li to declare they both got what they wanted, as Gabi and Brady longing look at a  hugging Chloe and Stefan.

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In the Square, Gabi and Ari wear black cat jump suits. A grinning Li joins them

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