Kristen glares at Brady in front of Chloe at the hospital
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With Stephanie and Joey nearby, Steve holds a cloth to Kayla’s forehead in her hospital room. He relays Tripp should be there soon from the lab with news about the serum. Kayla gives a resistant Stephanie Caroline’s bracelet so she’ll remember her and her grandmother. Stephanie declares she’s giving it back as soon as she gets better.

A pale Kayla lies in her hospital bed with closed eyes. Steve places his hand on her forehead

In bed above the Pub, Kate talks to Austin on the phone. Since nothing short of a miracle will help her, she tells him not to come. Roman enters with news they just might have that miracle. After he updates her, Kate tells him to go check on the other women. Roman will as soon as his replacement arrives. Chad knocks on the door.

Roman leaves and Chad tells Kate he’s sorry he wasn’t there for her earlier. Kate’s sorry she wasn’t there for him after Abigail. She berates herself for ever being with Clyde, but Chad points out she picked a good one this time. She agrees. Roman is the most caring, loyal man she’s ever known. She starts to worry about how much time they have left, but stops herself. She has to stay positive about beating this. Chad knows she will because she’s Kate freaking Roberts — a certified badass.

John sits at Marlena's hospital bed side. Rex stands between them with an enormous syringe

After Rex gives Marlena the serum, Marlena coughs and her heart starts to race. She declares she can’t breathe. John talks her through slow breaths and she evens out. Rex says her vitals are rebounding and John asks what that means. Marlena tells her husband it means it’s working. She can feel it.

From her apartment, Kristen tells Brady over the phone that he should prepare to dump Chloe, reminding him that future doses of the cure depend on him. He lashes out at her from the hospital lobby and tells her not to call back. When he hangs up, Chloe asks what that was about. He lies that he got frustrated not knowing what to tell Paul.

At the garage apartment, Kristen drapes over the bed while on the phone

Rex walks to the lobby and tells Brady and Chloe he needs to run some labs, but he’s cautiously optimistic they have the antidote. He rushes off, and Chloe embraces Brady in celebration. She thinks he must be so relieved. Brady’s euphoria grows somber. He thanks her for being there for him and his family. He’s really lucky to have her. Kristen watches from the elevator as he tells Chloe he loves her.

Kristen approaches Chloe when Brady walks off. The women verbally spar. He joins the argument about Rachel hating Chloe. Kristen believes they know how to fix this untenable situation. She leaves them to do just that.

From the hospital elevator, Kristen spies Brady kissing Chloe

Tripp bursts into Kayla’s room, announcing Marlena was tested with the serum. Kayla fades. Tripp tends to her, and Roman runs in with news about Marlena’s recovery. Steve tells his brother-in-law they’re running out of time.

Joey brings Rex back to the room, and Steve yells at the doctor to give Kayla the drug — now! Rex complies, and Kayla stares off. She weakly says, “Mom,” and flatlines. Tripp and Rex bring her back with CPR. Roman asks Rex if it’s safe to give the drug to Kate. Rex and Tripp explain there’s no way to know if the drug or the illness made Kayla react like that. Kayla regains consciousness and squints at Roman. She knows he blames himself for Orpheus going after them, but assures him it’s not his fault. Rex and Roman head out to give the serum to Kate.

Alone with Kayla, Steve orders his wife not to scare him like that again. She promises and makes him do the same. From now on, Steve declares they will stay healthy and safe, and he’ll tell her every day how much he loves her. Kayla will do the same. Kayla calls this the happiest day of her life. The same goes for him.

Above the Pub, Kate brings up Chad’s new job with Stephanie. He says he’s enjoying the work, but tells her what happened with Stephanie. He likes her, but he can’t let Abby go. Kate advises him to take it day by day. She closes her eyes and starts to fade. Chad urges her to stay with him. He can’t lose her too. Rex and Roman rush in.

After Kate receives the injection, she immediately feels better. Kate thanks her genius son for saving her life, but kicks him and Chad out since it’s her wedding night. Roman jumps to the bed with Kate, who seductively looks at her husband. Roman wonders if she’s feeling up to it. She tells him to try her, and they kiss.

Stephanie and Joey share a smile at the hospital

Joey and Stephanie head to a waiting room, where Stephanie gets a call from Chad. He tells her he can handle things at the office if she needs to take tomorrow off, but she plans to be there bright and early. “See you then?” she says. “Looking forward to it,” he responds. They hang up and look off pensively.

Back in Marlena’s room, she tells John it looks like he will have to put up with her for a while longer. John amends that to affinity and beyond. Kristen enters to forgive Marlena for not intervening with Rachel’s custody hearing. However, she knows that God is all forgiving. He intervened to save Marlena, and she believes he’ll intervene in her situation as well. She breezes out, and John wonders what that was about. Marlena doesn’t care. She won’t let that woman cast a pall over their happiness. After all their years of dealing with Orpheus, John just hopes it’s finally over.

In the hospital lobby, Chloe gapes at Brady who tenses his jaw and averts his eyes

In the lobby, Brady tells Chloe they can’t go on like this. Chloe’s eyes bulge as she blurts out, “What?!” Brady loves her, but his daughter is miserable, and he needs to put her first. Chloe asks if he’s breaking up with her. Brady whispers, “I’m sorry.” Chloe tears up as Brady tries to tell her he loves her and that maybe one day… She gets on the elevator and sobs.

Kristen returns. She knew Brady could do it. Brady snarls that she won’t get away with this. Kristen counters that she already has. She knows Chloe will be just fine. “I mean, until she finds out you threw her over for the likes of me, which will put a stake in your so-called love story,” she gloats. “You’re welcome.”

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