Rafe sees Nicole and Eric embracing outside Brady's Pub
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Kristen opens her door to Chloe who thinks it’s best for Rachel if they all work together. Kristen counters that what’s best for her daughter is if Chloe is out of their lives. Chloe accuses her of putting that note in Rachel’s lunchbox, but Kristen again claims not to know anything about it. She then accuses Chloe of swaying the judge at the custody hearing. Chloe proudly admits it, and declares she’d do it again. Also, Brady was thrilled about it.

Kristen warns that Rachel hates Chloe, and suggests she give Brady his freedom before the little girl turns on her father too. Chloe gloats that she tried that, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Kristen has a feeling he might change his mind. Chloe reports that Brady wouldn’t dream of giving Kristen what she wants. Kristen suggests that maybe Brady just wanted to be the one to end it himself. She wonders why Chloe’s even there instead of with Brady at Marlena’s deathbed. Chloe glares and storms out. Kristen cackles. “Oh, honey. Your bad day is just beginning.”

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Kristen taunts Chloe at the garage apartment

As Rex and Shawn ponder how to save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate, Rafe rushes into the station with a solution.

Outside the Pub, Eric hangs up with Sami, when he sees Nicole. She expresses worry for Marlena and asks about the other women. They sit as Eric tells her he just married Kate and Roman. They agree it’s lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. She notes Roman and Kate have been through their fair share of ups and downs, but it’s like they’re each other’s destiny. Eric locks eyes with her and says some couples are just like that.

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A teary-eyed Eric faces Nicole outside Brady's Pub

Eric stands to go see his mom, but Nicole stops him. She notes he’s always the person who shows up for other people. Now, she wants to show up for him. He notes no one knows him like she does and she always shows up when he needs her the most. They hug as Rafe walks up. He makes his presence known and tells Eric about the serum that was dropped off at the station. Eric races off.

Nicole is hopeful this is the cure everyone’s been hoping for. That’d be great, Rafe says. “And then maybe I can stop finding you in Eric’s arms.” He tells a stunned Nicole that it’s getting old constantly finding her with her ex. She defends her actions as supporting a friend in need. Rafe calls it an excuse. “I am your husband now,” he exclaims. You are married to me, or maybe you’ve forgotten about that.”

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Outside Brady's Pub, an emotional Nicole faces Rafe, who lowers his face to his hand

Nicole reminds Rafe it was her idea to get married. He opines she fast-tracked it because she had just spent the day with Eric at Abe and Paulina’s wedding. Nicole insists she just wanted something simpler than what the Carvers had. Rafe speculates that Nicole felt she let Eric go too easily. “And maybe I made a mistake with you,” he adds. He thinks Nicole hoped if she married him she’d stop pining for Eric. Nicole tears up. Rafe is her husband, and she loves him. If that’s the case, he wonders why she didn’t ask how he felt before she hired Eric. To him, it feels like she wanted to recreate when she and Eric fell in love as photographer and model.

At the hospital, Brady talks John down from smashing the vial with the cure. Without telling him how he knows, Brady suggests it could be what they’ve been waiting for. Jada backs him up. She doesn’t think John could forgive himself if this saves the women. John knows they’re right, he just wishes he there was a way to know for sure.

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Rex and Shawn run off the hospital elevator. Rafe told them about the serum, and Rex wants to analyze it. John gives it to him and Rex dashes off. Shawn and John head off to see Marlena. As Brady waits for Rex, Jada asks if he knows who wrote the note they got along with the serum. He lies that he doesn’t, but she questions his insistence about using it. Brady claims he just wants to help and leaves to check on Rex.

John and Shawn come to a sleeping Marlena’s room and tell Belle about the serum. Marlena wakes up and makes Shawn promise to take care of Belle, who cries. John orders her not to talk like that, but Marlena is so weary. John implores her to hold on a little bit longer.

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John touches Belle's arm, as she cries with her back turned to Marlena in her hospital bed

Eric finds Jada in the hospital lobby and thanks her for getting there with the serum so quickly. She wants it to work, but she also really wants to know where the tip came from. Eric doesn’t want to leave his mother and asks her to bring his father and Kate to the hospital if the serum is legit. She agrees and leaves.

Outside the Pub, Jada rounds the corner as Nicole and Rafe argue about Eric. She backs up unnoticed and eavesdrops. Nicole accuses Rafe of not trusting her. He admits he doesn’t and storms off.

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Brady finds Rex who confirms the serum is a close match to the cure from 25 years ago. They come to Marlena’s room, and Rex says while the serum’s not a 100 percent match, he feels good about using it. John’s wary, but Marlena volunteers to test it out. She tells Eric she’d like to receive the last rites in case it doesn’t go well. Eric assures his mother he’ll take care of her. She asks John to stay, and everyone else heads out. John tells Marlena she’s the one great love of his life and kisses her before Rex injects her.

Brady paces near the nurses’ station as Chloe arrives. He updates her on the serum. He then gets a call and says it’s Paul. He steps away to talk with Kristen, who taunts that when the serum works, he’ll have to give Chloe the bad news.

John sits at Marlena's hospital bed side. Rex stands between them with an enormous syringe

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chad visits a waning Kate, and Kristen stops by for another chat with Marlena.

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