Johnny and Wendy walks in behind Allie, who faces away from them with sw

In the Square, Johnny tells Wendy she can stay with his sister and her girlfriend until she finds a place. He mentions to a grateful Wendy that Allie’s girlfriend used to be his wife. And that they’re twins, but have different dads. Confused and curious, Wendy sits as Johnny tells her about his history with Chanel and how the devil ruined everything. She asks if he’s seeing anyone else. He explains there was someone, but his dad made her leave town. Wendy connects the dots and realizes he’s talking about Tripp’s mom. Johnny wishes they could have explored their attraction, but now he just wants to move on to something — or someone —less complicated. Wendy looks longing at him. He jumps up and says they should get to Allie’s.

In the Square, Johnny looks longingly at Wendy

At the apartment, Allie asks what Chanel wanted to talk about before, but Chanel gets a text from Paulina who tells her their problem is all taken care of. Chanel doesn’t even remember and runs out for an errand. Later, Sonny drops by with a frame Ari decorated for Allie’s birthday. She tells him to come by anytime while Will’s gone, but warns they’re pretty boring. An awkward Sonny stumbles over his words as he asks if she had a threesome with his brother. He uncomfortably rattles on while promising there’s no judgment, but she can tell him… or not.

Johnny enters with Wendy as Allie says, “Yes, Chanel and I had a threesome with your brother.” Allie’s mouth drops, and she introduces herself and Sonny to Wendy. After an awkward moment of silence, Sonny leaves. Johnny gets in digs about the threesome, but Wendy calls him out for his own history that others get snarky about.

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An uncomfortable Sonny raises his brow at Allie in her apartment

In Paulina’s conference room, Abe orders Leo not to get comfortable in his campaign manager role. Paulina wonders what’s wrong with her hiring Leo. Abe crosses his arms and lists his crimes. Leo thinks he deserves a second chance just like Paulina got. Paulina declares she likes Leo’s spirit and says she has a gut instinct about him. Leo excitedly says he’ll see her in the morning and scampers out. After the marrieds debate Leo some more, Abe asks what Paulina wanted to tell him earlier.

Chanel rushes in and asks to talk to Paulina privately. Abe goes home, and Paulina assures Chanel that Stephanie has everything under control. Chanel worries Allie won’t look at her the same if she finds out. Paulina tells her to hang in there, and they’ll be in the clear.

Chanel returns to the apartment and meets Wendy. She then presents a cake to celebrate Johnny and Allie’s birthday.

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Chanel looks worried as she talks with Paulina in the conference room

A skeptical Sloan sits with Chad and his briefcase at the Pub. She agrees to exchange her incriminating information for what she thinks is legitimate cash, but she has to go home for the materials. Chad delays her by suggesting they concoct a plan to extort more money from Paulina and split it. He pulls out a stack of bills and suggests they have a drink to go over specifics.

Leo happens by and announces he just got promoted at his new job. He pulls out his first check, which Sloan swipes as part of her legal fees. Leo pouts. She needs to leave him with a few bucks to eat. Chad flinches as Sloan takes a bill from the stack and hands it to Leo, who inspects it. Chad asks Leo to leave so they can get back to their discussion. Leo says, “Oh, your discussion about what to do with all this fake money?” He exits, and Sloan warns Chad that the deal goes down tomorrow or else Chanel’s secret goes public. Chad urgently texts Stephanie as she leaves.

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At the Pub, a stack of bills sits atop a briefcase between Chad and Sloan. Leo stands at the table glaring at Chad

After Stephanie finds Alex handcuffed to Sloan’s bed, she confesses that she’s there on behalf of a client who Sloan is blackmailing. She tells him he’s sleeping with a snake who has no soul. As Stephanie rummages through the apartment, Alex points out that even if she does find something she’ll have him to worry about. She orders him to keep his mouth shut and then gets Chad’s text.

Alex grins. He can’t wait to fill Sloan in. She begs him to have a heart. They hear Sloan’s keys in the hallway and Stephanie hides. Sloan crawls on top of Alex and they make out. As Sloan kisses down his chest, Stephanie sneaks to the door and mouths “thank you” to Alex. Stephanie pauses for an eyeful before leaving.

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A shirtless Alex's wrist is handcuffed to a headboard

Sonny runs into Leo in the Square. Leo offers to take Sonny and Will out to celebrate his new job. When Sonny says Will’s out of town, Leo offers to take out just Sonny.

Stephanie meets Chad at the Pub and gets filled in on Leo. She does the same about finding Alex and marvels over him not busting her. Paulina calls and reams her out for not delivering, Stephanie promises to have the file tomorrow. She hangs up noting she keeps getting herself in deeper. She then wonders if Alex didn’t expose her because he’s now on their side.

Sloan frees Alex from the handcuffs. As she continues kissing on him, he eyes her keys on the nightstand.

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