In her Salem Inn room, Gabi watches over Stefan's shoulder as he puts pen to paper
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After Johnny leaves Wendy a message to talk, he answers the DiMera mansion door to Tripp. After informing Johnny that his Grandma Marlena was cured, Tripp asks to see his mother. Johnny fills a stunned Tripp in on Ava’s sham marriage, and how he tried to talk EJ out of banishing her, to no avail. Tripp wonders why he’d do that, considering she scammed his family. Johnny says it’s just pocket change to the DiMeras, and none of it matters to him more than Tripp’s mom did. Tripp side-eyes him. “What does that mean?” Johnny explains they got really close when she moved in. “Oh, really?” Tripp sternly says. “How close?”

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Tripp scowls at the DiMera mansion

Johnny explains they just leaned on each other through a tough time. But, there was that one time they saw each other naked, and then EJ caught them in bed. Tripp punches him. Tripp immediately apologizes, but Johnny understands. Also, he didn’t sleep with his mother. Johnny reiterates that he cares about Ava and knows she got a raw deal from his family. He wishes Tripp luck in finding her.

Wendy comes to Li and Gabi’s hotel room. Since Li’s not there, she asks Gabi to overrule Li and hire her at headquarters. Gabi can’t — she’s been ousted, and Li is now EJ’s number two. Wendy questions her about the men’s relationship, as well as Gabi’s relationship with Stefan. Gabi admits she feels like Rolf turned her husband against her. After more discussion, the women wish they could have worked together, but note they’ll at least be sisters-in-law.

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At the Salem Inn, Wendy grins at Gabi

After running into each other in the Square, Johnny and Wendy go to Julie’s Place’s patio. They discuss Li and EJ’s alliance, and Wendy reports that Gabi thinks Rolf brainwashed Stefan. Musing that the men might still be in contact with the mad scientist, they plan to find proof. Wendy sighs that she already failed at hacking Li’s email account. Johnny thinks he might be able to find the password to EJ’s email, considering that after EJ’s shooting, he writes everything down.

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At DiMera an angry Li faces EJ

At DiMera, EJ wants to make clear where Li’s loyalties lie, especially after what he did to Stefan, who enters. EJ makes a show of supporting Stefan, while Li makes digs about his mental competency. The men sit to discuss business, with EJ making sure Li will keep Gabi out of the loop. Li has no problem with that. When EJ makes disparaging remarks about Li’s fiancée, Stefan orders him to stop. EJ questions him, and an unsettled Stefan says it’s uncouth to badmouth a man’s fiancée to his face. EJ wonders if he should do it behind Li’s back then.

When Stefan leaves, EJ confirms to Li that he was just testing Rolf’s conditioning. While neither man buys Stefan’s excuse for defending Gabi, Li rages at EJ’s disrespect. EJ wonders what he’s going to do about it.

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At DiMera, Tripp scowls at a disheveled EJ, who holds his nose. Li grins

Tripp bursts in to confront a pompous EJ, who taunts him about Johnny and Ava. Tripp says he already knows about that. EJ asks how he reacted. Tripp shows him by punching him. Li grins. EJ threatens to charge Tripp with assault, but Li talks him down. Because, among other reasons, Tripp helped Wendy in Hong Kong. After EJ throws Tripp out, he questions Li about his sister. Li mentions he refused her a job there. When he learns she’s a coder, EJ taps Li’s cheek and orders him to congratulate his sister on a promotion.

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In the hospital, Gwen dreams of Xander visiting her and professing his love. Jack stops by with flowers and finds her making out with her pillow. Embarrassed, she explains she was dreaming. Jack assumes the pillow was a stand-in for Xander. She confirms and recalls him being at her side with genuine concern. It was like he cared about her. Jack confirms that Xander does care about her, but he doesn’t return her feelings. Jack wants her to concentrate on the future. Gwen points out she doesn’t have a job or a home. Jack asks her to come home with him.

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A chagrined looking Xander and Sarah face Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander tells Sarah and Maggie that he just asked Victor if they could move back in. When Maggie questions them, the newlyweds explain that Xander racked up a lot of debt at the Salem Inn, and Sarah is still on probation at the hospital, so she’s only earning half a salary. Xander’s hoping Jack will come through with a job offer. He flashes to Jack sharing his fear about Jennifer running Gwen over, but covers and tells the women Jack was distracted by Gwen’s accident when he first asked him about working at the paper.

After Johnny leaves Julie’s Place, Wendy sees Tripp. She jumps up to hug him. He explains why he’s in Salem and then tells her his mother disappeared.

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Wearing sunglasses and a scarf over her hair, Ava stands in a hospital room doorway

Xander finds Jack at the hospital and asks about a job at the Spectator. Is it looking good? Confused, Jack raises his brow. Meanwhile, wearing sunglasses and a scarf over her hair, Ava enters Gwen’s hospital room. She needs her help.

Johnny comes to EJ’s empty office and rifles through his desk. EJ returns, wondering what he’s doing there.

Stefan stops by Gabi’s with divorce papers. When she discovers he didn’t sign them, she tells him to go first. He takes the papers, but pauses as he puts a pen to them. Gabi appeals to the side of him that doesn’t want to divorce her. She knows he still loves her. They stare into each other’s eyes as Li returns.

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